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Qqa View More

Webnovel_Patriarch: This already has 247 chapters translated on some other site
Other names: Death Sutra
Website: qidian
Rating: 9.4 (495)
Chapters: (1212)
Status: Completed
Author Lv: 5
No. of works: 6
Year started: 2012
Year ended: 2014

Death Scripture
1 year ago
Just like your shadow hack View More

Cytric: I read one chapter of this novel and is fucking horrible. I was able to read MTL better than I read this one.
Another thing is, this is that kind os novel; a slut mc who fall in love with one or two bad thing, *** everywhere, a lot of charming man and shet.
Also, this author is way too much shameless.
1st She/he created multiple account to vote for her/his book
2nd She/he used Fake Accounts to reviews her/his book
3rd Spammed her/his **** on the forum and in other books and after got caught, lied and pretended to be a victim.

1 year ago

BigSem: There will be interesting battles! The author does everything beautifully!

I Am Supreme · C535
1 year ago

Beer_Dao: Finally it's ranking gets down, I don't know what the fuss was abt this novel so I started reading it and you know what, just two days ago MC was no one but now he is so OP that all others are lunatics and dumb and stupid. And shouldn't the author must explain abt the world background a little bit first. I read till 30 chapters and it was so CONFUSING like what is this dimension, dimension coin, beast, space and all. Does the dimension is diffrent world or not and also he gets a old computer or and AI attached thingy and his other avatar is it in game world he gets the avatar. I don't know.

Shadow Hack
2 years ago

TypeFantasyHeart: The amouth of false votes is amazing or there are 6000 stupid a out there, the novel is waaaay overrated, while the translation quality and speed is nice the rest is avarage at best, the world building is confusing as fuk, and the character development a mess

Shadow Hack
2 years ago

bredel: The content has been blocked

Shadow Hack
2 years ago

Feyr: Firstly I honestly gotta say, what is up with all you people? Are you some kind of water army? .-. I see it in so many novels, without many chapters, right from the start there are lots of ''reviews'' giving 4-5 stars. Yet none of them is even a real review but a senseless upvote without explanation and no real review.

SO ffs please give a real review with reasonable starts and explanation why it is so when giving a review. (Rant end, dat really bothered me for a long time.)

Now for the review itself. It is just a temporary one and will be changed after 100+ chapters are released. Right now it is just meant as an overview for the current chapters.

Translation Quality: I give that one 4 stars, 5 would mean perfection but nobody is perfect. Yet I did not find any big mistakes or anything noticable. As such the translation quality is very good and the flow of the story is nicely done. No issues here. If it keeps up like this this score will stay the same.

Update stability: I give that a 1 star rating for now and shall wait to a point of 100+ chapters to see if it keeps up. If yes I naturally will raise the rating.

Story Developement: Same as Update Stability, alas I will give it a 2 star rating for now as it seems to go into an interesting direction. Military seems interesting, and the idea of the story is a nice one too.

Character design: For now I will give it 2 points too. For the ****** reason that it is only 21 chapters for now and the character is still in the establishing phase of the story. I have to little info to work with it. Alas the character itself does seem ok at this point. I have not found any issues as of yet, at least no major ones. (Can't be worse then cobi anyway)

World Building: The world itself seems very interesting, the flux energy and the shadow haxx. I am tempted to give it 4 points right now but I wont do it yet. Reasons are that the world also is still in establishment phase and a lot is still to be known. There also is still the possibility of author san fucking up terribly with that and leaving out endless details and explanations. Right now as example I am wondering what the hell is the 5th dimension. Is it an dimension of its own? If so whats so different about it? Are there other dimensions? I basically got told nothing cept yup, tis the 5th dimension. No info no nothing. If there will be more infos on such things and explain things about those places which seem common knowledge in the story I will rate it higher.

The end. At least for now, I am quite interested in this story for now. Let's see if it keeps up or if I will get disappointed.

Shadow Hack
2 years ago
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