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Malicious Cockroach View More

EternalNirvana: MWAHAHAHA! Taste the power of the black cockroach!😂

The Legendary Mechanic · C574
1 month ago
Were you reading the same novel as me? Did you not see him activate a certain skill? View More

Drakzil: Yeah, this chapter felt like the Author wanting to showcase HX tanking the cannon, without properly thinking whether this development makes much sense. Disappointed HX didn't bring at least 1 of the 3 Calamaties in with him

The Legendary Mechanic · C572
1 month ago
Because he plans on blowing up the ship. View More

Sulfonamide: Why not enter the void to avoid the shot?

The Legendary Mechanic · C572
1 month ago
You're hooked to a pedophile MC? View More

Choco69: Honestly Am Hooked With The Content & Storytelling In This Book. Something Sci - Fi & Supernatural With Modern Era Mixed In. I Sometimes Find Myself Wanting One Era More Than The Other I.e. apocalypse or Regular Day.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 month ago
I just reached 530 or something like that. I just have to ask how often will pedophilia appear now that he railed the child? View More

cooffee89: Ive falling in love with this book so much and have read the complete book all 1622 chapters:) is there going to be a second book? If so please let me know im alrighty on my 3rd time reading the whole book again.
Warning just wait until you see how much of a troll the main character becomes to the United states :) its bloody epic

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 month ago
Reading Status: C535
Time to give my opinion on this work. There were some red flags raised, but I did not expect PEDOPHILIA to be one of them. You may not excuse this action with "she is a 30+ loli", for the simple reason that while she was in stasis she did not age. Be it mentally or physically she is a child.

I cannot fathom how, China, this "paragon" of censorship let this slip through the cracks.

Sad to say that while I usually respect translators because they work so we may read otherwise unavailable content. This time I look down on you for your support of such works. So I cannot even give full marks for that. View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
1 month ago
It's because OF STARcraft View More

Mr_SpinelesS: maybe we live on stars? what? is that a translation error? I was expecting him to mention planets and that the neaarest star to the planet they are living on is the sun...

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C475
5 months ago
If he explains directly he misses the chance to write extra paragraphs explaining it later. Also leaving people in the dark gives him the opportunity to write more filler content.

Technically, it's an outstanding move.... View More

Otaking: Can he just explain the damn situation? This damn author! If you look over it again all you'll see it's just MC talking about his plans for a stroll to Union government headquarters and him eating breakfast!

Monster Paradise · C1071
5 months ago
Where is the one that was posting on each chapter that staring chapter 36 this will get better? @SorcererCat come out. View More
Monster Integration · C64
6 months ago
Here's a suggestion, chapters are chapters. Don't post stuff like this. Also you want us to do your work while you're already writing on another novel? You are shameless. Come on people say it with me. View More
Monster Integration · C63
6 months ago
You must mean lava gorilla /King, at least I hope you do View More

Shoto1003: for the names you could create hierarchy. For example. Black Gorilla <Gorilla berserk <Flaming Gorilla <Larva Gorilla <Larva King Kong <Sun Wukong.
Change the attribute: iron <silver <gold <diamond. stone <boulder <mountain
change color: flaming lotus <lotus golden flames <Lotus of the Sun.
connect the ribs: cancer, capricorn, taurus.
Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Brazilian mythology (South American in general) has good monsters.

Monster Integration · C52
6 months ago
Are you sure you have an editor? View More

AnWan: Yes it is and it will get faster.

Monster Integration · C51
6 months ago
Who's that pokemon? View More
Monster Integration · C49
6 months ago
Naruto called, he wants his Rasengan back View More
Monster Integration · C47
6 months ago
People will do it either way, at least spam on quality light novels View More

Earthshaker34: And what is your reply supposed to be? You are encouraging review spam??

Age of Adventure
6 months ago
May I be a little racist? Fk it I will...

No, it's because they fk so much the government had to make having babies ilegal.

Also wealthy Chinese smuggle extra offspring outside the country. (this must be true since it was in the plot of a Yakuza game) View More

Bartzabel: Is that why China is the most populated country in the world?

Monster Integration · C20
6 months ago
I'm with you on this. The problem lies with the "legendification" (I know it's not a word) of the Japanese katana, the tamahagane (literally iron ore) and their blacksmithing.
The truth is that the folding was required to make usable weapons because the iron was not suitable.

True story: never try hitting a katana and a longsword against each other. Katana chips and cracks. Longsword dents View More

thesummoning: Based on the mcs fighting style his weapon shouldn't be a katana like it says. U should also never use them to stab or to slice bone. THEY WILL SHATTER LIKE GLASS. It should be more like a double or single edge saber. double edge fits more bcus u typically dont use the single edge for stabbing. Katanas r only useable against soft flesh like some1s stomach below ribs or throat. And thats what samarai trained for they trained so they wouldn't HIT BONE and break the sword. Also the structure and shape of the katana puts to much stress on the blad back when used to stab which breaks it! Sabers are a chinese style sword (I hope the author actually sees this. Alot of other novels stopped using katanas and started using other sword, but katanas are a japanese thing bcus japan mimes all had pig iron[low grade iron] and this iron could support the form of other swords bcus to many impurities warp the blade. Thats why they would fold it a ridiculous amount to try and reinforce it. Even then samurai were trained to not break it.)

Monster Integration · C41
6 months ago
I think that the only reason I have lasted so long is the bad grammar. It entertains me more than the bland novel. View More

BloodyArk: until 16th chapter I didn't know the gender of the MC pls correct your writing the story is fantastic but gramar mistakes make it so much worse

Monster Integration · C30
6 months ago
I'm being racist here, but they are Chinese. 25ft is a luxury for most of them. Well at least that's what we're lead to believe View More

Ultimate_Truth: 25 sq feet is not enough to fit a thing, seriously it'll be hard to fit a small bed in it and you want to have it full with stuff to wash things and even a place to put clothes and a place to cook?... Seriously you need to get a better idea of what 25 sq feet are and probably increase the room surface like few times...

Monster Integration · C21
6 months ago
He only sold 10 View More

Dallas_Kramer: I'm confused. He said that, even though his 13 cores were of the lowest quality, they would still be worth 5,000 credits. 13×5,000=65,000 How did it become 51,000?

Monster Integration · C20
6 months ago
Don't get shocked by this kind of inflation. Most of the Chinese novels with wuxia influatins have these kinds of mega cities or city states. Don't know the origin of this trope, but I sure hope that it would stop View More

Bartzabel: Holy ****! 70 million people in one city?! That's about one fourth of the population of The United States!! Humans really are thriving there, my god!

Monster Integration · C20
6 months ago
Are you sure about that? *insert John Cena meme*

Isn't the engine he just built one of those hidden treasures beneath everyones noses? I haven't read the next chapter at this point but I'm already sure this thing will bring uncountable benefits.

In a way you are right but that stands true only if he is the sole hard working person in this world. Otherwise, since he found the engine online, there would be countless succes stories. But he said it was the other way round. View More

FrozenNeko: Finally a mc that dosent relay on treasures or other people to help him. It it better stay that way because its been so long since I’ve read a novel with mc that is TRULY weak to strong. With weak being ordinary but then with hard work and effort becomes strong. I hate it when people make mcs relay on treasures and other people (yun che, sky poison pearl and ******* giving him all of techniques, Mc’s with systems, Demon and Gods, with mc having his past knowledge and such.)

Monster Integration · C7
6 months ago
Then tell the truth, or spam your reviews on proper works.

To be truthful something dawned on me recently. What we are reading here, mostly are Web Novels and only about 10% are actual Light Novels. That is the difference between going bankrupt and getting published. But this app gives us the option to keep webnovelers from going bankrupt by paying full price for their works. And makes us pay premium for the rare Light Novels.

T View More

Earthshaker34: Most likely? People spam reviews for exp...

Age of Adventure
6 months ago
This should be renamed to "The Legendary EA" ROFLMAO View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C356
6 months ago

Shahre: I just wanted to comment the same DarkStar Vs Black Star this will definitely never cause any problems down the line.

The Legendary Mechanic · C331
6 months ago

Delta_Angelfire: Not even going to mention that he's naming himself after the largest criminal group in the sector? *facepalm*

The Legendary Mechanic · C331
6 months ago
Most likely fake reviews.... View More

PAIN_GAIN: I agree as well.I cant believe that webnovels allows authors like this to gain a following especially not due to any sort of talent in the art of writing.This was...mediocre.The author clearly is motivated but hasn't developed his skill in any way visible.I only hope this site burns down soon so these authors can actually improve from criticisms from actuall proven authors from sites like royal road.

I am still amazed with the amount of braindead reviews on this site its embarrasing these nibbas are so damn thirsty.

Age of Adventure
6 months ago
Reading Status: C1
I'm sorry, I really tried to enjoy reading this novel. But the quality is really bad. I feel like my neurons are committing sepuku as I write this. Please find a proof reader first of all.

As for the story, nothing out of the ordinary at least up to the I read. And that is the first impression. View More
Age of Adventure
6 months ago
I don't need to scam anything, I buy my stones. Sigh, I want the subscription back... View More


Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C149
8 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Release That Witch · C1290
9 months ago
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