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  • The Human Experiment

    The Human Experiment

    Magical Realism

    Everyone is lost within the fantasy that systems are only in novels but has anyone ever tried to make them real. This the biography or collection of one man bringing systems to reality. Well, the stats at least.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee View More
The Oracle Paths · C42
3 days ago
Fuck cucks!! U cheat on me your forgotten, no matter how much I loved you. Live in a drug den and die *****. View More
2 weeks ago

Dremmy_Tails: The reason this book has so little votes is cuz the release rate is slow asf

The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) · C43
3 weeks ago

Malcolm_Massey: Thanks for the chapter

My Harem Empire · C15
3 weeks ago

HeavenInMyHand: Author here!

Shamelessly rating my own novel with 5 star rate.

I will upload 7 chapters a week, or more.

Please do leave an honest review with reasonable critisicism.

And do remember that I will delete, those review with just their bias thought.


Hentai in Fantasy World
2 months ago

Jordan2: First

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C378
2 months ago

unIReap: why the hate dude like why

The Online Craftsmaster · C15
3 months ago

PPha: The logicless hatred of this B is already getting annoying ....
He did nothing, just ruined his first attempt at manufacturing. Is this hatred really necessary?

The Online Craftsmaster · C9
3 months ago
I dont agree with this ship. It has Been stated. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C59
3 months ago
Helia and kyle, ship them. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C47
3 months ago
Reading Status: C14
Honestly can't stop reading. Puts a new perspective on an old cliche. If your into reincarnation stories with a weak-strong protagonist, this is an excellent read. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)
3 months ago
Honestly can't stop reading. Leaving this here for everyone so that they know why their isn't alot of comments. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C14
3 months ago
Honestly it's simple guys, you want more releases threaten their livelihood. Either dont read for 10ch., Or downvote its popularity. Then they will have to comply, I mean we pay for the chapter's anyway, so more profit with more chapter's. View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C94
4 months ago

Uyanna15: Why cant the author just go straight to the point. Am beginning to lose interest, especially when it is one chapter per day and all i get is a continuous circle of meaningless talking

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C93
4 months ago

kiddeath1998: Author please stop being tone deaf, your fans don't want a Naruto episode where in the middle of a fight scene, it takes two episodes for them to talk and then cuts to somewhere else and then the fight happens.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C93
4 months ago

pubglover: Why does every chapter goes in circle rather than getting straight to the point I can't have enough of it... And most importantly one chapter per day is not enough t

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C93
4 months ago
Day 1 View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1696
4 months ago

Legge: The First Order
Yan Liuyuan wondered, "Bro, why do I feel that you seem to know about their guns?"

Ren Xiaosu gave him a look and said, "Don't ask so much."

Yan Liuyuan complained, "Do I still have any standing in this family?"

Ren Xiaosu was thinking about something else as he replied nonchalantly, "Don't think too much about it. Your role in the family is just to stay alive."

I’m Really a Superstar · C1696
4 months ago
Honestly, I dont like ntr, like at all. I don't even care that it hasn't happened in this world yet. I feel he should have just changed to getting revenge on the other guy. And she pay for the pain as his assassin, never to be trusted with his heart. 1 their lineages are still allies, 2 she still gets to be his yandere. Cause honestly, I have no affection for her character, especially after the her liking it. Everything about her antagonizes me more than your predetermined antagonist. True villainy attacks the heart and hope of the hero. And no, the other antagonist would have held my anger, but her every action is insufferable. She knew he would be angry with her in the other world, and she still said nothing of circumstance, I mean if you truly love someone to the extent that you would love no other, as her character suggests. You would inform them of the action and why. Like damn at least pull a romeo and kill yourself and the mc, instead of enjoying your situation and destroying his heart. Ughhhhhh, I hate her more than any villain you probably put against the Mc. View More
Guild Wars · C30
4 months ago

iappo: This "twist" kinda trash tbh.

Guild Wars · C30
4 months ago

Sleepydragon_: The content has been deleted

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C289
4 months ago
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C205
4 months ago

Angelxcx: OMG such stupid MC he should kill her. Now author even spoil that he will lose almost everythink I do not know if I want to continue read this now.

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus) · C44
5 months ago
Also, as a supposed cultivator, from a sect, he should uphold his promises. This not helping whatever this Zhang guy when he had nobody to fight, when Go got knocked. Is garbage, why can't any logic be found. View More

NovelCasanova: In this whole chapter, the protagonist is mentioned only a few times. Chen fan or whatever his name is, does absolutely nothing in this whole chapter. it's all a meaningless build up for whatever enemies he will face. I'm dropping this novel now. Nothing happens in this and the protag himself is the ant he claims others are as he gets pushed around by every person he sees.
Oh and i better screenshot this incase my comment gets deleted as it has in the past. gotta have that good ol' censorship on this site.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C55
5 months ago
Thank you. View More

Cgamer: Rise of the undead legion- fighting mostly
300 ish chapters
Farming for gold- farming mostly
54 chapters- long chapters
Number one dungeon supplier- a good mix of a lot of stuff
500 ish chapters

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C242
5 months ago
Does anybody know of stories similar to this one(crafting), or of good kingdom building. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C242
5 months ago
Fafnir :  : A dragon in Norse mythology that guards the Nibelungs' gold hoard until slain by Sigurd. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C242
5 months ago
Dang, View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C240
5 months ago
If there's no progression, rate it. If enough people rate a chapter, they will review the cause and change how they present the chapter. View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C35
5 months ago

Konkey_Dong: I wanna ask for less bull**** and more progression... but what can I say... I'm only a reader...

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C35
5 months ago
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