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Alessan: Known Potion Names: 140/220
Known Potion Formulas: 30/220 + 1 incomplete

8-9 Low Sequence Names: 41/44 (13 Formulas)
5-7 Mid Sequence Names: 60/66 (12 Formulas)
3-4 Saint Names: 22/44 (2 Formulas +1 incomplete)
1-2 Angel Names: 7/44 (2 Formulas)
0 True God Names: 5/22 (1 Formula)
Unsure: 5

[] = Ancient Name
✓ = Known Formula
X = Known Incomplete Formula
* = Mid Sequence Starting Point

Corruption Pathway: (10/10)
9 Lawyer ✓
8 Barbarian ✓
7 Briber ✓
6 Baron of Corruption* ✓
5 Mentor of Confusion ✓
4 Count of the Fallen ✓
3 Frenzied Mage ✓
2 Duke of Entropy ✓
1 Prince of Disorder ✓
0 Dark Emperor ✓

[Devil] Abyss Pathway: (7/10)
9 Criminal
8 Unwinged Angel [Coldblooded]
7 Serial Killer
6 Devil*
5 Desire Apostle
4 Demon
0 Abyss

[Dragon] Dreamer Pathway: (8/10)
9 Spectator ✓
8 Telepathist ✓
7 Psychiatrist* [Psyche Analyst]
6 Hypnotist
4 Manipulator
2 Discerner
1 Author
0 Visionary

Creation Pathway: (7/10)
9 Savant
8 Archaeologist
7 Appraiser
6 Machinery Specialist [Artisan]*
5 Astromancer
4 Alchemist
3 Arcane Scholar

Deception Pathway: (7/10)
9 Seer ✓
8 Clown ✓
7 Magician* ✓
6 Faceless ✓
5 Nimblewright Master ✓
4 Bizarro Sorcerer
2 Miracle Invoker

Demoness Pathway: (7/10)
9 Assassin ✓
8 Instigator ✓
7 Witch* ✓
6 Pleasure ✓
5 Affliction
4 Demoness of Despair
2-3 Unaging Demoness

[Elf] Hurricane Pathway: (7/10)
9 Sailor [Keeper of the Sea]
8 Folk of Rage [Guardian of the Storm]
7 Seafarer [Storm Priest]
6 Wind-Blessed* ✓
5 Ocean Songster [Elvish Songster]
4 Cataclysmic Interrer
3 Sea King

Order Pathway: (7/10)
9 Arbiter
8 Sheriff
7 Interrogator
6 Judge*
5 Disciplinary Paladin
3-4 Law Weaver (Likely 4)
3-4 Imperative Mage (Likely 3)

Sun Pathway (7/10)
9 Bard ✓
8 Light Suppliant ✓
7 Solar High Priest* ✓
6 Notary ✓
5 Priest of Light [Envoy of Light] ✓
4 Unshadowed X (Main ingredients only)
0 Sun

War Pathway: (7/10)
9 Hunter
8 Provoker
7 Pyromaniac [Fire Mage]
6 Conspiracist*
5 Reaper
4 Iron-Blooded Knight
0 Red Priest

[Giant] Combat Pathway: (6/10)
9 Warrior
8 Pugilist [Gladiator]
7 Weapon Master
6 Dawn Paladin*
5 Guardian
4 Demon Hunter

[Phoenix] Death Pathway: (6/10)
9 Cor**e Collector
8 Gravedigger
7 Spirit Medium
6 Spirit Guide*
5 Gatekeeper
3-4 Undying (Almost certainly 3)

Journey Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apprentice ✓
8 Trickmaster ✓
7 Astrologer ✓
6 Scribe*
5 Traveler
4 Secrets Sorcerer

[Vampire] Moon Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apothecary ✓
8 Beast Tamer
7 Vampire*
6 Potions Professor
5 Scarlet Scholar
4 Shaman King

[Mutant] Mutant Pathway: (6/10)
9 Prisoner
8 Lunatic
7 Werewolf*
6 Zombie
5 Wraith
4 Puppet

Mystery Pathway: (6/10)
9 Mystery Pryer
8 Melee Scholar
7 Warlock*
6 Scrolls Professor
5 Constellations Master
4 Mysticologist

[Demonic Wolf] Night Pathway: (6/10)
9 Sleepless
8 Midnight Poet
7 Nightmare
6 Soul Assurer*
4 Nightwatcher

Thief Pathway: (6/10)
9 Marauder
8 Swindler
7 Cryptologist
6 Fire Bandit
5 Dream Stealer
4 Parasite

Fate Pathway: (5/10)
9 Monster
7 The Lucky
5 Winner
2 Soothsayer
1 Snake of Mercury

Secrets Pathway: (5/10)
9 Secrets Supplicant
8 Listener [Whispered]
7 Shadow Ascetic
6 Rose Bishop
5 Shepherd

Sage Pathway: (4/10)
9 Reader
7 Knowledge Keeper
6 Polymath*
5 Mysticism Magister

Life Pathway: (2/10)
9 Planter
? Doctor [Healing Pastor] (Likely Low or Mid Sequence)

Unknown Pathways: (3)
4 Prophet (Likely Reader Pathway, possibly Secrets Pathway)

? Planeswalker (Almost certainly High Sequence, Likely Journey Pathway)

? Weather Warlock (Likely Saint Level)

Known Pathway Connections:







Lord of the Mysteries · C700
13 hours ago
any value bringing this novel to top if theres no mass release or bonus release with every high ranking every week? all others top ranking novels do it... even though this novel is good but still not enough for me to vote it everyday without any bonus. View More
The First Order · C20
3 days ago

DarkDaoist: calabast and ves already fixed some of the technology gap, the remaining can easily be fixed by networks in human civilizations not to mention the brute processing power he has which can be utilized to crack firewalls and encryption. additionally he's in sandmen fleet controlled area so he can easily control them and take over their cores and use it for himself. he is a threat to mankind's existence because he's familiar with humans quantum network and can be far more destructive than skynet and espionage strongest of countries given time. he is not just an external threat but a critical internal threat to humanity.

The Mech Touch · C935
6 days ago
wish he could copy all those data...all these forbidden project he could do it himself far into future when he is really big shot bussines and mech designer. View More
The Mech Touch · C928
1 week ago
another enemy that needs to be killed....haha my ves View More
The Mech Touch · C925
1 week ago
couldnt author come uo with simething good? **** the skill is horrible and loosing chance to acquire and S class ability but he got this skill with horrible condition of losing achivement and potetntial point. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1353
1 month ago

CKtalon: Since the Power Rankings have changed, the benchmark now is #16. Every Power Rank at #15 or below by Friday gets an additional chapter per rank.

Lord of the Mysteries · C620
1 month ago
feel bad for tochego..hope he lets him go View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1349
1 month ago
whats he doing anyway? just heal ronnie up in quiet place tgen get the hell outta here View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1344
1 month ago
nope the one who said that is Rosella eldest daughter thats why in this chapter she rebember eldest daughter telling her that only she knows that this is his dairy not note book. do you think rosella will instead tell his subordinate about notebook instead of his beloved daughter? and rebember when klien got first card of blashmeny rosella daughter was there to get this card but because of his gray fog he could instantly run away from her View More

Randompasserby: So yeah, Nast (the King of Five Seas, the owner of the Dark Emperor Ship and most likely the one Cattleya referred to as His Majesty) definitely have met Roselle in his lifetime and is one of Roselle's attendants descendents given his familiarity with the Diary.

He told Cattleya her destiny is not with him, so another powerhouse sensing the danger of Apocalypse and sending his members to join The Fool's club?

Lord of the Mysteries · C566
1 month ago
its senior gustov eldest daughter who was said to hate him and create her own organisation called elemnt down. since senior gustav was emperor ofcourse his daughter would be regarded as majesty View More

Mad_003: My theory is this "Royalty" that Admiral Cattleya spoke is a High Sequence Beyonder with the ability to see through the future,so in other word the new member is a ticking traitor bomb.

Let's wait and see what the future chapter will hold!

Lord of the Mysteries · C565
2 months ago
vote vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C527
2 months ago
vote vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C527
2 months ago
ita from game Bloodborne....nust search the name and it will come up View More

TyrTheFallen: I understand the Sparrow part is from Jack Sparrow but where does the Gerhman come from ?

Lord of the Mysteries · C519
2 months ago
did he gave away the coin loot that he got from killing god? View More

Dess: All your display pictures are in the same hue. Can't tell who is who without reading the name :(

The Devil's Cage · C925
2 months ago
no spoiler pls View More

NerazimPraetor: It's okay Danitz, Klein might save your life one day (and add your boss to his cult)

Lord of the Mysteries · C504
2 months ago
maybe author can work with your team personally to translate this novel just for english just incase the book gets block in china? View More

CKtalon: There is a crackdown in China on "undesirable content." That definition is vague, which makes platforms like Qidian unable to know what actually constitutes as undesirable by the government. There are guidelines, but it's not sufficient to cover all possible ideas so many authors come up with. So to protect itself and the author from being rounded up by the police, it uses an automated bot to flag and censor sensitive terms, in this case some mention of a sacrifice. Just 3.5 lines or so.

The point about the author not being able to carry on is that there's a risk of the government banning the book because of the occult elements.

Personally think it's a not a big deal for translations in terms of the censorship. But it might be bad if his book gets banned in China.

Lord of the Mysteries · C493
3 months ago

CKtalon: Reward for ranking #13

Lord of the Mysteries · C491
3 months ago
thank youu!!!!! View More

CKtalon: Reward for ranking #13

Lord of the Mysteries · C491
3 months ago
woah woah woah.... i can see both of them fighting in the end of the novel just to make clear who the real Main character is as a friendly f8ght😂 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C490
3 months ago
vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C482
3 months ago
vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C481
3 months ago
vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C481
3 months ago
vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C481
3 months ago
vote View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C481
3 months ago

Heshin: I see.. So the king purposely plotted this in order to quickly change the overall situtation.. Now the nobels who were against the changes wont be able to speak up about the reforms. The king is very ruthless. Maybe he is a member of the twilight order heh.

Lord of the Mysteries · C481
3 months ago

Demoneastz: well well, now how would our MC escape from this predicament. He seems like running out of luck. Hopes he didn't die. Bcs no one would bury him like last time. Enemies would definitely do something with his corpse, or it's leftover

Lord of the Mysteries · C478
3 months ago
we need only 40 more votes for 14th ranking.
pls vote if you havent. View More

Nyooo: It's kinda funny that many plan of lady despair would have been success if not for ince zangwill killing Klein in Tingen.

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
3 months ago
we need only 40 more votes for 14th ranking.
pls vote if you havent. View More

ArunaJene: See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
3 months ago
we need only 40 more votes for 14th ranking.
pls vote if you havent. View More

Kagenashi: I feel like 0-08 just like the Mirror is one of "Fate" series artifacts AKA Fools Fan Club 🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
3 months ago
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