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Haiii.. View More
Rebel: The Inheritance System · C0
11 months ago
Seriously author.. can I ask you how old did he died on his previous life because his manners seems like mature but his mind still a kid... Imagine you admiring a 10 years old when your mental age is already exceed on that age tsk.. even she's cute or beautiful she's still a kid... View More
Rebel: The Inheritance System · C0
11 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Dude your story is awesome good job... and I dunno about the writing quality since my grammar is so so, I dont have a right to criticize your writing.. but I advise you not to release 2-4 chapters everyday, just release 1 chapter everyday... kasi ikaw rin ang malulugi and also para na rin makagawa ka pa ng magandang raw chapters.. mas mabuti na yung every 1 chapter a day but stable ung pag release mo at maganda ung content ng chapters... View More
Unsealing: Omnipotent Father
1 year ago
Author-kun can I ask you about the title of this.. will he become a father?? Im just confused... (Sorry on my grammar). View More

OmnipotentDad: Hello everyone, Author here,~
-As some of the people here, I have already made a few other novels other than this one.
-I accept criticism, but please do so with quality, not because you guys hate my novel.
Writing Quality:
Stability of Updates:
Story Development:
Character Design:
World Background:

I Appreciate it especially for those people that would do so~ not because of writing quality, I will get 1star... That is something I hate the most~ I just wish that I would at least hear what it is that makes my story, a 1 star one!

Unsealing: Omnipotent Father
1 year ago

Devochka: hehe~ you can be proud author-san I basically only read novels of the genre unlimited stream, like shoujo grand summoning, Illimitable Until Death, Holistic Fantasy etc... (I read the entire raws of the three of them btw) and until now I am proud to say that I have read at least hundreds of novels of this genre and your story is the first one that I am reading in this qidian international. (I had only read on the chinese website of qidian and faloo)
I didn't even knew that it already had this kind of story here, which honestly made me happy since I am already tired of reading chinese ones, with all the "Are you courting death!!" and all, not talking about the inexplicable racism that exist in some Chinese novels (both toward foreigners, which sometimes a try to ignore but still makes me somewhat offended and also towards the Japaneses protagonist)
Although it isn't that original the functions of the system of you novel as I already saw a lot of novels with some similar functions , the functions that you decided to use are between the ones that I like the most, like quest and missions, a shop where you can redemption, etc... it also earned some more points from me.
The start of the novel was also interesting I remember having read a novel with the mc also being locked by some organization and suffering from experiments and being freed (dying) and going to anime worlds, but the twist that you put with his mystery lineage was kinda of new to me and I liked it too.
And what I have to say about your choice of danmachi as the first world? well, it wasn't all a choice that much since it was a pool but... I really liked the story and the world of Dungeon Ni Deai, I not only watched the anime but before watching it I had already caught up with the English translations of the light novel so I have a lot of time invested in it, what turns my impression deeper and making me like it more so it's also a plus from me.
I am yet at the C12 currently and can't say much more about what I am yet to read but until now I am satisfied with what I am reading, continue doing a good work and the most important, Don't give up!! always remember that there is some people that like your novel, and although I can't say that it's perfect since it certainly isn't, you shouldn't care about some trolls that come to write a review without anything productive but only badmouthing your novel without any base and being rude towards your person, this kind of person you should just ignore.
bye bye author-san hehe~

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 year ago
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C1
1 year ago
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