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Auto correct and dyslexia is a fun combo :P View More

Dante_The_Immortal: You fellow reader you have sure put some thought into this. And on other side why is it Ronald is it some sort of auto correct 😅

Release That Witch · C1413
3 months ago
Maybe this universe was going to experience the theoretical “Big Crunch” in which gravity begins to slow and then reverse the expansion of the universe. This would cause all matter in the universe to collapse into one spot and either cause another “Big Bang” or maybe a solo supermassive black hole.

That would explain all this emphasis on gravity and the destruction of the universe.

Then some sentient life created the “Gateway Project” to prevent the “Big Crunch” or perhaps migrate outside of the collapsing universe? There is also mentions of “Quantum Theory” in this light novel, so I’m betting that there will be a use of some of it’s more exotic speculations to explain “Magic.”

I think I can make a speculative guess of what’s going on as far as the plot goes, especially since the author has basically said that this world’s Magic is grounded in science.

I’m dead set on my belief that the “god” of the dreamworld is some sort of AI overseer to this “Gateway Project.” The “Gateway Project” makes use of quantum uncertainty to make the impossible possible using sentient life. There is speculation in “Quantum Theory” that things exist in a state of “superposition” until an there is an “observer.” This that ‘Schrödinger's cat’ thought experiment if you want a reference. So a process was made to manipulate this state of “superposition” which was meant to aid sentient life in the escape from a dying universe, however what they got instead was “Magic.” The method of manipulation of “superposition” was imperfect, sentient life could manipulate it in different ways.

This is where the need for the ‘war of divine will’ comes into play. For the reason that only sentient life can manipulate this state of “superposition” aka “Magic” the overseer has had to have the ‘war of divine will’ for many repetitions. There was a need for the overseer compile or synthesis a perfect method of manipulating the state of “superposition” and it did that through the ‘war of divine will’ experiments.

The endgame of the overseer is to get a perfect method of using this process of manipulating “quantum superposition” to escape or fix this dying universe and thus complete the intended function of the “Gateway Project.”

So what would Ronald’s part be in this storyline? I’m guessing he is going to have to complete the perfect method of using this process of manipulating “quantum superposition” aka “Magic.”

Now the rule of this “Magic” that we know thus far is that it relies on the knowledge of the user. That’s why every time a witch gets a science lesson from Ronald a witch evolves. Ronald has also stated that there probably isn’t any upper limit in a witch’s ability to manipulate “Magic,” all that is necessary is sufficient knowledge.

So getting sentient life forms to a point of sufficient knowledge to perfectly use “Magic” is the goal.

So Ronald is going so solve this issue of “Magic” by the application of his recovered knowledge in conjunction with what the overseer has done. Perhaps cooperating with the Demons or the overseer’s apostles. Thus Ronald saves all sentient life in this universe by developing a perfect method of manipulating “quantum superposition” to complete the “Gateway Project.”

But that’s just a theory, a light novel theory!

Why the hell would View More
Release That Witch · C1413
3 months ago
What can disrupt planetary orbits, effects all organisms, and disrupts the entire universe?

Gravity has been disrupted and the universe is being destroyed? The last great challenge for life is survival after gravity stops working or perhaps supercharged?

Substitute gravity with a forced called “magic”?

This really is going into Gurren Lagann territory. View More
Release That Witch · C1412
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Release That Witch · C1412
3 months ago
A few chapters I was thinking peaceful coexistence was possible. Now all I can say is: EXTERMINATUS! View More
Release That Witch · C1389
4 months ago

EnourmousLetters: Whats the bet that after all this buildup we find out that crystallized red mist is explosively combustible and the entire island is obliterated into a hundred million billion pebble sized chunks that every race sees like shooting stars as they get blasted into space over the horizon.

Hard to miss with a nuke ;)

Release That Witch · C1386
4 months ago
She can recreate items from the real world in her micro dream wor... room, then bring them over to Ronald’s dream world. View More

Demonslayer007: Anna and Roland are inspiration for Couple Goals. 😚😍

Release That Witch · C1368
4 months ago
Come to read about curb-stomping demons and instead I get a lesson in early radio design.
And I loved it. View More
Release That Witch · C1347
5 months ago
Most likely. Although I do not think it will be obsessed with the demons. They seem to come under a Civil War. If you recall, one of the members of Sky-Sea race has broken away from the hive mind, during the events when Ronald was exploring the mountain towards the demon territory. I’ve also noticed mentions of some sort of conflict among the Sea-Sky race recently, in addition with the demons finally being able to ward them off. We’re likely to see a situation where the hive mind Sky-Sea members are busy trying to exterminate the minority of independent members of their race, more or less ignoring the demons and humans until it’s too late. View More

Acedus: I only just realised this now but literally every single antagonist in this series has only seen Roland and his forces as the ‘unimportant enemy’ while they prepared for or were dealing with the ‘real enemy.’
For Duke Ryan, the ‘real enemy’ was Timothy.
For Timothy, the ‘real enemy’ was the Church.
For the Church, the ‘real enemy’ was the demons.
For the demons, the ‘real enemy’ was the sky-sea realm.
It is only when it is too late when they realise how much of a threat that Roland/ Roland’s forces actually are.
I wonder if the sky-sea realm will think the same when they eventually show up again.

Release That Witch · C1345
5 months ago

k3pa: thatsentencespacingthough

Release That Witch · C1287
7 months ago

shadowmist619: Bet he'll talk with The Architect.

Release That Witch · C1240
8 months ago

Ombrelongue: She probably want him become far more proactive in the Dream-World and take many more "power of nature".
Uuuuuum ... *think hard*
Maybe in increasing "his" world inside the "world of god" ? Some sort of "erosion" in reverse ? And it's for that the "monster" created in the dream-world talk about "destroying" everithing and all ? Is some sort of "angel" working to destroy the virus-like dream-world acting like some sort of parasite for god ?

Release That Witch · C1223
9 months ago

Mojo23: I do NOT like how smart this Sky Lord character is. Intelligence is NOT something you want to see in your enemies.

Release That Witch · C1218
9 months ago
Hmmm, I think I was more right then wrong. This is interesting. View More
Release That Witch · C1185
10 months ago
More like an invasion of their home world. They have “Red Moon” just how they like it and here comes Ronald uploading Dreamworld malware and corrupting their world. All these beings wanted to do was relax and watch the lesser races kill each other, but now they have Ronald actually threatening to destroy their world. View More

Boy_kun: Hmmm, interesting theory. Basically, Roland's dreamworld is illegal for them, right?

Release That Witch · C1184
10 months ago
It looks like Ronald is currently inside of the “Red Moon” in his own little matrix occupied by the “souls” that Zero had devoured. The “Red Moon” seems to be the source of all these “battles of devine will” via creating magic by proxy and transporting the various races to this world. It also seems to be occupied by some beings. It looks like these beings are the controllers of the “Red Moon” and are currently threatened by Ronald’s maxtrix, so they are basically Agent Smith’ing it. View More

SoullessMinion: so did the fallen evils actually have communication from a being outside of the dreamworld or is this "monster" also part of the dreamworld's setting?
if its an outside being, its possible that apart from the demons, it could be from the eyeball monsters(Sea Demons) trying to get access into the dreamworld via the inhabitants.

though, with any luck Fei wasnt around when Ling appeared and called Roland "Your Majesty" cause its better for Roland's helpers to remain unseen/unknown till Roland can get a better status in that world (leader of his own Martial Arts association/group?)

Release That Witch · C1184
10 months ago
Brief hypothesis of RTW:
1 Magic in this world relies on an uplink to the “Red Moon.” We can see this though the “beams of light” that can be seen emitted from the witches and Ronald when he sleeps. Causality hasn’t been negated, but the “Red Moon” acts as an intermediate actor.
2 Ronald’s “dreamworld” is basically The Matrix TM and it is operating inside the “Red Moon.”
3 Something has brought many different aliens to this “earth” and had them engage in a series of bizarre death match games. It’s heavily implied that it has something to do with this “Red Moon.”
4 Ronald has accidentally uploaded the “souls” of all the people that Zero had devoured into the “Red Moon” in addition to his memories of 1990s(?) China. Thus he created the matrix that is Ronald’s “dreamworld.”
5 Something is atacking Ronald’s “dreamworld” and saying that they don’t belong there.

Frankly, it looks like this “corruption” is a member/representive of the alien race that have been orchestrating the “battle of devine wills.” Also it looks like Ronald has managed to become a threat to them by hosting his maxtrix inside of the “Red Moon.” This is a really good thing. It means that the big baddies that we’re all expecting to see after humanity has nuked all the other opponents in this bizarre war are already flustered and threatened by Ronald. They are less almighty transcendences and more like idiots whom bumbled into alight mighty power. View More
Release That Witch · C1184
10 months ago

BurntCabbage: Tanks or a chopper?
Thanks for the chapter.

Release That Witch · C1179
10 months ago

sooshrut: >Consumes a lot of uranium
Why exactly are you building it roland?

Release That Witch · C1179
10 months ago

MoonLord: We might one day use the stars in the galaxy to boil water....

Release That Witch · C1177
11 months ago
It’s like if the USA was to invade Canada from the “North” that would mean that the USA is coming in from the Arctic sea, not from the south of Canada. View More
Release That Witch · C1176
11 months ago
This is the most underrated comment. View More

SoullessMinion: ok now it makes sense how they knew about Ursrook's letter, aswell as how they actually read it (good payback for Tilly).
guess for now, Roland has to cancel the mass population recruitment and still be somewhat wary or start another project to capture the next Witch city?

thought, since most of whats been deciphered is similar to what the demons were discussing, whats the part that was wrong in the letter? that the demons need 10x the previous amount to win? cause i can see that as possibly being abit low due to the range of the guns and cannons (plus the new demon forces wouldnt have much info on the weapons)

Release That Witch · C1175
11 months ago

Ratixio: imo first she saw the word "king" and "lord" meaning demons have a feudal system, so it'll take month or years to assemble an army, that was precisely the strong point of the first army and of every professional army in the world(mobilisation speed). Second ursrook use the word "abandon" the fathomless abyss meaning the demons are like roland had suppose when they interrogate kabradhabi (in a deep "sea demons" sh!t). Finally the transportation speed of the siege beast from one front to the other will determine when the demons will be able to reengage the war on taquila so... i think they won't have trouble until the bloody moon comes. And finally ursrook strike the ambush group to suppress 1 witch, the most important witch of the group was sylvie by far. Means of scouting to complete the hole in the sentence.

Release That Witch · C1175
11 months ago

Meth: In the real world? Never. Mortal enemies to humans. Maybe in dream world. Together with Ashes. Buuuut its unlikely.

Release That Witch · C1169
11 months ago

LazyLifeSaMu: Darn you, Ursrook! Why couldn't you have been just a generic MWUHAHA villain

Release That Witch · C1169
11 months ago

Fake1: I was hoping that ursook will join Roland’s cause some how, and convince the other demon that the other race is not the enemy but the gods who set up the hunger games arena.

Release That Witch · C1169
11 months ago

albertoQ: Roland: plz stay with her tonight
.... Months later
Anna: we had a baby, sorry It wasn't ur fault... Is just the she is better at...

Release That Witch · C1168
11 months ago

HQDO: Ursrook, it's not only a lack of Red Mist, there's this thing called atmosphere. But scales? Don't tell me they're all living in an artificial bubble arena & the gods are just spectators.

Release That Witch · C1149
11 months ago

oyvey: mass release please

Release That Witch · C790
1 year ago
Where is my RELASE THAT WITCH?! View More
Book of Events · C4
1 year ago
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