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Is this game like Lineage 2? you farmed for 8 hours and only get like 4% xp?? View More
MMORPG: The Elementalist · C60
10 months ago
complete useless waste of words to describe why understand her military signs and pointless conversation... waste of stones on this one View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C201
11 months ago
the lvl 5 is like a kid mentally, she is a special forces agent and an *****, she should be able to effortlessly win a fight against it in a close quarters situation View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C61
1 year ago
Arent you making her a bit to stupid? how many more things must that lake do, until she figure out it is the reason for everything? why doesnt she inspect herself? why she not just directly wash the strawberry and give to the kid instead of giving it first to the kid without washing... Like someone said her brain is probably rotten... View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C29
1 year ago
they are 100% monsters and as soon as the system saw them they turned in walking xp View More
Seized by the System · C44
1 year ago
Hey author how about our Mc absorve some small animals so he can hide when he needs to? View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C32
1 year ago

SpardaX: You just got mind ****ed...

The Strongest Gene · C81
1 year ago

SpardaX: Why so much... why so much... why so much unecessary conversation, in this last 3 or 4 chapters we could already be finished with this ten beast cage thing...

Library of Heaven's Path · C419
1 year ago
Ling Lan is the stronger fighter in the academy she is as strong as some professors probably, since she is faking an injury she will probably not fight. View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C245
1 year ago
you are forgetting the are you crazy chapters, then the you are too weak chapters, then the team organization chapters, after that the impossible kill chapters, the I have a super beast soul I never use chapters and maybe in like 30 chapters he will kill the super creature View More

Draxis: I hope he kills it in the next three chapters.

Super Gene · C363
1 year ago
doesnt he have some kind of super beast parasite... he never used it or tried to find what is it for... I dont understand View More
Super Gene · C363
1 year ago
the last 4 to 5 chapters are one of the most brainless stupid ever in this story View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C737
1 year ago
she will be for sure, donr forget that little four and the learning space is from another place much more advanced than where she is, everything she learns is super more advanced. you can see that in school if she wanted with her full power she could KO every student with one hit View More

rickrossed: I think it would be awesome if she is strong enough even without some legacy... #GIRLPOWER

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C88
2 years ago
This Assessment is just hahah... I guess MC can earn some extra cash xD View More
Monster Paradise · C174
2 years ago

ChickenV: Step right in to the new Lin Huang carcass shop. With only a limited time opening for 15 days. Any carcass you see in this island is available (not counting gold rank beasts). Order now and pass the assessment.

Disclaimer: Lin Huang carcass shop will not be responsible for any damages if the corpses are forcefully taken.

Monster Paradise · C174
2 years ago
You just got mind ****ed... View More
The Strongest Gene · C81
2 years ago
Why so much... why so much... why so much unecessary conversation, in this last 3 or 4 chapters we could already be finished with this ten beast cage thing... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C419
2 years ago
Agreed View More

Astarot_Attor: Yep he’s dead

Super Gene · C68
2 years ago
Hopefully it wont take long for MYR to disappear View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C52
2 years ago
Yes!!! go go View More

Evander: Hungry for experience:)

Library of Heaven's Path · C413
2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Monster Paradise · C154
2 years ago
thanks for the chapter View More
Monster Paradise · C91
2 years ago
he should just go to a hardware store or those construction material big complex he could get all the material he wants instead of wasting time trading. View More

Skaviouz: if he can get iridium and cobalt from them, just damn... I mean it's not like cobalt and platinum things are rare, but it's more of a science thing than a military thingy... I guess the military have scientists as a backer needing those nuclei and all... Titanium/nickel shouldn't be too hard...

My MCV and Doomsday · C63
2 years ago
Why doesnt he go kill monster until iron lvl 3 :( View More
Monster Paradise · C84
2 years ago
Reading Status: C84
So far so good, there is not really any bad points with the translation, we have regular updates of 2 to 3 chapters a day, the story in itself is enjoyable with minor issues on the plot armor and in some cases it looks like the world is working to help him, maybe it shouldnt do that so much since the story is good already, the character most of the time if feels a bit of a laidback guy the way he uses his power I believe it could be better, most of the other characters are a little 2D since we are not given a way to really connect with them no personalities, it should get some improvement, while the world background is a bit generic we know there are divisions but its a bit confusing and then the citys have number and then they have names its bery hard for us to really position him in someplace, maybe in the future the author will enlight us. In general a 4* story with room for improvement. View More
Monster Paradise
2 years ago
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