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xSaintPablo: Im genuinely hyped. When is the next Chapter?

Professor Dovahkiin · C15
2 days ago

holosagewolf32: please release more im begging you. ive been checking every hour for an update

Professor Dovahkiin · C15
2 days ago


Elder Blood Witcher · C400
6 days ago

Aknok: just reading the name of the novel goes directly to my library

i became a vampire in Skyrim??!! · C1
1 week ago
Thanks for chapter View More
MCU: The Immortal Killer · C5
2 weeks ago

DethRoseM: No one ever uses the brazen bull you my friend have earned my respect

2 weeks ago

Lord_Shiva_: Please let the harem be small maybe 3 to 4

Transmigrated in the World of My Wife is a Beautiful Ceo · C9
2 weeks ago

Sephtis1303: Also isn’t the job system supposed to give him or increase his talent for the job he picked so why does it sound like iris is already better than him in potioneering or am I wrong about the system didn’t read the light novel it came from much

Life begins after death · C19
2 weeks ago

Sephtis1303: How come he didn’t get any skills for any of his potion jobs?

Life begins after death · C19
2 weeks ago

akeno01: to tell the truth i totaly skip the past prologue

The Devourer Emperor: A DxD FanFic · C18
3 weeks ago

xcution409: can you edit the job history so that first there is the ranking of mastery, then ONLY the highest job the mc has, so there wont be 6-7 of the same job, only with different masterys? he has 13 jobs in his history, if you would do this he would only have 6 jobs in the list

Life begins after death · C17
3 weeks ago

Heiz_Eul_Cch: Perfect wedding gift if Geralt and Yen gets married.

Elder Blood Witcher · C316
1 month ago

Hammad_Amir: Felt restricted by magic ( How) who restricted is magic. When he became small and compress is body.


....And I think he should just slow down
Like become hero or antihero or going in marvel or DC or Dragon ball z

And remember that infinity stone is a part of a living being so extraction can be done to stones as well
Hello fury and Odin Ancient One...
In dragon ball super ( Angel Devil Saiyan ...... Physicqe
And now he should get a lover
I think any Saiyan or Angel😇 girl wants to be with him
Or extract cards from them but not kill them.

An Overlord's Guide to Winning! · C59
1 month ago

Darthkn: Akira's Angelic Embodiment should be of order/balance......since he cares so much about the natural order of things.....he should be the Angel of Order and Balance.......he should eventually become one of the most powerful angels/archangels to ever exist..

DxD: God of Gamers · C21
2 months ago
Endgame Dragornborn?
Smiting+Enchanting+Alchemy View More
Vergil in another world(Temp Hiatus) · C0
2 months ago

AlienWarLord: You read my mind. I was thinking of summoning teachers and maybe they left some hidden thing behind.

I’m Harry Potter (MCU Xover) · C8
2 months ago

Mr_even: keep isse far away from manami

Supreme One · C10
2 months ago

DaoistBlackHill: Dammit, this cliffhanger is so strong it has greatly damaged my dao of patience.😢

Playing with other Supernaturals · C243
2 months ago

ADD: he seems a little obsessed with victory, maybe "victory" is his domain as an angel, that could interest Athena

DxD: God of Gamers · C11
3 months ago

achile: thanks

Playing with other Supernaturals · C237
3 months ago

DOLPHIN_hill: Will he wake up in modern times or will he wake up like some time when pharaohs were a thing and him become one himself?

3 months ago

Mxpert_0: Can u do little time skips like months and years and just do a recap of what happened cause the story really slow paced nothing wrong with it its just you have thousands of years to get to and you might lose your motivation and I don't want that cause I really like this story........great chapter tho

4 months ago

Supreme_Devil: FBI(agent1) : s*hit this is the first time someone is near to the true truth of our existence.
FBI(agent2): yes nobody will ever guess that we are the true strongest beings in the omniverse and all those ROBs are just low-class agents in one of our sections, also the true protector of lolis, WE are the creators of the universal law "Yes Loki no touch",those who don't obey the law, let's just say it's censored coz maybe there is lolis reading this, Yes we can break the forth wall, watch your as*es morherfvckers. WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

The Uchiha-Senju Immortal · C33
4 months ago

H4ves: Jon is like lucifer or somethin

Dragonborn Saga · C496
4 months ago

Ayoub_Z: Hell yeah we want mass release

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C23
4 months ago

GreatWolf: More please more

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C23
4 months ago

Shinzo: Need another 6 chapters ASAP!
Thanks for the chapter bud

A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C40
4 months ago

Luft_Rauser: You know, since his entrance. The star wars emperor theme start playing
Dun, dun, dun, dun. Dun-dun-dun, dun. Dun-dun-dun

A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C33
4 months ago

IngloriusEnd: I don't change the order of time. (Dany marries Drogo)

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C10
5 months ago

JRT02: Dude WTF. Like WTF man WTF. Are you some kind of telepath. This was my f-ing plan. Dump Yun Che on the Illusory Demon Realm, get his grandfather and aunt there and just leave him with his family there to ensure he can never be nuisance again. WTF man, how the F did you do that.

Like can you read my mind right now and if so can you guess what the quest reward will be for dragon god trial. It will be one that will truly mind F you so hard, there is no way to describe it

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C50
5 months ago
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