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I like most of the story... just why the helldo he have to lie and make up exuses so often itsirritating to read... other then that the rest of the storyis realy nice View More
Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World · C60
2 weeks ago
Thenks for the chapter! Cant wait to see how this will develop... View More
Villainous · C62
2 weeks ago
When did he learn kage bushin? He dident steal the scroll like in the original after all... View More
The Legend of the Kyubi · C10
2 weeks ago
Will we get more?!?!? View More
The Last Abyssal, Tyrannical Pet · C91
2 weeks ago
Who? View More

CamilleDirithyl: Ruby Hale is here! Alert! Romance detected.

The Oracle Paths · C104
3 weeks ago
Thenks for the chapter! Bao is soooo adorble! View More
Villainous · C60
1 month ago
Thenks for the chapter View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C375
1 month ago
Are you hinting he needs to spare time for babymaking with his wifes every now and then to add more members to his race? View More

LucioOrdo: Definitely need more population in the empire

Holy Akashic Conqueror · C176
2 months ago
Thenks! View More
Evil Goddess System · C16
3 months ago
And i both refuse to apolizise for enjoying the story, and refuse to apolizising for demanding MORE CHAPTERS PLEASE View More
Villainous · C57
3 months ago
Thenks for the chapter! Olso, am i second, or third? XD cos if athor commented second... View More
Evil Goddess System · C15
3 months ago
Thenks! View More
Evil Goddess System · C14
3 months ago
Random suggestion... could be coolif she would have some sort of 'fling' like temporery short-term romance where she fights or encounter and goes agenst some other girl in some manner, then it drags on to a draw where both are sweaty and tierd but wont accept loosing to the other, then comes the yuri where they try 'subdue' the other before calling it off due to being too hoorny and desiding to fight agen on both facelets some other time xD View More

Tilted_Axis: No plans for a male romantic partner. I should also say I don’t plan on having chapter after chapter of the MC conquering women. Romance with MC is not really my main focus.

Evil Goddess System · C11
3 months ago
Thenks for the chapter. And no thenks for the damm cliffhanger View More
Evil Goddess System · C8
3 months ago
Thats a rather cute and unque name if you ask me View More
What? I'm a Unique Beastkin? · C3
3 months ago
That end wasent creepy at all... nope... brrrrr View More
Girl with the Golden Eyes · C62
4 months ago

darkoneko: As a proper Queen, she could technically lead an army of spirits now ? Maybe have them hosted in nanomanced armours ?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C218
4 months ago
Eny hope for more updates? View More

Wolfick: Sorry all, there won't be a chapter today, 3h of driving, 9.5h of work and 2h cleaning up, cooking etc afterwards.

I'll get some writing done tonight, but there isn't enough time before I have to sleep and be up at 5:30 again for another day of work. Next chapter should be coming tomorrow however

Deep Space Epoch · C63
5 months ago
Some versions say that rather then near-void such as intergalactic space, impure void such as currupting versions of void energys, a real void energy can be atributed for: nothingness, purity, devouring/consuming(not converting or corrupting), defance penetration or even ignoring defance, phase-travel like abilitys, and in some versions void is what comes before primal chaos... View More

Jamesshinto: Void isn’t An actual thing it’s the absence of something so just taking away an element is void

Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C0
5 months ago
Dragons curiucty (pretty sure i have a spelling error in that second part) View More

knowutall: what novel?

Dark Star Survivor · C50
5 months ago
Lol for some reason i feel as if theres vore nsfw coming yet at the same timeim wearded out by myself xD View More
The Naga Dungeon · C5
5 months ago

sweetulrich: interesting story. unfortunately you need an editor

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C17
5 months ago

Maelstrumao: yep....prepare thine anus`s you poor monster/human bastards.....=^-.-^= hopefully theyl be a cute elf in this one as well xD

Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C2
5 months ago

MaNameJame: This gives me heavy nanomancer reborn vibes

Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C2
5 months ago
What about lifeforce, soul ,chaos, void View More
Rebirth of The Elemental Goddess · C0
5 months ago
What is that SARS? View More
Strange Life of a Cat · C5
5 months ago

Shifty_DaoistMage: Smiling Reader... you’re now Lvl 7? The grind is real

Gamers of the Underworld · C45
5 months ago
Thats a honestly impressive insult at the end there... View More
· C1
6 months ago
Is it helem of troia? The one who caused the fall of ther city with her good looks according to the historians from back then? View More
Power of Command · C4
6 months ago
Rabbit - yiyi, crow- revy (from reaven)
Forge - aichent beginnings View More
Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C32
6 months ago
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