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There’s always gotta be a smart one in a group. View More

L0NE_W0LF: Well damn, didn't expect an intelligent experimental.

Thanks again, Legge!

The First Order · C122
1 week ago
Haha haha View More
The First Order · C115
2 weeks ago
This is the best View More

HimeSama: It's like they're thinking, "To hell with the consequences. I want to vent and that's what I'm gonna do".. 🤦🏻‍♀️
As if killing someone was just like plucking a leaf out of a tree - it would affect nothing. The ironic thing is that often, they get the whole families of those whom they killed on their cases as a consequence of their impulsiveness, creating a vicious cycle and more trouble for themselves. "I don't want trouble in the future, so I'm going to kill you", they say, and instead they end up creating endless trouble for themselves..

Kingdom's Bloodline · C265
2 weeks ago
Damn he verbally ***** slapped the poor guy View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C263
2 weeks ago
Damn I believe Kaslan was a beast, he only lost after fighting a elf with centuries years of experience that can read minds wounding him. Then, proceeded to fight and curb stomping Raphael who is a supreme class showing the difference in skill and experience. From going to fight two of his previous colleagues who one of which literally specializes in offense and only lost because of age and his injuries. Also, I’m not entirely sure about this but his mental health clearly wasn’t the healthiest considering he couldn’t write straight on the stone that Nicholas read at the end. So yes he lived up to his reputation and everyone was right to fear facing him. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C262
2 weeks ago
No lampard is not right either for the ****ty war and all the people that got hurt in the process. Thales is stopping this massive sacrifice so to speak. The ends justify the means Lampard is just another victim who thinks the only way to fix everything is to break it to pieces. He believes he is the only one who has to do it because he has made it his desire. Now he is lost and isn’t even aware of it that is until Thales gives him a verbal beat down showing there is another way. View More

broken_noodle: No Lampard is the true hero of this story, Thales however, is a evil boi.

Kingdom's Bloodline · C260
3 weeks ago
God damn that bloody year is literally where everything went to hell. I thought I’ve seen all it’s affects but I’m starting to understand just how screwed up constellation is and deep **** their in. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C259
3 weeks ago
Sad part, is Lampard is just a puppet for the red witch and doesn’t even know it. Pretty much getting ironically screwed over by her murder of king and Thales back bone and wit to not let this war happen. I also understand that the system the archdukes use only leads to the misery of other’s. I mean look at the actions of Kroesch and the fire knight there not fighting for nothing but to make a better place for themselves and everyone similar to them. Though forcing change through the use of war is not right. View More

ryner8virgo: Indeed Lampard has a point and is not all wrong. In fact some parts of me are cheering for him, hoping that he would somewhat win this debate and usher in a revolutionary transformation in Ecksted. However he is not entirely right. War is not always the key. Thales understands this. That is why Thales is in conflict with himself. With his knowledge from his previous life, he knows that the revolution that Lampard seeks is the faster way to attain a better Northland, compared to waiting for centuries like King Mindis did. But, Thales is the prince of Constellation. It is his duty and responsibility to protect his country. If Ecksted brings war to Constellation, the unstable country might not take it and altogether, just like the Empire, would meet its end. Between Constellation and Ecksted, Thales must choose, or ,just like what he is currently doing - make a compromise.

Kingdom's Bloodline · C258
3 weeks ago
Blackmail at its finest well done thales View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C255
3 weeks ago
So now the volcanoes erupting too, wonderful View More
The First Order · C98
3 weeks ago
I to show gratitude for all the chapters to reach enlightenment View More
The First Order · C96
3 weeks ago
Well fun while it lasted wasn’t liu bu View More
The First Order · C93
3 weeks ago
And then what becoming a power hungry pawn going in a rampage just like those wuxia novels, screw that I came to see character development and genuine struggle to become greater as a person that’s true power and Thales is just getting started. View More

salem277: So dissapointing he's not leaving with asda on a new different adventure and will instead continue his current path of boring politics /sigh such wasted potential

Kingdom's Bloodline · C254
3 weeks ago
It’s go time!!!! View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C250
4 weeks ago
God damn putray was the one who ordered that, keep being reminded how crappie this world is. View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C248
1 month ago
I’m starting to wonder if Liu bu has plot armor on him if anybody agrees, like this. View More
The First Order · C88
1 month ago
Not plot armor because after seeing what the calamities can do it’s not surprising one of the weapons made to fight them can do such a thing View More


Kingdom's Bloodline · C245
1 month ago
Yeah he is seriously broken at this point View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1469
1 month ago
Wait, he is still carrying the doll. Now that is hilarious View More
The First Order · C81
1 month ago
Supernatural cannibal that got experimented on, wonderful. View More
The First Order · C80
1 month ago
That’s war for you, no one is ever innocent once they pick up the gun. View More
The First Order · C79
1 month ago
First sign of post apocalyptic world are cannibals, how glorious. View More
The First Order · C78
1 month ago
Nope nope nope View More
The First Order · C72
1 month ago
Idiots View More
The First Order · C67
1 month ago
Face slapping time View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C398
1 month ago
Stinky tofu is the best View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C354
1 month ago
My lord guy is something else View More
The First Order · C16
1 month ago
I don’t think he’s ruthless, instead he is exactly what a person should be like living in such conditions. Basically, he’s tough and if he can afford to be nice he would, but he can’t for obvious reasons. View More

SamStrike: Is the MC ruthless? Because someone said that the story is about a system trying to make the MC more kind, and I am more into ruthless MC. So that would be the opposite of what I seek.

The First Order · C9
1 month ago
The world might get destroyed in this fight View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1464
1 month ago
Well ****, I mean the good news the Hades emperor didn’t come back, but the bad news is that two of the three came back. It doesn’t help the fact the gorillas and dragons got slapped in this war either, so these two emperors are going to be pissed off. View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C1463
1 month ago
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