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And then love gu will abandon her and or she dies and ma Hong yun becomes evil faction since fang yuan chances history so much an evil Ma Hong yun is possible here based on his tortures. View More

ShinyOP: I have a strange feeling that at the very end when she saves ma Hong yun and use love gu to do it, love gu will take her memory of him as the price .

Reverend Insanity · C1251
4 weeks ago
I have a strange feeling that at the very end when she saves ma Hong yun and use love gu to do it, love gu will take her memory of him as the price . View More
Reverend Insanity · C1251
4 weeks ago
All your base are belong to us. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1215
1 month ago
Could be it’s his immortal aperture after he died. View More

D4C: Oh snap, is the whole world ren zu immortal aperture?

Reverend Insanity · C1028
4 months ago
Aha to unlock the entire novel that isn’t complete yet up to 2k from where we at that’s a lot of money just based on translator pay. You could always pay another translator and pay them to translate the Rawls faster as a group but pricey. View More

Klokinator: The content has been deleted

Reverend Insanity · C1021
4 months ago
Spectral soul demon venerable is the strongest venerable that has ever existed. It is not an exaggeration to say if all the venerables that ever existed fought him together....they probably would still lose. Being an expert at soul path and food path he can easy dominate anyone with his superior soul simply by suppressing their battle strength by half if not more. If he gets injured? He can just heal himself by spawning nearly unlimited soul beasts and healing off them with his food path. View More

DaoistCitizen: ... hmm, sp far, three forces seem related to the demon venerables. Id assume the rainbow sect IS shadow sect given by their similar names, though... are they spectral soul demon venerables arrangements or not? That guy seems like a seriously dangerous big bad that probably holds power over the door of life and death. Heaven overseeing tower lord himself got scared ****less against his will.

But, what of star constellation's will, is she assisting fang yuan with a prophecy because hed inevitably face off with shadow sect?

Then theres red lotus who probably holds dominion over the river of time itself, being the previous wielder of the ciccada... fuckin hell the world has so many hidden powers manipulating everything.

Reverend Insanity · C989
5 months ago
The thing is, if he’s not dead the chances of him having his will or whatever it is leave the river of time is small. And since fang yuan could refine spring autumn cicada that means that it was definitely destroyed at one point but of course with red lotus plans he made it so it would land in fang yuans hands an other worldly demon.

Red lotus also had pretty good wisdom attainment and deduced pretty far into the future as well. View More

BisectedTofu: Maybe Red Lotus didn't die but just went to the future, that's why he was said to have only lived 3000 years and was the most mysterious Venerable. If he just disappeared, people would assume that he died. I mean, he's a Venerable, I highly doubt that he died because he couldn't get lifespan gu

Reverend Insanity · C989
5 months ago
You could if you are rich. Just hire a bunch of translators to translate the whole raws. That’s gonna cost a ton of money tho. View More

SwiftFate: Ugh, I wish I could throw more money into this series to read more right away. The cliffhangers are killing me.

Reverend Insanity · C989
5 months ago
“Haha everybody I delayed him don’t forget you all owe me” ..... blazing zombie is gonna cough out half his blood once he realized he got scammed not once but twice. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. View More
Reverend Insanity · C989
5 months ago
Actually yes they can! Red lotus’s plans for a future otherworldly demon to inherit his inheritance is already complete with fang yuan. It is also said that not even heaven overseeing tower can understand any of what red lotus had planned (he could manipulate spring autumn cicada freely) thus he helped saved many venerable’s possibly even future ones and made many deals with them (as they owe him) in order to destroy fate gu. View More

nothing_much: you forgot heaven's will
with that guy around no one's going anywhere with their plans

Reverend Insanity · C989
5 months ago
She most likely knows. Red lotus demon venerable made many deals with other venerable’s in order to make sure his future successor succeeds in destroying fate gu.
His hatred for fate gu is quite strong. He went back to the past multiple times only to see his loved ones die over and over. Everything shadow sect has done was for fang yuan most likely. View More

Arockalypse: Rather than what she can give him, I’m more interested to see if the venerable can tell if he is a time traveler/otherworlder. No one has yet to deduce that about FY

Reverend Insanity · C983
5 months ago
Interesting, so she has likely deduced that fang yuan would eventually come to her inheritance. I wonder if she has also deduced that fang yuan would get her once vital gu wisdom gu. If that is the case she could provide him with endless secrets to use wisdom gu to its full potential. Can’t wait for next chapters! View More
Reverend Insanity · C983
5 months ago
To have eyes but not be able to recognize mount tai! Since you want this feather hehe let me borrow your cauldron :) View More
Reverend Insanity · C975
5 months ago
Our MC is so nice! Giving back an immortal gu. She better appreciate his kindness and kneel before her grandfather and cry tears of joy for an entire chapter explaining her gratefulness. View More
Reverend Insanity · C973
5 months ago
So it seems my previous assumption was pretty spot on. Shadow sect has someone who could see into the future. Planning everything just to make fang yuan, their pawn slowly grooming him. From the immortal gu who gave tai bai his healing gu’s to eventually be used by fang yuan, to the wisdom gu immortal dong who fell into fang yuan hands who also received his inheritance from the same group. Looks like they planned everything to make sure fate gu dies. In fact, perhaps damaging fate gu was to give birth to a person like fang yuan, one hundred thousand years of planning and defying heaven’s will in order to destroy fate gu and be truly free from fate. I wouldn’t be surprised if the previous spring autumn cicada user was also apart of the grand plan. View More
Reverend Insanity · C969
5 months ago
Oh wow this actually almost explains a big plot of the entire story if my theory is correct. If the guy and The rainbow group is related then the guy who gave dong fang and tai bai their unique gu’s
group would create multiple gu’s of various paths and then hand them out so that these people can grow and do something specific to help someone in the future or past. Almost like this group can foretell the future and past simultaneously with some minor problems, which is the butterfly effect like fang yuan has seen. And what is this specific thing they are trying to help? To support or raise someone like fang yuan. Both tai bai and dong fang fell to fang yuans hands. It is almost like this is all part of their plans and fang yuan is their pawn that they have raised at the cost of their life to do something for their master plan. Or this could all be a big coincidence who knows. View More
Reverend Insanity · C937
6 months ago
Rank 8
Old Lord Can Yang

Is kinda weird and doubtful that a rank 8 fire path can’t kill a rank 7 wood path considering she isn’t really a fighter either.

They said before rank 7 can beat lots of rank 6 like how unfettered and Pi can boss around those other rank 6 immortals.
So isn’t it the same for rank 8 who can destroy a bunch of rank 7? Meh.... View More

Zenxai: who fire guy?

Reverend Insanity · C803
8 months ago
I know right? 3 days? With no new release wtf is going on? View More

Blazed: Gfcjjgffcvcxcvbvcczcvvbbbvccxxxchhgcccvhhvcfgbhjnnnvvccffcbjjjhhhhjurjrjfkffjjxxjxjxhxhxhxhxjxhxhxjxjzjxjxjxjxhxhxhxhxhkjjjjhhhgggggggggggghhhhhhhjjjjjjjjjjjhhhghgfffffffff

Seeking the Flying Sword Path
9 months ago

ShinyOP: Silly Chibi.
Butterfly effect of you buying them at that time will cause you to be rich and not translate this novel for us. You deserve death.

Reverend Insanity · C667
11 months ago
Silly Chibi.
Butterfly effect of you buying them at that time will cause you to be rich and not translate this novel for us. You deserve death. View More
Reverend Insanity · C667
11 months ago
Wisdom gu is a smart gu. By him showing firefly gu out in the open, wisdom gu noticed his intention. Kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel, it was the only safe guranteed way out with the current space being destroyed. Thus wisdom gu went for it because it’s either go or die. View More

Khatulistiwa: He obtained the Wisdom Gu !!! Wonder how did Fang Yuan made it to come to him...

Reverend Insanity · C649
11 months ago
So THATS how the great flood happened in the Bible! View More

UglyMountain: In Chinese mythology, Gonggong was ashamed that he lost the fight with Zhurong, the Chinese god of fire, to claim the throne of Heaven. In a fit of rage he smashed his head against Buzhou Mountain, a pillar holding up the sky, greatly damaging it and causing the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the earth to shift to the southeast, which caused great floods and suffering.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C599
11 months ago
So he can technically use man as before gu to transform back anyway me thinks View More
Reverend Insanity · C647
11 months ago
The enemy of my enemy is my friend View More
Reverend Insanity · C645
11 months ago
Yes daddy View More
Reverend Insanity · C644
11 months ago
Fang yuan would win cause in order to kill a zombie you need a gun everyone knows that. View More
Reverend Insanity · C640
11 months ago
Trade? Heh what a coincidence, I was gonna ask you the same thing!
No? Well you’ll have to return empty handed. :D
But sir qin! Hmph my master is yellow bold monk!
Oohhh yellow bold monk? I see I see. Tell him I shall visit hehe.
Impossible! I take your granddaughter for next plot! Hmph. Later! Pew pew ....portal ...gone. View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C593
11 months ago
Bai fool is probably related to his good fortune of passing the tribulation. I’m sure the bronze coin he has is quite special for qin Yun. Karma my friend is a wonderful thing. View More

leshof: Quite a boring chapter... at least spend time on how he developed his granddaughter rather than Bai Fool*

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C591
11 months ago
no no no uhhh...during immortal ascension no one can interfere even if they are in his mind. Yeah we’ll use that explanation ahem cough cough. View More

PoorMan: Errrr... Fang Yuan's whole life replayed itself in his mind so what if Mo Yao saw everything... That could be very bad.

Reverend Insanity · C627
11 months ago
Yes dadddy break both your holes View More
Reverend Insanity · C626
11 months ago
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