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  • I was once the greatest fighters of my time till a stray bullet enter my body and destroyed my heart killing me, luckly fate had different plans and sent my soul into a new world.

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keep it up, just caught up you rock dude. View More
Gohan in Narutoverse: Sage Style · C32
2 days ago
i just started reading these four chaps today pretty good so far keep it up bro. View More
The New Gohan · C4
3 days ago
still waiting on my mass release! View More
Naruto Resurrection · C19
1 week ago
what you mean finale you just started View More
Naruto Resurrection · C18
1 week ago
i would be content with 3,500 words but considering this is a fan fic i will settle for 1500 words. View More
Naruto Resurrection · C16
2 weeks ago
Trainer Su Hao has lost two Pokemon, what will he do next? View More
Godly Model Creator · C755
1 month ago
the first mc i actually pity! good luck in your way of the dao. View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C2
2 months ago
okay i will admit even i forgot Zhao Feng, master of penetration! View More
Godly Model Creator · C750
2 months ago
Wild Tian Family Manager has Fled! View More
Godly Model Creator · C749
2 months ago
su hao pulling an ash, protecting his pokemon. View More
Godly Model Creator · C748
3 months ago
now his **** list grows View More
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven · C7
3 months ago
Su Hao chooses his pokemon well! View More
Godly Model Creator · C738
3 months ago
i sense a crit coming! View More
Godly Model Creator · C737
3 months ago
that is one salty teacher! View More
The Master Of Magic · C4
3 months ago
okay did anyone read that as Synchro Fusion! View More
The Master Of Magic · C2
3 months ago

prayne26: It may be according to rarity color systems in MMORPGs, where orange is legendary

Release That Witch · C315
4 months ago
has't the church learned yet winners don't do drugs! View More
Release That Witch · C243
4 months ago

newbie637: My name is Veronica. You're a threat to Roland. Prepare to die.

Release That Witch · C230
4 months ago
the hunter has truly hunted. View More
Release That Witch · C165
4 months ago
ah Roland told his first lie i'm so disappointed in him. View More
Release That Witch · C162
4 months ago
more like how to get an alchemist moist! View More

vamignon: How to make an alchemist wet

Release That Witch · C154
4 months ago
first time feeling sorry for the guards in any light novel all they wanted was so achievements and they are sentenced to death, i will burn some incenses and pray you guards grow some brains in you next life. View More
Last Wish System · C260
5 months ago
Dam, Lar gonna need some Time healing for them burns. View More
Last Wish System · C256
5 months ago
mind as well call yale the wedding crasher. View More
Last Wish System · C254
5 months ago
so that is how you slay a flying pig, good to know. View More
Last Wish System · C158
5 months ago
Human greed will always win, against humanities survival it's a proven fact. View More

RinTohsaka0: i just dont understand, humanity is fucking helpless against the beasts and they still dont want another powerful person to appear to help then just because of factions? this is too idiotic to believe

Godly Model Creator · C710
5 months ago

SliptNCider: Or build shrek on demon island. Only one test needed then. Get to the island

The Legend of the Dragon King · C902
6 months ago
now let the legendary power up begin. View More
Godly Model Creator · C687
6 months ago

Top_Comment: School:How much energy do you need
Su hao: The real question is how much do you have

Godly Model Creator · C687
6 months ago
we can wait View More
Godly Model Creator · C683
6 months ago
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