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hollowrebel: He won't miss a day the day after he said that he will try to publish two chapters a day, right?

Supreme Magus · C377
2 days ago

Grim_Shelter: Anyone else thinking he could have a breath ability in his demon form? It would line up with the acid reflux he felt.

Supreme Magus · C377
2 days ago

Origin_Order_Chaos: Awesome ......and please deal with that undead it gives me creeps and uncomfortable......others are good but that one is no-no....please i request....

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C76
3 days ago

34RL: Don't worry author just give us chapter a day and were fine.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C76
3 days ago

Israfil: All of you guys missing the fun part! The former body owner named Kuromi is a balls destroyer, and Shiro is an anus destroyer! Maybe Kuromi body chosen because of her weird quirk of the destroying balls

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C244
3 days ago

Thisntme: Confirmed deathless bi fox with a sadistic streak and a blood-letting fetish. She also happens to be a shotacon... 🤷‍♂️
Just check all the boxes why don't we.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C74
4 days ago

Wolf_God: Wolf_God facts: Along with gold, silver is the most ductile (malleable) metal. An ounce of silver can be made into a wire 8,000 feet long.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C243
4 days ago

Reili: [Kaiser Wyvern Helmet LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+500 INT
+20% Mana Efficiency
+10% Magic Attack
+10% Fire Resistance
+10% Fire Efficiency
[Kaiser Wyvern Boots LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+500 AGI
[Kaiser Wyvern Arm Guards LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+300 DEX
+300 STR
Passive Skill: Wyvern Force
Increase strength for a short moment of time.
+10% STR when activated
Duration: 10 seconds
[Kaiser Wyvern Armour LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+1,000 VIT
+700 DEF
+200 INT
-200 AGI
Passive Skill: Harden Scales
+50% DEF and -50% AGI when activated.
Duration: 20 Seconds
[Kaiser Wyvern Leggings LVL 60 (1/7) – Purple]
+400 AGI
[Kaiser Wyvern Shoulder Guards LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+300 DEF
+200 INT
[Kaiser Wyvern Cape LVL60 (1/7) – Purple]
+300 INT
+300 AGI
[Kaiser Wyvern Set Effect 3/7]
+5% overall stat increase
+500 DEF
+20% Fire Resistance
[Kaiser Wyvern Set Effect 6/7]
+1000 INT
+20% Magic Damage
+20% Elemental Damage
+20% Elemental Resistance
[Kaiser Wyvern Set Effect 7/7]
+10% Increase to DEF, INT, STR
Skill: Wyvern Incarnation
Wyvern blood will run through your veins and boost your overall stats for a short moment of time. However, be warned that the backlash would hurt just as much as the increase.
+60% to all Stats for 1 minute
-80% to all Stats for 7 days

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C243
4 days ago

Mr_emoji: Lith is getting closer to guardian status.
Legion20 please, please please😘😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏. Mass release, checked everyday for layout return now you are back and its not enough am like the vampire right now.

Supreme Magus · C373
5 days ago

Daoist_Maker: Wish I could see the faces of the idiots in the city that were just trying to rob her when they find out she just slaughtered someone more powerful than them.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C242
5 days ago

MilkGod: MilkGod's Facts: The word “kimono”, literally means a “thing to wear”. Ki is “wear”, and mono is “thing”.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C242
5 days ago

Wolf_God: Wolf_God facts: There were two AI chatbots created by Facebook to talk to each other, but they were shut down after they started communicating in a language they made for themselves.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C235
1 week ago

Edy3: So the system want to go against the gods that are somehow controlling/affecting it like the light goddess. Maybe this is the reason why it reincarnate the people with grudges against the gods to give them a second chance. Interesting...

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C235
1 week ago

willy_aprianto: Norse : Freya (war, beauty, death) , Eir (healing)
Hindu : kali (destroyer), saraswati (wisdom+learning)
Greek : athena(war,wisdom), artemis(hunter+moon), hestia(forget i only remember her as danmachi lazy goddess) , aprodite(love+beauty), tyche(fortune,chance,fate), NYX (chaos + darkness)
Chinese : Goddess Chang'e ( moon goddess)
Japanese : Amaterasu ( sun goddess)

Add them to mc list sensei 😂😂😂

DxD System In DxD · C201
1 week ago

tanatana: Haru : Pleasure magic!!!

Kuroneko : Plant magic!!!

Both : Unison Raid Tentacle Orgy!!!

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C369
1 week ago

Invisalats: How should I put this: the translation is bad and it actually has worsened after the initial release chapters. (Up to ch 23)

The story is very generic for a generic story. Also the author does a very poor job of staying consistent with mc's reasons for his actions and typical horn dog fashion the mc fixates on a female character but in atypical fashion this fixation was not sexual until suddenly it is for absolutely no reason and the author didn't even have the courtesy to treat the readers like idiots by giving a dumb nonsensical explanation to add a few hundred words to the word count... Disappointing really.

The mc is overly useless with a supposed cheat cultivation method that makes him basically a cellphone battery that turbo charges only if it has plenty of juice, if it's at 1% then the charge rate is not only bad but dangerous if accidentally exceeding the 0.1% of current energy stored. I figure eventually the author will throw in bottlenecks and what not so every 1-2 fights you'll have plenty of mc is recharging chapters.

The world is a great big unknown, and the few times characters start mentioning deeper world building information the mc will derail it in some way or some event will take place leaving the reader just as ignorant as the mc but luckily the readers are still on Earth so such ignorance won't get them killed but it also won't get me to give this novel a good rating.

Warlord of Chaos
1 week ago

scarlett1414: Lith playing like Judge Dredd fits him 👍

Supreme Magus · C367
2 weeks ago

Drew_44: So Lith is basically becoming a legal John Wick

Supreme Magus · C367
2 weeks ago

Zaikurin: I feel sad a little bit they surrendered.... It makes me feel as if they had some intelligence

Supreme Magus · C356
2 weeks ago

scarlett1414: In Tepper's place, I would have been proud of the orcs. You don't meet someone like Lith every day ù_ù

Supreme Magus · C356
2 weeks ago

DeceitfulDucky: Although we are all here for Lith, the side chapter was really cool imo since it informed us about other Guardians and continents. Just chill and go with the flow and enjoy an amazing story.

Supreme Magus · C353
2 weeks ago

Kreneron: I'm trusting Legion on the side story. I think he has a plan for it later along. He is great at world building in a way that it will be always be useful at some point.

Supreme Magus · C353
2 weeks ago

OurSatellite: Chill, who knows how it will connect to Lith in a way?

Supreme Magus · C353
2 weeks ago

MasterHaug: Chill dude. World building is important, and I prefer that to exposition dumps of bull****. Not to mention how do you know it is not going to be important later?

Supreme Magus · C353
2 weeks ago

charlatantt: Can we exchange the griffon with the leviathan please? At least he have done something!!! Something different from saying "bad idee" and letting people walk in the dark.

Supreme Magus · C352
2 weeks ago

scarlett1414: So there is a new continent and a new Guardian 😁

Supreme Magus · C352
2 weeks ago

scarlett1414: Me too xDDD

Supreme Magus · C350
2 weeks ago

Seurge_Junior: "was about to rip my head off and shove it up my a*s", you can not love him but he had clearly a really good instinct.

Supreme Magus · C350
2 weeks ago

Karcad: "No, my girlfriend did.", you made me laugh so hard !!!

Supreme Magus · C350
2 weeks ago

Elgate: I'm surprised his instructor didn't learn that this "monster" actually fought a Valor and a wyvern before. I doubt it's something that would be difficult to uncover.

Supreme Magus · C349
2 weeks ago
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