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ThirteenFrogs: Legion, I think you're story and writing are still great - regardless of all the other naysayers! Sure, we can always do better, but don't let that get you down from knowing that you are writing one of the best novels on this website. I took a little reading hiatus to stack up some chapters here and I still was loving this and enjoying the quality of the content compared to other novels I am reading. I hope you are doing well and not down in the dumps. I really love your writing and I appreciate you pouring fourth your creativity and imagination to make this amazing fiction for us readers. I hope to see more chapters soon, but take any time that you need if some sh*t happened in life. Thank you!

Supreme Magus · C371
2 weeks ago
I like how realistic Lith is... He already knows that he will kill a lot of dumb enough (and that a lot) who will try to mess with Tista... But maybe Tista will surprise him and us with her development - we haven't seen her enough lately, so maybe her personality underwent qualitative change ;) View More
Supreme Magus · C331
1 month ago

MasterHaug: Boy: Says hi to Tista
The Shadow of Death:
Allow me to introduce myself.

Supreme Magus · C325
1 month ago

MasterHaug: Free hugs in the coment section. Free hugs for everyone.

Supreme Magus · C323
1 month ago
Do you see? Your appreciation in form of Power Stones works wonders :D Need more power stones! Make Supreme Magus to the Supreme place in rankings! View More
Supreme Magus · C321
1 month ago
If you like the story and the chapter - let the author know in the most efficient way: vote with Power Stones :D My Power Stones are yours, Legion! View More
Supreme Magus · C319
1 month ago

MariosAGreek: Ok ok ok. I just wanted to remind you that Phloria is a 15 year old girl, and sees Lith in a romanitc way. Her behaviour is dancing the fine line berween a crush and love. Please for the love of God, leave Phloria alone. Of course she is clingy. The man she loves almost died. Solus did the same thing...

Supreme Magus · C295
2 months ago
When I first read that list (before reading it was a reply about Jirny), I thought it was describing Orions’s job after this chapter =D View More

PPSH7: Which job?

Job 1: Cooking wearing only a apron.

Job 2: Bathing together.

Job 3: Being "Eaten".

Job 4: Everything above.

Supreme Magus · C293
2 months ago
Let's be honest - Jirni works much more subtle than Lith. Lith is good at making people **** their pants and losing their mind from horror, while Jirni is more experienced, calm and knows exactly what she needs and wants... View More
Supreme Magus · C291
2 months ago
Well, first of all, Qyulla is out of the equation, she had crush on Lith but it’s the thing of the past. While Brinja looks promising I think people misunderstood her - she doesn’t look like lightheaded girl, also she said her position clearly: Lith is exotic, powerful, promising and has good genes with mage talent in it. She may not love or like him, but she certainly interested - and that’s how Phloria’s affection was born at first too.
I’m still rooting for Phloria (because she less troublesome for Lith, he knew her better and interacted with her more, so I doubt he will change girls that easily), while Solus is like long-winded plans...

The only disturbing thing, IMO, is how weak were so-called Archmage from ancient bloodline - but maybe it’s because higher tiered magic was limited and she was out of practice with low tier spells... but that slap on her face will certainly bring storm to Lith in the future View More
Supreme Magus · C267
2 months ago

ImpureCrusader: Not gonna lie this book is like a drug! And I cant get enough of it lol!

Supreme Magus · C267
2 months ago

scarlett1414: 💥Dudes, go take a look at the cover 😉 💥

Supreme Magus · C253
2 months ago

Seurge_Junior: "what a classy, humble man" it makes me laugh so hard, it take me 5 min to calm down XD. I love that man (Zekell)

Supreme Magus · C251
3 months ago

Fenrir323: I dont understand why so many readers cant understand Lith for breaking the mindlink. The betrayl of Solus was the worst that could have happened. In this world he can and will lie to everyone except Solus. He told her everything. In a world where he is an Alien he can only speak with Solus. And that trust was broken. No matter what the reason was. Even if she meant it for the greater good. She shouldnt have broken the trust Lith has in her. It is impossible to go back how it was (in my opionin).

Supreme Magus · C249
3 months ago
Thanks for your work View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1696
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The King's Avatar · C1
3 months ago
*sigh* My-my, now Solus is a baddie... Previously it was Lith who made up devious plans, now it's Solus become mastermind with such plans... View More
Supreme Magus · C243
3 months ago
Most professional butler ever! :D Also, I'm worried a little about the absence of Solus in this chapter... View More
Supreme Magus · C242
3 months ago

scarlett1414: Another chapter! ç_ç Thank you Author! But please, take care of yourself!

"The butler had lost all hope to preserve the dignity of his master, so he poured liquor instead of tea into the cup. "
This butler deserves a raise xDDD

Supreme Magus · C242
3 months ago
Long live to Author! My Power Stones are his power stones :D View More
Supreme Magus · C241
3 months ago

scarlett1414: Vote with power stones, guys, so we all can bring back Supreme Magus in top! 💥✨

Supreme Magus · C241
3 months ago
I think it's not a person with hopes and happiness. It's just he is shocked by this revelation and now he needs to find out how to live further, what to do and what's important right now. He is quiet because he is overwhelmed. View More

Feliprins1: I would say that i agree with it looking too artificial... none goes from depression and years and years of cynicism and rage to a person with hopes and hapiness like that... he feels too calm... way too calm.. instead of a struggle where he has to take steps and steps to change even going against his previous beliefs he just goes and does them like they were nothing... cant know if it is just apathy and lack of motivation or just if he made a resolution to change...

Supreme Magus · C239
4 months ago

SlimPotato: Lith Vs Brood mother
Winner: Orion. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Thanks for the chapter. ♡

Supreme Magus · C238
4 months ago

Craiberk: The fact that by the time I finish reading a newly released chapter, I am always faced with the reality that I will have to wait for another day to read the next one is an abomination.

Supreme Magus · C238
4 months ago
Not exactly. Noone knows FULL value of true magic, but to learn the way to make more "false-awakened", who are still much more powerful than common mages, is a too good thing to miss... Also, it doesn't matter, that he doesn't know how to teach himself. He is a living study material, that's why he's trying to hide it from everyone. And from what we can see, he is doing it right (remember, Guardians don't want to fully share Awakening with others - and if he will try to awaken humans, Tyris will not tolerate that, because it will endanger her position) View More

Titivillus: Dunno, no one knows the value of true magic in the human side that doesn't already learned it also, so far Lith is the only human that learned true magic without being seeded from a guardian so he is the only human they can't take his Power from him because it's all his own power but he didn't know anyone that has true magic yet that is human and i don't know if he will be able to tell the diference from someone that was seeded to natural learning... Maybe when he discover that he can think about teaching others but i don't think he will... He may consider that learning this is also a risk for his loved ones...

Supreme Magus · C236
4 months ago
And paint a huge targets on their backs? True magic for humans is very limited and highly secured issue. As for now only closest to Guardians can enjoy limited benefits. If someone will know that there is true awakened human - it will give more troubles than Balkor. Because everyone would want piece of such tasty cake View More

Freezingfire: He should really teach his friends true magic. At least then he'll not have to take unnecessary risks and he'll have help in case things go bad.

Supreme Magus · C236
4 months ago
Not so sure about that... even Phloria and Yurial wasn’t so educated at home, and their families are better than most.
Also, you missed the main point, why Linjos is so unfavorable in the eyes of other headmasters - because most of the kids - and professors too - are more worried about noble status and same crap and not knowledge and skills. And then there is motivational issues. Working hard for some good points on the exam? Yeah, it’s maybe important.working hard so the unknown monstrosity will not reap your head off? Hell yeah!
You may study something for ages but without reason and motivation you may lose to someone who delve into learning burning with motivation for few weeks. I have this example irl, when my brother had to study English for few month from scratch. And he learned it better than those who spent years learning it in school. Because he had reason. And Lith group now have good damn reason to work hard - because now they know what’s danger is. And don’t know if it’s already gone View More

Alwin: All the noble kids in the academies had almost the same training happening at their homes. And Phloria had been given training from a long time ago, just not from her dad, and for a beginner it's shouldn't make any difference whatsoever.
If an archmage's training made so much difference, she would have been drilled to survive by him before her academy her.
And just these few months eclipsed all those years?
I think not.
That's why I'm saying it was just the author buffing them.

Supreme Magus · C235
4 months ago
Well, Protector is the one who had to know Lith better than anyone (he literally shared his memories with him), so I suppose he will make sure that it will be done in such way, that Lit will not pursue the matter. Maybe even “I lost my beloved and my child from grief” or something. I more interested when he remember about his promise to Kalla, because he doesn’t know she is still alive(and no one from his surroundings know, only Scarlett, and she is away). Maybe he will met with young vampire and think that she is Kalla’s child? View More

Wijohn: Given that Lith's whole thing is control & he's going to be grieving over Protector's "death" which seems more likely, that he'll 1) shrug and move on with his life feeling bad or 2) freak out and do some crazy magic ritual to find the family his friend entrusted to him with his "dying" wish? I know my money's on option 2, Lith ain't really a let it go kind of dude.

Supreme Magus · C235
4 months ago
Their enemies has magic, and they can’t use long range Warp Steps. Clackers can have some means to counter flying enemies, can move swiftly on the ground with earth magic and track them down. It will be exhausting pursuit where Lith and co lose without doubt. And it’s not counting that other clackers can join the fun to make sure they don’t run away. Not everyone has the same magic reserves as Lith, they can’t fly forever, and Blinking isn’t an easy feat too. So they fight was actually justified - they quickly removed a threat, not only for now but to decrease danger in the future. They saved up some mana for unexpected encounters, and even with that they not sure where to go if they want to go back to safety - it’s not like they moved in the straight line. How do they know that they will not met another party of Clackers when they try to retreat? View More

iVeroZz: I really hate how pointless all these fights feel. These guys can blink and fly. There is no reason for them to get up close and personal with spiders or any enemy not able to take flight.

Supreme Magus · C235
4 months ago
Well, one of your friends go missing after not so long ago accident... what do you think? Also, he had to tell where he going to exit the academy, and it was hard to get permission even with their full group. If he would go alone - it will only boost suspicion - and Lith doesn’t want that.
And, actually, it was started as “a romantic venue” for him and Phloria, till others joined the fun... View More

Fataki: I didn't say lie I say just do it. do they have to know his whereabouts?

Supreme Magus · C235
4 months ago
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