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He needs some physical augmentation type ability likes how you have hints of in the initial chapters but seems like you forgot about. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C65
19 hours ago
Just ignore ppl who can't recognize a good story when they see one. Don't pay any attention to ppl who are jealous of good work and continue to write this awesome story... More Take a reference from wz and ignore all those who flame you.. You don't need to make a point to them. Honestly some of the fight scenes are much better than half of the originals here. View More

Tomoyuki: I can't even remember what I wrote for the old description, and that's pretty much the point. I'm trying to discourage new readers because...quite frankly, all I've been receiving recently in the comments are raging readers telling me that they are dropping the story, calling my story trash, complaining about the protagonist being stupid or retarded, or demanding that I delete the story. So yeah, I want to discourage people from reading this story as much as possible because I'm a little tired of reading insults and flames.

Sorry about the references. I really overdid them. I need to get rid of many of the referenes. My aim was to be funny, but my sense of humor is horrible. My bad.

Summoner Sovereign · C52
19 hours ago
I think the description of the book should be changed a bit. The old one was better. This joke kinda description puts of some new readers from this awesome story... If a correct description is given it can tempt a lot of treaders to start this story and I'm sure most would like the story. I sure do like it a lot. Also the battle frenzy references are good but don't overly point it out. Let it be implied subtly like how you have done it in some places... View More
Summoner Sovereign · C52
21 hours ago
I've seen this In many of the previous chapters. What are these numbers ? Time ? View More

Robbyhello: 12:45

End of the Magic Era · C648
1 day ago

Zenolilth: Novel: End of Magic Era
Mafa Merlin:
(Closest to being Heaven mage)
Mage rank: 9th rank high mage
Magic conducting rune: Magic Array
Mana whirlpool: 2 (3 in total)

Meditation laws: 3
- Equilibrium law (6 formulas)
- Void forge (16 formulas)
- Elemental Heart (16 formulas)
(Due to integration of the 3 meditation laws, elemental heart increased from 15 formulas to 16)

Elemental heart - Ten Thousand Spell Wheel
Equilibrium law - Magic Array
Void forge - Book of Ten Thousand mantra (Raging Flame Emperor’s Scepter)

True spirit magic tools: 4
- Doom staff (Purple Dragon)
- Thousand wheels (Enderfa)
- Soul walker (Lord Shawn)
- Book of Death (kain) (3 augmentations 8 more to extraordinary realm)
: sage chapter
: truth chapter [fused]
: elemental chapter [fused]
: +Lich Barton level 35
: +Undead horseman level 37
: +Demi Heaven Ranked Lich
- Book of Ten Thousand Mantras( )

True spirits: 3
- Enderfa
- Lord Shawn
- Kain (in slumber?/ded?)
- Purple dragon
Elemental spirit:1
- Syudos

- Heaven-enlightenment plane
- Natural-elemental plane (mafa’s)
- Bone-plane (abyss-plane)
- Puppet plane

Xiuban: 2nd Saint Rank Swordsman

Reina: Frost dragon, 8th Ranked Archmage, level 38 magic beast.

Puppet: Heaven ranked

Leon Merlin: 7th Rank High Mage (archmage?)
Magic Conducting Rune: Arcane Ring (9)
Meditation Law set:

Ross Merlin: 8th Rank High Mage (archmage?)
Magic Conducting Rune:
Meditation Law set: Elemental Tide
(13 formulas)

William Merlin: 6th Rank High Mage (archmage?)
Magic Conducting Rune: Wells of stars
(after destroying the one before)
Meditation Law set: Lava heart

50 High Mages:
Magic conducting rune: Blazing Storm
Meditation law set: Swift Star Mark
(14 formulas)

Interpid: Ship made of of god’s senders body, controlled along with the ten thousand mantras

Knowledge: Linyun’s Memories + Mafa Merlin’s background

End of the Magic Era · C644
3 days ago
Nice. Hoping for a bloody slaughterer in the upcoming chapters View More
Abyss Domination · C212
1 week ago
Another new world. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C713
1 week ago
Lol. Are we meeting the first incarnation finally ?? Ren must be angry on missing out on a good fight. View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C161
1 week ago
Nice. This is how you get respect from scum. View More
Abyss Domination · C209
1 week ago

Drakzil: Brilliant plan guys. You knew for an entire month that some people were all wearing suspicious items, and had earlier seen Slave Items make a reappearance, but you let them keep the items to not make the Traitor aware that you knew. But, had you simply freed one of them, they could've told you that Nalear was behind all this, and none of this would've happened...

Supreme Magus · C313
1 week ago
The Goldfinger and system is kinda similar to monster paradise.🤣. But this novel has a few elements which are a good addition 😏😏 View More
Godly Devourer System · C5
2 weeks ago
There's a novel where the protagonist is nicknamed money grubber. You should really read it. May give you a few inspirations. It's also based somewhat on a game. View More

Biako: Nothing really i'm not a money grubber. I juat have irl issues right now and my head is not right. To be cometely honest i'm feeling tierd. Not of the story but from everything around me. I want to change air a bit and the more i stay in this situation i'm in the worse it gets for me. Hopefully il get better soon

Rise of The Undead Legion · C364
2 weeks ago
Lol. This was hilarious. And it wasn't even ren who scared her. View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C154
2 weeks ago
Can't wait to see how this turns out. Even more expectations than when waiting for him to save his friends from the undead. View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C153
2 weeks ago

AuthorWiz: Enjoy the mass release! If I make any mistakes, let me know! :) Also ~first!

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C27
2 weeks ago

Arockalypse: The mad lad is back! Praise Wiz! Missed you a lot!

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C27
2 weeks ago
Yeah. That would be apart exciting. Am also waitng for a combo fight where he fights as a team with someone else who users true magic against a strong opponent. View More

MasterHaug: I just hope one day we are gonna see Jirni and Lith "extract information" from the same dude. That would be fun. For us. Not for the dude. Not even close for the dude.

Supreme Magus · C291
3 weeks ago
You can add a good priest legacy for tnt member pussy flanker. Maybe something comedic as well to go well with good name. Legacy of the pervert goddess or good. Special skill is to strip away the *defences* of the player bit by bit. And then heal with the power of love*. Then also add some cool attacks like liquid bombs which slow the enemy drastically. And a skill to induce status effect.
Not a fully thought or idea but still that's the rough sketch.

May turn out to be a powerful comedic support as well with a few additions. Because right now they are just paying through things without proper support our defensive classes with them. And in my experience of MMORPG that doesn't work out for content involving lots of enemies or against powerful world bosses at high level. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C360
3 weeks ago

MadThelric: It's an opportunity for the TNT to get a Legacy...

Rise of The Undead Legion · C360
3 weeks ago
Super amazing. Good that I didn't have to wait 2 days like I thought and we got the chapter early. View More
Supreme Magus · C287
3 weeks ago
I was thinking maybe that he has a big brother who unexpectedly wants his little bro to gain experience and make his way up the ladder to become one of the top players all but himself without relying on external help. Then maybe even he's in an unexpected pinch help him out. Or maybe give him some item which will help him out later View More

SilentMild: what did you expect btw? :D I'm interested if it's on point with how the general flow of the story runs in my mind

War Grounds · C21
3 weeks ago
Kinda expected something else. Way to go in changing our minds. But I don't like the fact that the novel went premium... View More
War Grounds · C21
4 weeks ago
My first time getting a first in lohp.Best part is I took my time reading the chapter and laughing for a minute after that last para View More

Burning_Desire: yeah, I was 16 seconds too late :/

Library of Heaven's Path · C1894
1 month ago
Also first I guess ? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1894
1 month ago
Awesome chapter. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1894
1 month ago
Finally. Was waiting for a chapter for a long time. Hopefully the release rate kicks off now. View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C26
1 month ago

DuelystScion: Woahhhh! I did not see that coming! I've guessed the next chapter's name and is it just me or if you reverse Radil, it's Lidar? 😱😱😱

War Grounds · C20
1 month ago
Nice chapter. Waiting for the big reveal. View More
War Grounds · C20
1 month ago
Nice start. Hopefully he can upgrade his level , equipment and his legacy soon. Btw, which is higher abyssal Knight or doom Knight ? And what are the options after that. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C352
1 month ago
And the foundations are laid for the future top 10 guild.
Maybe even one of the top guilds in the game. View More
War Grounds · C18
1 month ago
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