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Garbage narrating in this one View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C11
19 hours ago
"... On drag my ballz" that's it right? View More

Liulis_Misty_peaks: Damn I’m 3 years is he gonna be far ahead of her of are they gonna have the same cultivation find out next time

Legend of Swordsman · C33
1 day ago

Yztif: again, not fighting yet? What is all this? I read many novels, but none of them require you to show off first before the fight. What the hell?

Legend of Swordsman · C25
1 day ago

Confusion: I blame Disney for the deaths of all MC parents.

Legend of Swordsman · C1
1 day ago
Absolute garbage. I hope this ain't for the competition cause this **** garbage View More
Marvels Number1 Assassin · C3
1 day ago

LordSatan666: I think that the story is a little too rushed I like the mc and his powers but I think the whole scar thing is stupid because of multiple reasons Bruce Wayne has to go to school he is noticeable as hell because of his scars since it's not to far in honestly I'd rewrite a couple things his fire power awesome his hardening quirk awesome but the thing is there's a way to help him train without having to punch things hes rich he could have tried to be a part of the family and train in diving as diving put pressure on the whole body which his hardening quirk could have used to harden even his internal organs as well as I think adding selena was a good idea i really do but it seems to quick in the story
What I'd do is rewrite because this has potential
Most notably his healing factor shouldn't leave scars unless magically given
His fire is cool
His hardening could be trained different
Mcs family situation was honestly written pretty badly and the mc was stupid for alienating himself

Batman Reborn · C5
1 day ago

ReadingSages: Nah the girl is pissing me off with that ****ty ass attitude set the ***** straight or **** her off 🙄

Batman Reborn · C4
1 day ago
He could've just killed her View More

TrueImmortalDevil: She would figure him out anyway ... Catwoman always do ...

Batman Reborn · C2
1 day ago
That's all humans. Who is the earth dying because of? View More

daoistxuanlong: But it’s okY that he is not a good person but my issue is I can tell that he doesn’t like that she is a good person so he will go out of his way to change her to be more like him saying things like she is illogical and other things along those lines I hate those types of people who see something bright and beautiful and they think that it’s wrong so they try to fix(Break) it those people are the worst kinds of human being

Arch Angel [ DC & MCU] · C9
6 days ago

zenki: 36 years and he is so stupid

Great Expert Ninja-Naruto Fanfic (My Version) · C4
1 week ago

Mateus: To the extreme ...

Great Expert Ninja-Naruto Fanfic (My Version) · C3
1 week ago

cade2065: I don’t know what to say about Renji... I wanna call him an idiot, but I’m not sure. The guy was sitting on a gift for 5-6 years, not even one bit curious enough to explore it... yeah no he’s an idiot...

Great Expert Ninja-Naruto Fanfic (My Version) · C3
1 week ago
You're the complete opposite... Now I feel self-conscious 😅 View More

Whitemist: Is it strange that all of the people in the comments seem to have either an objectively sinister profile pic or words like dark in their name I dunno it might just be me?

Lone_Wolf · C37
1 week ago
Is it bad that I could instantly tell it was a wendigo from the description or is that a good thing! View More
Lone_Wolf · C25
1 week ago

DevilOfLifeDao: Definitely think it’s to late for that but I’m willing to bet these will be the only 2 women if it helps you

A New Wolf in Twilight · C26
1 week ago

Tartarus: So? How about it author,is it ok with you? We will lock you up in the room to make you write this novel your whole life without distraction lol. Because this novel is so good lol

A New Wolf in Twilight · C26
1 week ago

Roosterbee: It’s definitely better than:

Random girl: “I knew I couldn’t keep you to myself and at some point had to share with other women”
MC: “Eh?”

Or the useless “I can’t win against you alone (in the bedroom)”

Thanks for the chapter

A New Wolf in Twilight · C26
1 week ago
I'll put it on the paragraph View More

Vallori: In what regard are you referring to? What part of the chapter do you feel display his loss of intelligence?

Thanks for reading!

A New Path · C97
1 week ago
You wouldn't know what I'm talking about cause your intelligence is already stuck under an iceberg. Your already wasting space and air that someone important could have so don't start wasting ppl's time as well. View More

Oath: Complaining about the free books you don't even like. Why haven't you been killed off by abusive parents yet? People like you are better off never having to share the planet with the rest of us. Fuck off!

A New Path · C97
1 week ago
I have and it's true View More

Honeypot: Have you fully read it.
Read all chapters before ya review

1 week ago
Y did his intelligence take a nose dive View More
A New Path · C97
1 week ago
Honestly...webnovel can go die cause I still don't know how you make a mistake like that as a growing novel platform and yes, it did get censored View More

Docammermon: Did the word Teen get censored just now?

True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C1
1 week ago
How dumb you are is unrealistic too. He said their relationship is basically family. All for one is probably from the clan or something View More

leonel551: The mother situation is unrealistic as All for one won't care whenever she lives or dies but whatever the author wants i had read worse so i wont be picky!

Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C28
1 week ago
Did you find ANY good one whatsoever cause I can't View More

Wan_13: You know i search alot of twilight fanfic all i find is someone reincarnated as bella or male oc that is gay no offense i just wanted to read about action and romance between a guy n a girl sigh..well thanks for the chapter

A New Wolf in Twilight · C19
1 week ago
Strongest Ninja In A Hero Society · C27
1 week ago
Boring View More
Golden Fox with System · C7
2 weeks ago
Finally, she's gone, can we get back to the part of the story that people actually care about now? View More
A New Wolf in Twilight · C15
2 weeks ago
Ever since the sludge monster, this book started to become garbage View More
My Hero Academia: The Ghost Gamer Quirk · C23
2 weeks ago
Dropped already. I hate troll systems AND I hate humans View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C1
2 weeks ago
It really was View More

MrMerlin: UwU

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C1
2 weeks ago
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