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TomVanDyke: There won't be any advance chapters, but I will try my best to increase the release rate to two chapters a day.

If I somehow manage to write more than that, there might be some mass releases. Don't count on it, though - I'm not the fastest writer, unfortunately.

Paragon of Destruction · C296
2 weeks ago

ultimate_boredom: I cringed so hard when the author declared no matter the strength of woman, she still wants a strong backing (of man) in her heart.

The Almighty Ring · C38
2 weeks ago
Can someone remind me why he has boosted stats right now? View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C84
3 weeks ago
Congrats on premium, this is one of my favorite stories and I'm glad to see it prosper. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C276
1 month ago
Well thats a horrible omen if ive ever seen one View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C81
1 month ago

Neadless: .........mmmkay. 🤨 Shit just turned weird.
An animal loving vegan communist nazi who's also a half-breed entered the scene. 😳 The amount of political BS in this chapter stunned me, unless it's a satire?!

I'll just pretend i never read this chap (while washing my eyes with bleach) and move on. 😤

Trope World · C22
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Mech Touch · C1
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
2 months ago
Just finished the first volume on Amazon and now I've caught up here. I'm dying for more 😩 View More
Towers of Heaven · C0
3 months ago
I wont comment on quality as I couldnt say one way or the other. But theyve released 2 chapters a day without fail for years. If that's steady decline to you, than I highly suggest lowering your standards before you are vastly disappointed by most other translators release rates. View More

chillywolf: We realize it's a translation but the quality and release rate has been on a steady decline

Super Gene · C1489
3 months ago
Its a translation. And done by a translation team. This comment makes no sense. They have no control over chapter length. Plus, the cost of a chapter corresponds to the amount of words in said chapter. View More

chillywolf: It's like he doesnt realize hes not going to go up in ranking if he doesnt put forth the effort of longer chapters, but he just keeps waiting for stones before doing longer chapter or a mass release. It's not gonna work out for him

Super Gene · C1489
3 months ago
Why would he do that!? He should know how valuable that is at this point and how much trouble it'll bring. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C86
3 months ago

DaoistNarrNarr: I feel bad for the two brothers, yes they act like assholes, but they are kids and kids tend to be asshole who don’t have a full grasp on reality and that they are not the center of the world. Meanwhile our MC is acting like a kid in a kids who has powers and not like an ***** in a kids body who has powers. This could all be prevented if MC just treated the brothers mainly Opal with kindness and and been the better person. Though I do have to acknowledge that the MC is supposed to be like this as a key component of his personality, but it seems unfair to treat Opal and his brother (Mainly Opal) who the MC is pulling apart from their parents as evil and not deserving of empathy and compassion.

Supreme Magus · C20
4 months ago
Dang... I was hype for the alien reincarnation. 😢 View More
Supreme Magus · C5
4 months ago

AuthorWiz: I have to pay the bills too, friend :) The Patreon is a temporary thing, to allow me to focus fully on my writing while not starving.

Amazon, or Premium, is for the long term so us authors can make a living.

As for putting it up here on WebNovel, well, that is just a way to share my writing for free while I'm in the middle of working on the story.

I could have gone the Premium route, but opted to leave my chapters free for as long as possible.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C40
4 months ago

WeavingSpider: Damn its empty right now in the comments.
Well i will just scream as loud i can, maybe someone will hear it, ehem cough cough: "THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE"

Chrysalis · C258
5 months ago

Atla_employee_427: wha, WHOS SCREMING YOU JUST WOKE ME UP...wait chrysalis has a new chapter!?! Nevermind!

Chrysalis · C258
5 months ago
I think "his frown widened" is supposed to be "his frown deepened". Great chapter btw wiz. View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C0
6 months ago

Itisn1tmyname: wait I thought the croc bit off his ass. How is he talking to Vibrant?

(...autocorrect wanted me to say Vibrator.......)

Chrysalis · C234
6 months ago

AuthorWiz: I can see that you aren't really a fan of the character development with Sophia and just want to dive into the action. If you liked the initial part of the story, you'll likely enjoy the next 15 chapters especially as things pick up.

I'd recommend dropping my story and then picking it up later when it's at like 100 chapters, that way you can skip all the character development parts if you wish, read only the action and progress.

Still, feel free to not read at all if you aren't enjoying it. Not everyone will like every story they pick up.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 2 · C0
6 months ago
I have a feeling the only reason they get out alive is because garralosh is going to also be a transmigrator and they will talk it out somehow. View More
Chrysalis · C226
7 months ago
Ok now dave is the one acting childish. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C170
8 months ago

hiddennoir: While the enemy pierced his heart with a dagger he asked: "Why didn't you use the poison?" MC said with his dying breath: "I didn't want to lower myself to use it in a battle." Enemy: "Hahaha - lucky me I fought a fool."

-------- · C0
9 months ago
Unfortunately those types of things aren't up to the author. View More

Jihn: Hey, this is the one novel I am always excited to read.

Any chance you could make us watch ads or pay for the chapters (that one half premium thing novels used to do)? I'm broke but I'd like to give something forward.

Chrysalis · C183
9 months ago
Cause real life is way less interesting. View More

Zravodka: I agree with more IRL story... Most of the VR novels spend 90% in game and forget that they also have a life outside as well

Rise of The Undead Legion · C160
9 months ago

Greenscarface: Naah ... It's just unconditional love between a mother and her son .... The purest form of love in this whole damn world.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C51
9 months ago
Author forgot View More

readm: i thought he was still lacking a body maintaining skill after 30 oxen dont you start becoming a giant without such a skill

Shadow Hack · C421
9 months ago
They are just this short. I think the original releases 4 a day though. View More

sulaiman: The translating is too poor or the original novel this short?

Super Gene · C1096
9 months ago

MaiEvilPanda: Just do you. I love your story so far and don't listen to people say otherwise. As most book go to sh*t because the reader want the author to rush and the story loses its luster. And as long the book doesn't end up a Harem like almost all the other books out there now as the moments it does... Well the story become **** overall.. And I don't want to drop this one as I did like 30 others already. Great work so far and I can't wait to read more.

Realm of Myths and Legends · C40
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1
9 months ago
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