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I missed JWY too... only he can bring back the smile to JWX’s face and melt that heart of ice. I want her to go back to that girl who masterminded all sorts of schemes with QC and gang. They had so much fun executing their evil plans and got away with murder. Now she is emotionless, expressionless and heartless (heartless because JWY is gone from her life). View More

AkioErie: Cant wait till she meet JWY.. I miss him.. N i miss the smiling JWX..

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2328
21 hours ago
Me too! That was so satisfying. NGL must have been so dumbfounded... I can just imagine his eyes bulging, his mouth gaping wide open, his heart forgetting to beat and his lungs gasping for air. This is a total shock for him as he thought that only the upper realms has this kind of power and that the people in lower realms are just slightly above animals. I think even when animals are pushed to its limit, they can rebel n overpower their human masters. View More

Ashreign: "I am from the lower realm." Hahaha 😂 Man, Face slapping to the highest level ↑🤣

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2324
2 days ago

vioddragon: Thanks for the chapter.
Everyone you need a break, just inform us in the notes or in the comments. We understand that everyone has problems in real life.

A Wizard's Secret · C351
4 days ago

_Lunaelle: Hi everyone 😁 just conveying this message on the translator's behalf as this has happened to one of my novels too. There's a problem with the system that's why the chapters were stuck and not published.

A Wizard's Secret · C351
4 days ago
Yes I was disappointed too... what with the exciting battle between the two princes and now the author has gone off the radar. I want to know the aftermath of the great battle and if Wizard Leo can recover from his illness with the Tear of God. View More

PeachBlossom: What happened! no chapter again!

A Wizard's Secret · C349
6 days ago
Yes me too! I think he’s not too evil like Rory... that’s how he got robbed by the lady in the coach and then was captured by the witches. He’s probably a simple man who can be duped easily. I just hope that Leo wouldn’t kill him. Aiyoh! This Leo is so bloodthirsty and just want to kill anybody that he thought harmed his loved ones. Luckily Vivian is calm-headed. View More

mimikim469: I'm glad they didn't kill Vlass.i wanna hear his story

Bambi and the Duke · C138
1 week ago
Tks a lot! Very helpful. View More

Shirokitsune: Vlass is the human friend of Rory (Charlotte's human crush). Rory asked Vlass to take care of his family since he decided to escort Charlotte to her cousins place.
I hope this helps😶

Bambi and the Duke · C137
1 week ago
Who is Vlass? I have forgotten what role did he played? Please enlighten me. View More

Shirokitsune: Vlass is in trouble now. What is going to become of him? The sister is going to teach Vivi how to use her powers? I am wondering if Vivi is maybe a hybrid 🤔 It could explain why she turned human. Can not wait for the next update but I will be patient as I do understand how the writing process works and how hard it can be to do so much at once.
Ash-chan, you have spoiled us readers with two big updates. Thank you so much!💖💖💖

Bambi and the Duke · C137
1 week ago

Eternalrg: Jealous to the extent of using her own brother against her supposed love and resulting in him losing a fang...I'm sure she has no guilt and would rather choose to blame Vivian...vile character :(

Bambi and the Duke · C134
1 week ago
Yessssss... I hope so too! I hope Leo can just kill them all. Not that I’m a blood thirsty person but I just hate it when the upper echelon vampires think that they can simply do anything based on their status. They deserve to be taught a soul-wrenching lesson (oops! I forgot that they don’t have souls). Anyway Leo is something of a character - he repays good for good and evil for evil. Woe to those who hurt his loved ones. View More

Misha_m20: I think Leo just made a statement.

Look he broke Christopher's fang when he got her favourite lamb slaughtered.

He humiliated and demoted Sherylin (or whatever her name was 🤣) in front of the whole vamp society just for throwing wine on Vivi

but this time she is physically her PHYSICALLYYYY now that is something that is not gonna fly.

I hope he kills Eleanor his uncle aunt Christopher and Lady Monica and her family 😈😈

Bambi and the Duke · C132
2 weeks ago
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming
A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you
Now I'm in a whole new world with you
Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling View More

RussIsWatchinU: Now we need to teach Eleanor how to sing "I can show you the world"

Release That Witch · C1443
2 weeks ago
You are right! JY is a true Queen and how I love her.
Her devilish schemes are so powerful and woe to those who dare to oppose her. They will die a dreadful death and no mercy will be given. How dare the Li Family control her? They will try but will die doing that. Who then can control our Queen JY? Only one person and that is FJ her King... and only if she let him hahaha... View More

ifybaby03: A true Queen dat's who 👑 JY is....

The CEO's Woman · C401
2 weeks ago
Thank you darling for the wonderful two chapters. I was waiting sooooooo patiently for you to release the updates. I’m really satiated reading these two
chapters. The story is unfolding nicely and you, Authir-san is doing a great job. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C339
2 weeks ago
Yes... finally a chapter. I was also afraid that they will drop this story as it was getting so interesting. View More

warp4: Finally a chapter, so glad it is not dropped. One of my favourite novels here

A Wizard's Secret · C338
2 weeks ago
Me too! He’s too sneaky and the incident with the old vampiress where he obtained some benefits is questionable too. Personally I think Jerome has skin as thick as an elephant considering that he’s up against Duke Carmichael in wooing Vivian. View More

shadeofdespair: I have a feeling Jerome helped the witches.

Bambi and the Duke · C128
2 weeks ago
Has the author given up on this story? No updates for 5 days? I’m so disappointed... this is a good story and I’m already hooked onto it. What happened Author-san? Please cone back to us. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C337
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the information... I didn’t read the first instalment of this series - Valerian Empire. I started with Heidi and the Lord which I found interesting then continued with Bambi and the Duke. Maybe after this story has ended, I’ll read Valerian Empire. View More

Eternalrg: Lord Alexander of Valeria...the protagonist of Valerian Lord.

Bambi and the Duke · C125
2 weeks ago
Who is Alex? View More
Bambi and the Duke · C125
2 weeks ago
Curiosity kills the cat... I hope YY and LJ won’t be that curious to investigate those forbidden places. This diabolical Han Emperor must have a lot of skeletons hiding in his closet. Maybe after everything is exposed, the citizens will rebel against him... force him to abdicate or dethrone him. Such a cruel leader of the kingdom does not deserve to still sit on the throne. View More

bindedangel: I wonder what exactly the Emperor and Dowager Empress are hiding over in the forbidden area. Curiosity is now peaked.

His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling · C254
3 weeks ago
Aiyoh LJ, you are such a blunder head... always talking at the wrong time and saying the wrong things. When will you grow up to be a more mature person? One of these days, YY will beat you silly for being out of line talking rubbish. Nonetheless I still love your goofy character and I hope you and XF will live ever happily after. View More

KiraRosse: Ai Lin Jian😂😂😂

His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling · C253
3 weeks ago
Hurrah for JWX... she doesn’t renege on her promise to raze the Nine Temples down. That moron Da Han will soon have to eat his words... JWX is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Even Nangong Lie has shown to be cautious but the moron DH is still shooting his stupid mouth off. Now that the Night Regime is out to play, the upper realm will very soon be annihilated... View More

Lillia24: Here it comes!!! Clean up time!!!! Lol

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2316
3 weeks ago
So disappointing! Nothing to read... left hanging on.
How soon wilt thou give us something to read? View More
A Wizard's Secret · C337
3 weeks ago
I think there’s more to this than meets the eye... JY could certainly hack the system to prevent this from happening but it seems that she purposely let their plan unfurl for a reason. She is really devious and we have to be patient to let her do her thing. I shall be waiting with my popcorn for the show to begin... hahaha View More

Hyperion: Didn't manage to stop the hacking? That's disappointing.

The CEO's Woman · C385
3 weeks ago
One chapter only... after so long and what happened? Still one chapter only! When is the next chapter? Don’t tease by giving us one isolated chapter and then disappeared off the radar again. Please let us have a few chapters to read so as to keep the story alive in our minds. View More
Strange Life of a Cat · C166
3 weeks ago
Yes, a lascivious dirty old man or vampire, from the way he asked Leo to let him have a go at Vivi... good thing Leo is not afraid of disrespecting him to preserve Vivi’s honour. I suspect this Sullivan has a hand in killing the ex-valet Paul and his family. He has such deep-rooted hatred for humans that aroused my suspicion that he is the one to blame for Paul and his family’s demise or should I say ‘execution’. View More

Champagne16: Leo’s uncle is nasty!!! Also a rapist by the way he speaks about how maids should act

Bambi and the Duke · C119
3 weeks ago
Wow all of us should sit back and watch a good show. JWX never disappoints us. This will let the Upper Realms see that they can’t play around with fire without getting burned. They’ll be getting a lot of face-slaps until their faces are swollen hahaha can’t wait for it to happen. View More

karongo: I should prepare 🍜 of popcorn for the next few chapter 😆😆

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2313
3 weeks ago
Yes! Losers always blame others for their own failures. Anyway when LJ and LQ were born as twins, only one could be king... the elders chose the smarter or better one of the twins to be king. This is destiny; nobody can change destiny. LQ was destined to be a loser. View More

Bungas: Oh gosh LQ what a loser. How could you blame Li Jun. You shld blame the elders of your clan for such rule. Haha you fell in love with your brother's woman while she don't even look at you

The CEO's Woman · C363
4 weeks ago
Hahaha this QC is such a blunder head. Good thing his kungfu is adequate otherwise he would have been pulverised to a meat paste for offending many people. View More

lovie226: Oohh dear... hahahahah wrong question again dear friend

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2308
4 weeks ago
But after killing Finello, Merlin ran into a big problem right... nobody can use the runology disc that he salvaged from Finello. He should use his head and think properly before he killed Finello... after all Finello offered to become his slave as Bammou did.
He can control Finello and make use of his talent at creating runes. What a waste! View More

Viiny: Chinese people and their pride... finello tries to harm his family...

A Wizard's Secret · C318
1 month ago
Yesssss I’d rather be in Roland’s Dreamworld and stuff myself silly with all those delicious food than to be a demon who need just the red mist to survive... how boring! Silent Disaster really has no idea what she’s missing hahaha... View More

Kaidian: Stuck in a world with delicious food and sweets.

Release That Witch · C1427
1 month ago
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