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LLawliet: In most mmos bosses have ridiculous amounts of hp and pve dps is much higher than pvp dps. In most mmos, devs balance pvp differently to pve which is good game design as it allows for specific targeting and nerfing of overpowered combos and stunlocks than are fine for pve gameplay but terrorize pvp.

MMORPG: The Elementalist · C34
1 week ago

isabant: He is striving for a pHD in courting death at this rate...but how else is he to learn without experimentation, especially with the gods hiding a lot of information on, and the evil ones being so dangerous and temperamental

Lord of the Mysteries · C366
2 months ago

GreenArm_Samurai: Senior Death Courting Klein, just won't stop courting death.

Lord of the Mysteries · C366
2 months ago

Lswarmruler: I wonder how klein will save the vampire.. hopefully he can do it peacefully without fighting father traveski. And i think klein should get a partner somehow, whether as a friend or a mentor, to develop more characterization..

Lord of the Mysteries · C366
2 months ago

Flammenwurfer: Klein realized that he hasn't filled his death-courting quota recently and needs to rectify it!

Lord of the Mysteries · C366
2 months ago
Damn, ripped the heads outta the necks. Remind of tokyo ghoul re scenes where the owl appeared in the first arc to fight sasaki. View More
Supreme Magus · C139
2 months ago

ReadsforFun: i said it bevore and i say it again , the athor is a huge s....every 3-4 chapters the mc gets burnt alive loses a limp gets beaten half to death and other things.....this is so repeditive.
is this some fetish? does it bring joy to see his own creation go thru hell and god knows what ?

Supreme Magus · C138
2 months ago

Lswarmruler: Roselle reminds me of the previous novel written by the author: Throne of magical arcana, where the mc Lucien Evans pretend to be a music prodigy by stealing mozart compositions...

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
2 months ago
Roselle gonna resurrect after klien collect all the cards aint he View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C323
2 months ago
Bro u either givin authors material or this is what on his mind View More

KnightSky: It appears as if there are fundamental differences between lith's core refinement and the method stated in this chapter.

It should be noted that Lith doesn't remove his impurities bit by bit but allows the impurities to move towards his core, then at some point the impurities are expelled automatically, after expulsion his mana core is compressed to its limit and changes color, this happens when Lith is resting. After the rest lith's physique also improves.

I think it was stated by Lith in some earlier chapter that mana core refinement involves expansion of mana core to its limits then followed by compression.

Impurities were said to be helpful in compressing the core. At the same time we observe that Lith removed impurities from his parents and sisters body, they became prettier and some old wound of father was eliminated.

In this chapter we observe that the queen only allowed the assassin to remove impurities from part of his blood, this means that he manually removed his impurities. This is different from lith's method.

It was also stated that the old king also used to remove his impurities bit by bit. They are controlling the refinement process manually through the controlled removal of impurities. As impurities are removed bit by bit the physique improves bit by bit, with improving physique the strong mana is well contained.

Most probably the size of the core remains max and as more world energy is refined into the mana core the mana quality increases with repeated strengthening of the physique.

As both methods work and are quite different we can deduce some fundamental points.

1. Equilibrium
Physique + impurities = (core size)×(core quality)

2. Impurities removed + rest = improved physique

3. Impurities compresses mana core.

4. If equilibrium is broken pain is unleashed.

Apart from this we do not know for sure why lith's method enables automatic removal of impurities, I suspect it is similar to how stars are born. Large clouds of gasses are attached to the center due to gravity, once sufficient entry for fusion is attained causing stars to be born this is followed by a large expulsion of matter that surrounds the star. Who knows the expulsion of impurities is similar.

The last point would be that impurities are somehow formed by the body, from lith's father's impurities we could say that it is at least formed as some residual of healing, if this is true then I propose the following points.

5. Impurities are residual of healed injuries.
( Not necessarily restricted to it )

If mana core is refined the increase destroys equilibrium by a bit this should cause miniscule injuries on a large number (thus ensuring pain), when these are healed more impurities are formed as residue of the healing process.

Both impurities and physique counters the mana core strength(depends on size and quality). If too much impurities are removed then the person will be vulnerable till his physique improves, this is too much of a risk.

For Lith, his expulsion of impurities are huge that is why in order to maintain the equilibrium I factored the size of mana core into the equation. This is complimented by the fact that compression of his core's size indeed takes place.

Supreme Magus · C122
2 months ago
I disagree. How do you know if it's gonna be filler? I have read a couple of novels where it's not. (lord of mysteries come to mind but that novel is a masterpiece) If the chapter has a repercussion in later chapter, i wouldnt call it a filler, more like world building. View More

ottospens: Can we back to the mc POV, plz.. i feel sad when i read this kind of chapters, its always fillers ( yep side quest of ppl that is not the Mc is fillers)

Supreme Magus · C122
2 months ago

LoliStalker: You were expecting a fiery explosion? but it was me! *AIR BULLET!*

I feel like in the right hand Magician is almost OP, plenty of abilities and trick while also able to gain information while hiding theirs, once Klein got a powerful weapon to increase his offense he will probably be unbeatable against sequence 6 and bellow, 5 and above would probably need help and or a lot of luck

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 months ago

Surely_Panda: Okay something being bothering me, a rapier is usually a thrusting one handed weapon, how does a 2handed rapelier work?

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 months ago

SirBonezAlot: My Mans Ultravsky got played hard.

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 months ago

zerodissolver: i remember commenting the same thing in some chapters way back then but damn i love this author. he didn't drag battle with useless and nonsense 10 chapter filler like the usual chinese webnovel author

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 months ago

LazyReader0: Damn, the battle was finished in one chapter, it wasn't dragged for ten chapter. But it was better than those. My heart was pumping hard. 😍😍🤕🤕🤕😍😍

Lord of the Mysteries · C308
3 months ago
What is the other 2 ingredient use for? His next step to become sequence 6? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C295
3 months ago

TheWiseOldMan: In Tingen, did the Fallen Creator attempt to descend, yet Klein foiled it. So “HE” then decided to take over Lanevus in Backlund, but Klein was there yet again.

Now with the hint that all might not be well in the City of Silver, will the Fallen Creator attempt a third time there? What better place than one cursed, always dark, and literally filled with monsters and the odd flashes of lightening.

Of course, Mr. Sun shall have Kleins help in stopping this no good rascal of a deity for the third time if it so happens to be the case.

Lord of the Mysteries · C293
3 months ago
Love the fight scenes, this author truly has a knack for writing great fighting scenes View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C287
3 months ago

patienceLove: I don't get people, man. There's millions of HP fanfics and this one is (I appreciate the effort of the author) definitely not among the top, desperately needs editing as well.

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
3 months ago

Athame: How can anyone say that it is the best fanfiction is beyond me.
The main character is a psychopath who during his 17 years of life in the Harry Potter universe didn't bother to do anything besides studying.
He has a good opinion of his caretaker in the orphanage and he is into NymphadoraTonks without any reason, probably because the author is crushing on her character or actress.

He is supposedly an heir to one of the sacred houses, yet he is in a muggle orphanage and there is no mention of his magical guardian, all the factions just forgot the existence of another house who has a say in Wizengamot.
All the house elves of his house disappeared too, he had to buy his own house elf.

The author likes to make his opinion known in the comments, for example, "I won't write about romance and I won't write about the things that the main character changed in the books, because it's not that kind of novel."
So you get 32 chapters of MC doing nothing, completely nothing and the author is proud of that.

You get to see how he got O+ on everything, but he could have gotten O even before going to Hogwarts because he conveniently found all the books needed to know everything to graduate in a trunk of a dead wizard, just after the main character reincarnated/transmigrated to this world.
Then he proceeds to close the door to his room and study, then after he gets Hogwarts list and gets to Hogwarts he proceeds to close the door to his room and study, and study.

That's basically it, well almost, he became an animagus, he has two forms, normal golden falcon and magical shadow something which allows him to travel through shadows, original right? ...
He is chosen as a Hogwarts Champion instead of Cedric, the first task is the same, the author just got Harry Cedric's dragon, and the MC got the horntail, he killed the dragon because he needed it for the ritual.
The author decided that second task will go like in the canon so he just won't write about it.

He goes on a dates with Tonks, but we don't see it, then he proceed to **** her, which we don't see, this goes for several months and he still calls her "Tonks".

The author said that the novel starts after Voldemorts death, which can be interesting if done correctly, but it's not really HP fanfic when you insert your character in HP universe after all the plot already happened, it's just an original story in this universe, but because the author didn't want to get called on that he wrote that 30+ chapters that could be written in one chapter, because as he said the novel didn't even start.

MC will get a harem, just not right now, he gets Tonks now then he will get another girls in another universe. But since "it isn't a novel like that" there won't be any romance besides "they went on a date, later they ****ed", boring. There is no action besides the fight with a dragon, but it went like that: "MC traps dragon in chains, but he doesn't completely trap him because he needs to kill the dragon, and he doesn't want to be knows as dark wizard, he turns away from the dragon, dragon escapes, attacks MC, MC kills dragon with his super original spell, the end".

I don't really know what this novel is like and I don't really have great motivation to read later. The only redeeming original quality is authors idea about magical cores, though it isn't really original, it is copied from cultivation novels, magical core is in gaseous state, after first maturity it's in liquid state, then for Dumbledore, Voldemort and our MC there is solid state after second maturity. But after MC completes the ritual his core has grown to a maximum, so it doesn't get any stronger, boring.

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
3 months ago
Reading Status: C40
This is my first serious review because something has to be said about the writing quality of this story, which has been bloody atrocious for the kind of praise this story is getting. I know it's an ******* story and it's the author's first work, but i think and hope that this criticism will help the author to improve in the future so i can enjoy more of his work.

I have to go against the general opinion here. Yes the story is good, yes it appeals to the power fantasy of the general reincanation story, but why did i give the writing quality bad?

The author sincerely uses too much of tell and not show, many sentences and paragraphs are the telling events without much detail, and its sincerely dry to read. It felt like a secondary school (high school) or even a primary school student writing. Each paragraphs and sentences couldve been elaborated with much more details for better understanding of the situations. Description could be shown, like the posture of the characters, their movements, and how the spells looked, felt and such. The description of what happen is much more enjoyable than learning the backstory of a spell.

Im not saying the author should be doing word padding with repetition like chinese stories but the truth has to be said. The story feel lifeless to read. The dialogs sound weird. The only thing that kept this thing going is the plot, which is my kind of plot so im biased on that point.

This story does not deserve a 4.7 after 101 reviews. I like the story but the writing is atrocious and if it changes in the future, i will be willing to change the review. View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
3 months ago
This is *******ish af, yes it has good idea but the writing is just plain bad, there is way too much of tell, the description is non existent, the language usage is way too basic. I know you just want to praise him for the plot but tone it down, his idea might be good and i like it but his writing is hard to stomach. View More

Rakokus69: Seriously.. u should ask permission from JK to publish this one.. this is another level of HP..

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C38
3 months ago
A dance with the clown View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C286
3 months ago
Max out the weapon then aim for legend aint a bad idea either, not every has the mc plot armor View More

Crazy_Ghost: Look like Abel try to max out his equipment that why he willing to stay with trash team to fight with weak heroes coz if he go higher there a chance to meet with strong heroes that can kill him until he drop his precious weapon.

Legend of Legends · C403
3 months ago
Elise is way too fuckin op at her level lmao View More
Legend of Legends · C401
3 months ago
split pushing, but the allies are the aggressor? View More
Legend of Legends · C392
4 months ago
I think this first season as a hero, he's going to gear up and probably not reach a legend if he's not geared up enough and prepare for a decent team next season. Otherwise, he just got lucky on his last match and get decent team to try it. View More
Legend of Legends · C387
4 months ago
Tang 36 is truly a good trash talker, he should be in kings avatar View More
Way of Choices · C71
4 months ago

SmilingReader: Then he glanced at Gao Peng...Victory must be bittersweet when you realise your true opponent doesn’t even see you as a threat 😅

Monster Pet Evolution · C247
4 months ago
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