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KBH 😢 please don't kill him u need to save him at any cost and in return i will give more power stone. View More
World Domination System · C1127
5 days ago
Hey Author

Put Coronavirus in this too which will be spreaded by the church. View More
World Domination System · C1126
5 days ago
Why why why KHB
U always do this u promise to release chapter then u go somewhere where we're not able to reach.😭

This is so heartbreaking 💔 View More
World Domination System · C1110
3 weeks ago
It's been 5hr already cmon release them
I can't wait to read them 😭 View More

KillerHemboy: From this comment, 5 hours

World Domination System · C1105
4 weeks ago
Go kill those pets View More
World Domination System · C1104
4 weeks ago

kishorebhathane: I don't get it why does the author keep writing about dalia... I stopped reading this chapter as soon as I read.....Dalia knew that.......give different fillers frpm another characters like fenoras or Head or faxul.

World Domination System · C1100
1 month ago
I got goosebumps while reading this chapter View More
World Domination System · C1098
1 month ago
Yo my boy having fun 🤣 View More
World Domination System · C1094
1 month ago
Hold on Xandar is still there and why Daniel didn't respond on this ? View More
World Domination System · C1050
2 months ago

9Tarith9: It used to be two chapters a day, one at reset and one 12 hr later with mass release if we voted, now we are about 60 chapters behind after two months of broken promises. This was one of the most consistent books on Webnovel and now it’s not worth the stones.

World Domination System · C935
6 months ago

thalfpAnt: The next chapter authors note:-
Sorry for the late chap. Had a emergency so had to go to a internet less part of the world and laptop had no charge . I was also out of juice. And keyboards to type. But had a awesome day of writing. Next chaps are coming probably within this week. And also don't forget there is a huge like 1000 chapter mass release on Sunday.. until the plz keep dumping :)

World Domination System · C935
6 months ago

MrSivril: I sure am loving these 3 chapters a day...

World Domination System · C935
6 months ago

amir0011: Knock knock
Auther open the door. I just want to talk about empty promises 😈🔪

World Domination System · C935
6 months ago
Hahahha the last line is so hilarious 😂 View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1894
6 months ago
It's ok u r just having a bad dream just goto sleep again View More

Ladiesman_Immortal: Okay. I am too shocked and bewildered this early morning. 😮

Library of Heaven's Path · C1863
7 months ago

9Tarith9: Correct me if I’m wrong but as of today it would be chapter 947 if we were to be all caught up after the privilege debacle. The 40 chapters that that debacle created and the 32 that we would have normally had back when the release rate was consistent. Even with the two or three chapters that were counted as two that would still be 944 at the least.

World Domination System · C904
7 months ago
What about the Secret Module word of world dominator
I think Daneel should have completed that one View More
World Domination System · C903
7 months ago

KillerHemboy: No...THANK YOU dear reader for being the source of my determination to put out the best work possible! I love all of y'all!

World Domination System · C899
7 months ago

RemiImer: First :)

World Domination System · C894
7 months ago

Mubassir: Oh man how could u be so good in giving us a cliff-kun

World Domination System · C894
7 months ago
Oh man how could u be so good in giving us a cliff-kun View More
World Domination System · C894
7 months ago

Great_Hype: KillerHemboy....Bro, I'm asking you, pleading with you. Dont go down the King Arthur route. I see you put a few Easter eggs in this storyline revolving around Eloise, I can see this going multiple routes where Eloise is confused between him and Elanav and a triangle forms or she NTR's him with his sworn brother. Or Daniel and Elanav, fall out over Eloise and become enemies....any combinations of bad enemy...I just hate storylines where the MC loses everything over a woman or has to rebuild his pride afterwards or take back his pride.

World Domination System · C891
7 months ago

Dextuary: Immortality 🤔... I'd say it could come about when you anchor ⚓ yourself on something that is immortal by itself. Some do it by making themselves a certain "concept" and anchoring themselves to that. As long as it exists, they would exist too or even be reborn.

Others can create a closed loop ♻ on reincarnation meaning they can be reborn or can escape into a sort of reincarnation cycle and be reborn. Then after a short while, retain their power while their memories never get lost.

Others may aim to make their consciousness 👻, the "real self" so powerful it affects reality. At such a stage, they can even heal their physical body 🏋️ by it alone.
Then they aim to ensure the consciousness doesn't have an element of "degrading" due to time.
They can make it so their consciousness 👻 receives nourishment from the realm that a consciousness exists in...

Others aim to have the ability to bring themselves back from the dead ⚰. They will grow in power and when they die/are killed/kill themselves, it's like a reset on the "exhaustion" of their consciousness. They will revive with their memories and power level but things like madness will be wiped out and they match onwards 🔛 to gain more power ⛮.
The memories they revive with are closed and only they decide on what to allow into the lock 🔒

World Domination System · C890
7 months ago
Just chill man and joy .. we all go through the same thing and we even complaint about it but he give the explanation so just sit tight and enjoy View More

bb017bc143: At most 1 hour was said in last chapter, in reality it was more than 3 hours delay. DONT MAKE PROMISES IF YOU DONT KEEP THEM

World Domination System · C890
7 months ago

Vyktor: Just shut up, you are boring. Stop being a ****y weeny **** and just like the story. 😑

World Domination System · C890
7 months ago
Two chaps are spin off View More

just_a_strange_guy: Shows a total of 890 chapters in lobrary but only 888 chapters available?

World Domination System · C888
7 months ago
Hmm I think it might be an error with numbers View More

LazyReadrr: Also damn nearly 18 thousand years
I mean i knew the empire was created a thousands of years ago but damn never thought it was this much

World Domination System · C888
7 months ago

vikimaniac: I don't understand why glitches happen in just this novel. Either someone is lying or it's a deliberate effort to undermine a great story. I don't know how the latter can be done. But, I'm still thinking of that as I want to believe in the author.

World Domination System · C885
7 months ago

Dextuary: Don't the other mass releases usually come all at once 🤷?

World Domination System · C885
7 months ago

Shabrow: I am usually a very silent reader....
I do everything in my power to support this novel...power stones, gifting the spare ss and yet you as an author isn’t returning the favour to your loyal readers.
This was the first book I have read on webnovel and I hold this book very close to my heart...
I have stood and supported you through all the problems you had with your privilege chapters, your health issues...and I agree this isn’t in your hand....you can’t control it
However the one thing you can control is your word...your promises you have been giving to us.....if it’s not possible for you to release novels we understand....you’re a human you have a life....but so de we.... I agree that no one is forcing us to read this novel...but it’s so well written we can’t help it...and for that everytime we get a chance to check webnovel for your regular update at your regular time we are a bit disappointed...but hey....that’s alright....what isn’t alright however is that you make false promises and give us hope....that's wrong....even after all of this we would still be supporting you but a little help from your side would be much appreciated....

World Domination System · C885
7 months ago
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