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Reading Status: C40
It's a good read considering with what is written so far no clue if it is dropped or paused but if it ever starts back up i would continue to keep reading it View More
Separated Sands: Reincarnated in Naruto
6 months ago

Rawr_Kitten: Doesnt matter if ones just starting out or not you post your story online expect to get a honest blunt review dont coddle people and expect them to not turn out spoiled and warped be honest blunt and straightforward in a review if the author cant handle the truth then they shouldnt write simple as that writeing is the same as any other job and hobby wana be a painter expect people to tel, you what they think and take it as it is a review dont complain to others when you ask for there opinion then dont like it dont put shiz in the open then expect only flowers and cotton candy worlds not gona coddle you and hold your hand and give you participation awards just for wearing your pjs to the game

Naruto System Within Naruto
6 months ago
first! View More
Great Expert Ninja-Naruto Fanfic (My Version) · C22
6 months ago
whats is with the System filler i mean most of your chapters is the same a short story then system filler for the rest as of right now i don't see this novel going anywhere View More
The legendary Awesome Story of Absolute Epicness with Heavenly Sharingan Dragons with Ninja Naruto Bloodlines God Super Saiyan Harem Prince of Fatal Fate....it is absolutely not a troll. · C0
6 months ago
i have a feeling the way the mc acts is going to get annoying pretty quick so im out but gl with the story View More
Nura Clan: Reborn as the young Master · C5
6 months ago

Overlordsov: and wisdom

Dragon Ball: The strongest Saiyan · C1
7 months ago
guessing it's dropped ? View More
Assassins Creed System · C10
7 months ago

nameless_blade: Ohhhhh man ohhhhh man is it written in English cause I can't read it. Oh Mr. Author can u atleast tell me which language is this as I find this story interesting..

the original vampire in a crossover world
7 months ago

Hultra: Can't read, pls write in english. Thank you.

the original vampire in a crossover world · C0
7 months ago
eh Athena wasn't a goddess of love and rebirth she was most known for being a goddess of strategic warfare, and justice View More
Dragon Ball: The strongest Saiyan · C1
7 months ago
dropped ? View More
In DxD with Anime system. · C6
7 months ago
The content has been deleted
Golden Fox with System
9 months ago
so did anyone else catch the Author's name is Harry Dresden which i pretty sure is the main character in the books called Dresden Files by Jim Butcher . good books lol all i can say is the author has taste View More
Werewolf in another world · C0
9 months ago
awesome a powerful first chapter View More
Immaculate Spirit · C1
9 months ago

Wadsdfe: The content has been deleted

Assassination System
10 months ago
I have to agree the first novel was better. View More

AdaMTP: Honestly, while i like your writing, i mutch prefer your first story, this one is just a cliche OP wishes/System MC from the start with no sense for growth. You chose to go from a kinda of unique way for powers to a overly used one.
So, while i don't personaly like this story, i hope that you continue to write.

Adventurous Journey
10 months ago

AdaMTP: Honestly, while i like your writing, i mutch prefer your first story, this one is just a cliche OP wishes/System MC from the start with no sense for growth. You chose to go from a kinda of unique way for powers to a overly used one.
So, while i don't personaly like this story, i hope that you continue to write.

Adventurous Journey
10 months ago
Reading Status: C15
out of the 15 chapters iv'e read there is nothing even close to a story it's
either how handsome the mc is or how the other chars react to his face
whether they be male or female and the interaction between the mc and
the other chars feels like stick people with voices talking to each other it felt forced and dull View More
Itachi with a system
10 months ago
im guessing that this is dropped ? View More
Separated Sands: Reincarnated in Naruto · C40
10 months ago

Shadewind: Author your mind set is seriously problematic. People can help other but they don't just give their own power to other or share. Well will you share your wife with the others? If so I got nothing to say. And remember sharing power is kinda like ntr. And please share the mc girl with his brother. Why not he can share his power with others so sure he can share his girl too. Why I am writing all this because It's seriously pises me off

The Path of the Great Sovereign
10 months ago

Soaapj: Sona: "Y-you, idiot ... Hump!" He turned around and began to create his magic circle by looking in the direction in which Yuuki left "... I'll wait for you"

is she a boy or a girl?

gdfgdfg · C0
12 months ago
yeah i think i'll come back to this when it doesn't give me a headache View More
One Piece Ultimate : My Legend · C2
1 year ago
so has this been dropped or paused ? View More
The GAMER; New Life in DxD · C2
1 year ago
agreed the system quests are starting to take a turn for the worst i mean getting quest like that to troll the mc is funny but doing it over and over is starting to kill the story View More
Son of Gaia-naruto fanfic · C7
1 year ago

Jaykay2307: You mean tsunade and her son? A. He doesn't remember his past life and by going by the rules of samsara we have no fuckin way of telling her age also it's a mother an child so of course they're gonna have a mother and child relationship honestly if you'd **** your mother because you reckon you're reincarnated then jump off a cliff you sick muther ****er.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- · C0
1 year ago
i'd say have both the girls sneak in his room and just fall asleep next to him at first you should build up the relationship and sexual ******* before going into a full blown sexual relationship with the girls not only will it give your mc charisma but also your female leads class View More
Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world · C23
1 year ago
Well this Review threw me off from reading it iv'e read some messed up novels but this if my first seeing a (Mother/Son) combo not my thing so thanks for the heads up View More

dragonmage124: it started as something that could have been great...then you time skipped and he become world destroying op...
1) the dragon farm system in the start was interesting but seeing how the space was limited you should have set a limit on external dragons forcing him to breed them after he took in the max of external dragons used to kick off the 'farming'
2)as the dragon count reached a certain amount only the top say 3 of the dragons should give him exp while others feed that exp into the farm for it to spawn things (dungeons in which he can fight things/ mines with different ores based off the worlds can currently go to/ random space time abnormalities they destroy the farm and kill the dragons)
3)many of the system features should have been age locked (dimensional/world traveling should have been left for after he started or finished magic school to that he got the full experience and teaching of being a wizard)
4)the exp gained from the farm should not have been used to strengthen his body as the dragon farm had nothing to do with his personal body (maybe yield increases in magic amount and passive defenses to elements based off the dragons after the farm reached some lvl and his trust and bond with a dragon reached a high enough degree that they shared some of there power ) ..it should have went to improving different things in the farm to create a constant loop of exp gain to expenditure (of which includes things needed to train and raise the dragons and building that can let him make the most use out of what the farm gains due to the dragons [including places for him to train his body but seeing how he should be a wizard due to his world as well as a child it should be limited / and personal areas to raise plants for potions]
5)real world coin spending for op shopping was a real killer since it was fully unlocked (not locked based off the his age/ world/farm lvl) and you had him completely over look it for anything but farm feed (which should have gave seeds with each harvest so long as he took care of them and prevents anything from happening to the feed thus not needing to constantly buy feed...in which was very op since it forced the growth of dragons so have been renamed into something like magic feed (while being limited to how much any dragon can eat since it gave them so much exp) when it came to using to for the dragons
6)the mom-con was far too much since you had the mother return the feelings and then some (to the point she slept with a damn 10 yr old )[make me wonder if your mental health is alright since you picked to have a yandere (genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged ) , shotacon (attraction to young boys around 13 years old or younger.), incestial women as his first love interest that even returned the affection]
7)the harem if you can call it that since he is freaking 6 when he started playing with girls and they just swoon over him like mindless whores getting paid enough to let you into there room is frankly not thought out is more like someone playing pokemon with women just go collecting them then dragging them around like they do not have lives or minds
8)too fast paced thus leaving empty characters, events, world building

Dragon Farm in Multiverse
1 year ago
im pretty sure the mc will still have his V card through out the whole story lmao View More
God of Death In the world of Againts The Gods · C0
1 year ago

N0xiety: Only read up to 14th chapter but i already can't keep going... There will be very small spoiler in this review but it's not significant for the story at all so you can keep reading...

So small time raiders with like 50 people attack earth and guess what? They are using swords and small time esper powers like fireballs and ice spears...... Where are the laser guns? Where are explosive weapons? Does the space frigate have no weapons at all??? Does earth have no defense system that even small time raiders can enter like it's their own backyard? Just conquer earth if it's that weak already... Why would anyone use esper powers if the power itself isn't even stronger than conventional weapons? Even a ****** hand gun could do the job better than these small time esper powers but NOPEEEE.. Let's use swords and fists to fight like barbarians while we are riding around in a frikin spaceship lol............ Mc kicks one raider in the balls and kills another one with a goddamn pipe........ Seriously!? I guess they don't even wear protective suits or anything right? So they ride in advanced space ships around the universe, but fight like barbarians who can't even defend against a kick and metal pipe.......... Just WOW............

If this isn't stupid you tell me. I just can't keep going after this. It just kills all of the stories potential for me...

Galactic Dark Net
1 year ago
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