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JStyles: Thnx for saving my time

4 hours ago

Neonii: not gonna lie this is nice fanfic cuz i was bored with harem and wish fulfillment fanfics

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C10
7 hours ago

Samelies: and so the hidden yandere begins to fester...

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C8
7 hours ago

Newsourpatch: Cute

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C8
7 hours ago

CanadianTick: To be honest, I'm not too keen on a wish-granting fairy. Even if he can only get one wish a year. He's already born as a ninja-wizard with meta-knowledge, and on top of that he's got a system that will promote his growth as time goes on. Adding additional wishes seems a bit much.

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C3
8 hours ago

Billy_Corona: Can someone tell me when the stupid baby **** is over? I really don't want to waste my time on pre genin ****, not to mention pre academy

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C1
8 hours ago

Pvdro: This style is kinda pissing me off.

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C1
8 hours ago

BlackOni: You know the more I learned about him the more I feel like he would truly thrive in the doom universe

A Cruel Wonderful World (Demon Slayer) · C3
8 hours ago

sh1tgod: damn...
i read this with the ep 19 song now im crying and started remembering old anime memories

A Cruel Wonderful World (Demon Slayer) · C2
8 hours ago

Koahla: The lack of a proper reincarnation/soul fusion bugs me, the simple memory transfer wasn't sufficient enough.

When I read SI/Reincarnation stories I like to see myself as the MC that was reincarnated. But in this case if I was the MC, it feels as if I have 'lost' my past self and only passed on my memories, and doesn't allow me to get fully invested into the MC.

Really nice story, but it's gonna take quite a bit more chapters for me to immerse myself into the story at this rate.


Multiverse Core Hunter · C15
9 hours ago

Ruined_Leprechaun: There are going to be some 60 serial murder, incoming...

Multiverse Core Hunter · C14
9 hours ago

crimson666devil: I'm just waiting for the stabby stabby to begin 😂 but a yandere ondera...that would be cool sight to see author 🧐😂

Multiverse Core Hunter · C7
9 hours ago

Alex1911: Ron? Who’s that?😃

Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C27
10 hours ago

T0XIN: With all due respect, Madara is training Aito in the Uchiha Taijutsu. With Madara as your teacher, i doubt you wouldn't be able to beat a mere genin in seven days.

Also, they weren't using Ninjutsu. Aito cant use ninjutsu, so he would've lost if that were the case.

Although Ren is a little stronger than the average genin, he's nowhere near the level Sasuke was in the chunin arc for example. It's completely acceptable in my opinion, considering the fact that Ren was emotionally unstable and got caught off-guard.

Hope that answers your question.

Ghost of the Uchiha · C19
2 days ago

Medusa17112001: True.
Kushina is cute and innocent and falls infront of Ramen.(Not to mention busty)

Sakura is ugly,useless,split personality, and falls in front of Sasuke.(And flat)

Ghost of the Uchiha · C13
2 days ago

Medusa17112001: Jun x Kushina.
Don't care about the timeline.
Want to know Jun reaction.

Ghost of the Uchiha · C13
2 days ago

Mgaballah: chakra is a mix of Yin spiritual energy(mind and soul) and Yang physical energy (body), Madaras reserves should be at least passable due him bringing his own Yin chakra from his mind and soul

Ghost of the Uchiha · C4
2 days ago

T0XIN: Ahahaha that would have been TERRIBLE. I would never do that to my readers.

Ghost of the Uchiha · C3
2 days ago

Legs: Nice, not much to judge on to be honest. But since you did choose Madara, a godlike character in the naruto universe, then making him weak without it looking forced will be hard to do. Talentless? Decades of chakra control.

He has the experience, only way I can think of right now on how you are gonna make him weak is probably through his body, maybe a low chakra pool or something.

Anyways, happy saturday!

Ghost of the Uchiha · C2
2 days ago

ErozothDraeor: dude, dude. wtf is this chapter? i feel like the quality of this novel suffered a loss just because of this chapter. Really, Hermaione cursing? even if she changed and became more, thats not her anymore. sucking cokc? comeone.
the way he talked, do you remember you tried to make him as some semi omnipotent gradfather figure? did you forget that after a few chapters?
thats how that kind of figure talking to a child? Malfoy is a bully but he is still a kid, there is a chance of helping him change, hell even in the original he changed on his own effort.
This chapter is a disappointment.

Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C24
2 days ago
Fujitora did... View More

Lost_Reborn: Observation Haki on casino!
Why hasn't anyone thought about this before?

Sinful life with the strongest system · C79
2 days ago

DaoistJang01: Well see you in half a month thanks for the chapter, author-san left ud hanging again smh

Killer of MC’s · C96
3 days ago

Flappy_Duck: Since you just reversed the positions of MC and unsuspecting harem member, you might as well make Axel pull the “you have to take responsibility” card, or at least make Axel do it as a prank.

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C9
3 days ago

Luxus_Logo: Is it just me or does his attachment to the guild seem kinda...forced?

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C8
3 days ago

LoweCypher: He made her legs numb... he over did it and it's their first time too...

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C3
4 days ago

lsoma: so basically just sinbads djinns? Not that I care cause he has the best ones xD

You def need the cursed one (light and dark) thatll help when facing dark magic like say against zerf or the demons.

With the last one im pretty sure nobody knows it ? so just make your own ^^

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over · C0
4 days ago

RandomPasserby96: When u keep making the enemy only get hit when he is underestimating MC, u make the MC look weak. Last chapter didnt help either with how dumb u made him look

The Dimension Traveler · C15
5 days ago

Webzayne: Its better than having chapters like this where the mc is just brain dead for the sake of plot. You have to commit to what you've done, he has the powers, so he should use them properly. Having him waste time and act like an idiot isn't good writing. He should have spent shards on a power to cast from his imagination instead of wasting time on spells, it's just dumb; he has the power, so he should use it properly.

The Dimension Traveler · C14
5 days ago

Lord_Hallow: ...... really? Maybe use some shards to make illusions not work on him... and more importantly to increase his intelligence.

The Dimension Traveler · C14
5 days ago

Aces_Mark: I dont think so it kinda makes sense Jose was a dark wizard and his guild didnt have a great reputation and the magic council are assholes in the anime

The Dimension Traveler · C10
5 days ago
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