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Next episode:
Kitty cat tamed.🐱🐱🐱 View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C303
6 days ago
Reading Status: C350
I‘ve read up to chapter 150+ before I dropped this series.

1. Writing Quality
There‘s nothing to say, neither is it outstanding nor bad, and there hardly are any spelling errors if there are any.

2. Stability of Updates
About one Chapter a day. It‘s good.

3.Story development
The story is basically a death match between the protagonist and the Op antagonist.
The protagonist says ‘I have to grind‘ and therefore goes around killing monsters with his harem and periodically activates his plot amor by the time he runs into a boss. Futhermore, the monsters he beat are monster girls that just love to rape humans.

4. Character design
I HATE the protagonist. Why??? Because he is fucking hypocrite, one of the worst sort, and somewhat an asshole.
Seriously I think the antagonist is more protagonist-ish than the protagonist himself.
Protagonist: ‘I don‘t want a harem...‘ but fucks almost every girl he comes across.
Girl turns crazy because he ignores her... It‘s not his fault since he didn‘t do anything even though he knows his protagonist aura heavily affects the people around him.
Selfishly makes decisions that bring everybody in danger... ‘They didn‘t have to come along, nobody forced them‘.
Side characters are pretty much 2 dimensional.

5. World building
Nothing much is known except two city names and the existence of a demon world. View More
The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel.
1 week ago
Father Niu, you are as good as dead so try to seduce Shen Jing, when you are dying anyway. View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C295
1 week ago
You mean when sj asked sy a few chapters prior, right? Yq wasn’t even there so where is the logic in denying yq being her boyfriend. I mean sj didn’t even know of yq existence. View More

tieuqui: I don’t think SY is completely clueless. In a previous chapter, she denied that “he” was her boyfriend—Father Niu that is. She said nothing about Chef.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C293
1 week ago
More like, reborn as a full beast, right.? View More

Nikkias: But...but...he's only a part beast right? 😓

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C289
1 week ago
Probably not, humans and beasts are just not destined to be together. 😕😕😕 View More

dream_catcher07: Anything for his master.. 😘

Geez, Shen Ying.. aren't you a little bit moved with his devotion..?! 🤭

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C289
1 week ago
Probably Chef, maybe, with the invincible sect in tow.
How many years possibly went by since shen ying and father niu left the immortal realm??? View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C284
2 weeks ago
In that case wouldn't Qian yue have to know the name of Shen ying? I mean he was being harassed as to where Shen ying is, for years. Shouldn’t the name ‘Shen ying’ be etched into Qian yue’s memories in your scenario? View More

lurker0: iirc bai zhe had been harrasing Qian Yue for a few years about where shen ying was. I doubt bai zhe didn't ask for her by name at the time.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C261
3 weeks ago
Questionable, the only one who called shen ying by her name was bai zhe and that once, while he was stuttering.
I think my explanation makes more sense, though you are probably right. View More

lurker0: That line was talking about how Qian Yue couldn't remember.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C261
3 weeks ago
I believe the translator made an error.
“Yet, he couldn’t even remember her name” states that Bai zhe was the one that couldn’t remember
Shen ying’s name even though it was the opposite. View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C261
3 weeks ago

feeling_tired: natural Trap divine body

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C252
1 month ago

Artemis1990: To be fair... The dragon lady was also collecting "husbands"....

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C251
1 month ago
He isn’t that bad. 160000 years divided trough 400+ madam’s is about every 400 years a new madam. Now you only have to decide how short a period of 400 years, for gods, is. Nevertheless “You’re the only one for me.” nice try, at the very least.🤣🤣🤣 View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C251
1 month ago

dream_catcher07: Jinx, jinx, jinx.. Master Lonemoon, I thought you knew..!!! 😵

Why challenged Shen Ying's common sense..? 😅

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C225
1 month ago
I speculate that former demon king to be the mastermind since he is the only one having a motive to do so.
“Cuihua wait for me.”, former dk. 😂😂😂 View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C219
1 month ago
take care. View More
The Incubus · C36
1 month ago
But doesn’t heartless also mean to be unfeeling?
If you think so then it does make sense that Xin han doesn’t feel emotions like love, though what Shen ying said is also true.
Therefore, it is still out in the open if Xin han truly a bastard is, but, because of plot, he is most likely one since it was Shen ying who said it. View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C189
2 months ago
Guten abend,
Ich muss dir beichten, dass ich mir den Prolog nicht durch gelesen habe.
Du hast den ganzen Prolog als einzigen Fließtext geschrieben, was in einer Klassenarbeit nicht falsch ist, dennoch lässt es den text massiver erscheinen als er ist.
Ich, an deiner Stelle, würde damit beginninen mehr Absätze zu machen, die den Text leserlicher machen würde. View More
Die Ruine der Zeit · C0
2 months ago
Thanks, good to know. View More

sancturillore: That's because the cost is based on the word count and this chapter was longer.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C171
2 months ago
15 ss? Doesn’t it normally cost half as much!?! View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again · C171
2 months ago
True, but I didn’t mean that it is anything by saying he first started to speak at the age of 2, I only meant he isn’t a genius because of it. View More

drsh09: Well each kid is different. One of my nephews was able to say his few words one he was 6 months old( mommy, daddy, milk, and auntie) but decided to stop talking when he reached 1 1/2 years old and picked it up when he was 2 1/2 years old. I am serious, while his younger brother did not speak until he was close to 3 but then he had a speech delays due to some complications when he was born. So every kids different but I have noticed most of reincarnation stories where the Mc is reborn tend to not speak early in age cause they are too lazy to talk 😂😂😂😂

Legacy: Lord Alba · C4
2 months ago
Cliche? View More

XMike: Have 1 girl that is also betrayed become his wife after working together for a good while and learning a bit about each other and her class can be a assassin as they are usually lone wolfs

Dungeon Quest · C0
2 months ago
Not necessarily,
5 kids are not as bothersome to beat as an beefy ***** that doesn’t care for his life. View More

AnthonyCerbic: oh come on. if people were confident they could fight 5 regular goblets, at least they should be able to hold the line vs 250% crazed ones.

Disappointing returnees.... don't you have battle sense to adapt to slightly different monsters? How is total noob getting ahead of you, smh.

Unbreakable · C3
2 months ago

FallenBlue: I'm reviewing again because it gets finally picked up and I'm happy! XD
Just as I expected it's really a gem! It's one of the most unique apocalyptic stories I've ever read! If I may say, concept and the character design are even better than Omniscient Reader. Sadly, not much exposure is given to this story. Also, translation quality still needs HUGE improvement. It's now much more readable, but awkward phrasing is still there.

2 months ago
Good luck rewriting the story, but couldn’t you bring out one last chapter? I was anticipating the reaction of the ice beaty upon finding out that she had the ice phoenix bloodline. View More
Transcending the Martial Peak( The Story is being Rewritten and published. The Rewrite is called Transcending Limits) · C0
2 months ago
In the case, of course, it is not, but shouldn’t it be then under translations and not originals? View More

012343210: Is it copypaste by the same translator group though?

Trash of the Count’s Family
2 months ago
It’s siblings, not brothers. I know I’m nitpicking here but somehow it’s irksome. View More
The villainess aims for a peaceful life · C5
2 months ago
In the mortal plane? Probably. View More

Pripriri: Is he strong right now? Coz he keeps thinking of getting a disciple

My female disciples are scary · C2
2 months ago
Most likely, otherwise his face wouldn’t have been disfigured in the first place. View More

Applejambubble: By the way is he handsome? Like in others opinions?

My female disciples are scary · C2
2 months ago
I have something I’m really curios about, is the country “japan” within a dimension in the heroes nether region or an entire different dimension? The hero said ‘You are now in my nether region’ which confuses me, so which is it? View More
Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world · C1
3 months ago
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