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What other beautiful woman would willingly live with a creep that puts up those type of ads and also lives in a haunted house. View More

_Crystal_: Why do I feel like his new housemate is that Fali girl...

Demons Beside You · C77
1 week ago
I see it more as a direct counter. A clown entertains the crowd and the magician dazzles with tricks, all of these are countered by the spectator that watches from the side amd exposes the trick.

Powers wise the seer pah have great control over the physical body be it their own or others but the mind dragons dominate the psych. I do not think Miss Justice observes based on the physical as she mentioned she could have senses and worked with Mr. World through a wall so she should be able to sense the mental aspects which the clown does not hide. Furthermore seeing physical cues that differ from the mental ones is probably a bigger alert to spectator sequences. View More

Randompasserby: Fyi if anyone's wondering, yes Clown's microexpression control powers are great at countering a Spectator's observation.

But when you're a Faceless switching between multiple personas or a Marionettist with actual puppets acting simultaneously the degree of difficulties increased exponentially to resist the Spectator's scrutiny.

Mentioned before during one of Klein's self evaluation as a Faceless iirc.

Lord of the Mysteries · C863
1 week ago
Sorry i forgot people on this site are retards who dosnt know logic. They use banners and flags because one you cant really sell or pass on a carriage that you had fucking engraved on. Also no one puts Identification in the front because it would be the same as your license plate on the driver's seat. The carriage driver and your valet/guards sit in the front so an engraving would be blocked by 1 to 3 people so logically it has always been banners and **** on the side or back because again you can remove or swap them for repairs or trading. It is done this way in the story so the writer can set up a contrived bandit situation because bad writing amd no research. Also usually nobles would have guards with them riding on the sidr of the carriage or an archer sitting ontop in the luggage as a spotter. Now these dumb fucks who like to flash around wealth just coincidentally cheap out and bring no riders or guards because magic plot reasosns. Also **** you you dumb **** View More

SevenDays: Read the description please.
I was going to say some bad stuff about you...

Abe the Wizard · C21
1 week ago
Thats not fiction though so why write it. View More

Randompasserby: You know, I'd almost admire her restraint that Fors hasn't written some a novel of some fallen noble girl turned bounty hunter and her magician friend. Something like a trashy but steamy Yuri smut or maybe an adventure series dripping with unresolved sexual ******* 😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C856
1 week ago
Demigod is 1 to 4 though and based on the distribution much more likely on the bottom section. View More

excelss: Hazel has a demigod that attempted to parasite her. On the other hand, Leonard has a parasite of the marauder pathway.
Leonard's parasite must be a sequence 1 if it can survive an encounter with Amon.
Would it be too much to think that Hazel's parasite is sequence 1 as well?
So, wouldn't Amon and the 2 parasites be in a death combat to see who becomes sequence 0???

Lord of the Mysteries · C855
1 week ago
The surname is harry? Really? I thought it was Martial. Also why the hell is it even called Abe the wizard. Plus banners depicting emblems and etc are not on the front of a wagon but those drap to the side. View More
Abe the Wizard · C21
1 week ago
Klein has Arrodes View More

DeadmanWhisperer: Sooner or later, everyone has their own pet like hazel has a rat, leonard has parasite and susie has audrey

Lord of the Mysteries · C848
2 weeks ago
I mean the ancient sun god was the sequence 0 of multiple pathways, prob like 5 or was it 8 different pathways right from all the stuff he took. Since he has like 5 or 8 kings of angels and he purposely choose to shed off excess uniqueness and sequence 1s since his sons were not only different pathways but to be a king of angels it was 2 sequence 1 portion or one + uniqueness right. The gods and evil deities probably have factions, rivalries and sides because you can take pther gods powers but the more you have the more risky and disorted it becomes so ancient sun god had to start shedding excesses View More

Wytchlord: Just thought of something. An angel needs all the sequence one potions and a ritual to ascent to sequence zero and for some reason there exist neighboring pathways which are compatible with which you can switch should you wish to change your path.
Maybe the reason for this is that there exists an origin sequence above sequence zero which requires the compatible godhoods and their uniqueness plus a ritual. This could be another explanation why the true gods of compatible sequences are so hostile towards each other and give the possibility for there to be something that's truly above the gods and could be an original creator of this world. Anybody any thoughts on this?

Lord of the Mysteries · C804
3 weeks ago
Magic city university? What else they got here in this world? Alchemy and spells? View More
World's Best Martial Artist · C19
3 weeks ago
Real hospital, remeber morals are reversed in hell so the chain smoking abortion having permed and tattooed succubus is a role model while learning is decadent. Non of these doctors prob learnt medicine before. Further hinted during the ancient god battle when the eternal fire guys wanted to keep fighting despite injuries because they disnt want to go to the hospital View More

Surely_Panda: How does a slime have good figure? Also, is that a real hospital or just an organ harvesting racket? I can see people buying health insurance to keep them aways instead of being carried off by the ambulance.

Gamers of the Underworld · C235
1 month ago
Shes a good girl, which is why shes a failure drop out by underworld standardized View More

LurkSupergene: Evelynn is such an innocent succubus. Shy because her skirt is almost touched her knees? This is the first time I encounter Succubi that shy from showing some skin

Gamers of the Underworld · C228
1 month ago
Basically thats answered in this volume with lots of spoilers, shocking reveals and questions answered View More

TrueBlue: Honestly I have really bad feeling about regularly praying to the evernight goddess. He himself regularly listens to prayers and knows how much information a deity gets about his believers. He might be able to fool some deacons at church with his little act, but I bet that he has already been noticed by the evernight goddess.
Question is how much does she know. She certainly knows about the gray fog like every other high sequence beyonder that sees him, but does she know about him being Klein Moretti, her supposedly dead believer? About all his other identities? Him being a reincarnator? Him being the fool? If she pays attention to him, she might notice some questionable behavior when he’s interacting with his tarot club members, answering prayers etc.
It all comes down to how much a true god can see when they actively monitor someone praying to them. But overall, I just have a bad feeling, once he get noticed by a god, he is completely at that gods mercy.

Lord of the Mysteries · C750
1 month ago
Btw a dolphin is someone that just buy the basic monthly packs that are the most cost efficient usually. View More

SmilingReader: Thanks that helped a lot 😄

Gamers of the Underworld · C179
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
The novel is written by someone who is clearly jot used to writing or plot or pacing or character designs. It is all over the place and each chapter only makes you more confused View More
The Man from Hell
1 month ago
Red light is a diff guy, yellow light is venitian or we. Arrodes is prob blue light since he was introduced around when Klein first found out about the lights and showed up in the mirror with aqua lights shining out and the guy also have tons of knowledge and is around sequence 2-3 in power. View More

Mad_003: Red Light Vanitas
Orange Light Hilarion

Does anyone know the other name of the Rainbow Brotherhood?

Lord of the Mysteries · C723
1 month ago
Shes the Lady of secrets and hes the Lord of Mystery. Its just setting up Evernight x Fool for a possible future View More

Wu_Kong: Wouldn't that mean the evernight goddess knows that Klein is The Fool? I mean he has quite often drawn the crimson moon secretly during tarot meetings. Also, I just realised, except for goddess's believers (Klein and Audrey), no one else thinks of the religious symbols above the gray fog🤔😱

Lord of the Mysteries · C722
1 month ago
How else is he supposed to score with Evernight if he does not periodically check in with her. View More

Slesk: Why does Klein keep praying to the "Crimson Moon" whenever he is in trouble. I figured by now he was aware that Gods can listen to prayers and someone with as many secrets as him should stay well away from their sight. Even if picking out one prayer out of so many is hard he should still be more careful, just saying.

Lord of the Mysteries · C722
1 month ago
https://lordofthemysteries.fandom.com/wiki/Audrey_Hall?file=Volume2.jpeg I like the book cover art more. Or maybe its because im used to anime art style vs realistic since thats what you expect from light novels View More

burntpotato: Out of topic but recently Qidian had a Card Collection Event and LOM's card is the sidekick of our great Susie, Miss Audrey. I guess this is now the official appearance of Miss Audrey? 😍


Snatched that high res pic from wiki.

Lord of the Mysteries · C716
2 months ago
Its just mist or fog. You can breathe in them but this one contaminates the people except I am pretty sure all the gamers sold their souls to sherlock and their bodies are app made of mana instead. View More

WangZiHan: Erm.. The adventure is real.. But that miasma should effect them right? Like cant breath well?

Gamers of the Underworld · C165
2 months ago
I guess this explains what owning territory/castle in the spirit world means. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C690
2 months ago
Man this is a good point hardly any one thinks 3 dimensionally. Klien should start digging tunnels 5 meters below peoples’ beds View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C682
2 months ago
That dragon is gonna get ****ed till it crap out a ton of kobolds View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C122
2 months ago
That dragon is gonna get ****ed till it crap out a ton of kobolds View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C122
2 months ago
That dragon is gonna get ****ed till it crap out a ton of kobolds View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C122
2 months ago
Will never be able to look at lol the same again, Now we know why tresh want lucians wife View More
League of Legends: League of Unknowns · C20
2 months ago
That would only apply if all doctors are nationalized. Vast majority of doctors work in private sectors and the only reason it is so easy to get a loan for school in the us is because student loan is the only one even bankruptcy cannot escape from and rven then it is not drom the government View More

Hnn17: Doctors are a nation's treasures. Why isnt this university giving mc a scholarship or loan that he can pay back after becoming a doc, making a medical student work at construction sites and selling noodles is ludicrous.

Path of Medicine With a System · C1
3 months ago
Pretty good but not as much as retards like you I assume. We cant all just jump on a tangent and pull opinions without any basis like you do View More

Berethian: Why hello, CCP shill, how are you today?

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C243
3 months ago
China puts dissidents in camps, 10% of China are minority Chinese ethnicities but only about 5 of the 50+ non Han groups get abused, and boy do they get abused but it is only because they reject the government rule or wants separation. Ugyurs are not the only Muslim groups for one but there is a huge difference between organ harvesting and being given preferential treatment for schools and it all relies on how much you bend the knee. HK gets shat on but people forget how HK businessmen get priority treatment for investments and concessions, they even pay less tax than the rich in the US who already pay min tax during the 2000s to now but you know if you start thinking about freedom and democracy (which is 100% rejecting the communist party and is all political not human rights, because there is only one choice in China not 2 or 3 like democratic countries so rejecting communism is rebelling then you start getting trampled by the police. View More

Berethian: China: Spits on the world, puts minorities into concentration camps
Author: Man those Americans are racist

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C243
3 months ago
Basically Einstein at the speed he is going, maybe Einstein had a system View More

Shadizar: I can't even imagine what it would be like for someone to manage something like that in the real world, or if it's even possible.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C242
3 months ago
Of course dark lord sauton lingshi votes trump View More
The Great Worm Lich · C179
3 months ago
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