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demented1: My dear writer, it's been quite a long while since your last update, being a rational person I would say please more updates, as to being brat I WANT MY UPDATES NOW, NOW😂😂😂😅

Gourmet of Another World
6 days ago
Same here. View More

Nekoleen: Ahh sheeet!!..hahaha...
I'm dying from laughing. 😂
Manager Feng's reaction is very priceless. Fu jiu...you're awesome. 👍

National School Prince Is A Girl · C990
6 days ago

Jack_Balu: I found a book its named Story of legends i recommend it book was amazing you should check it out

Gourmet of Another World
1 week ago
Welcome back author. View More
1 week ago
Yep. At least she had some wisdom. View More

CleanPlate: Granny Mo was one of the few characters in this novel that wasn't irritatingly arrogant. Bu Fang has started his sampling Earth Prison's ingredients for his restaurant😁

Gourmet of Another World · C818
1 week ago
👍 View More

LaylaSwak: darn..... once i finished this chapter..i was like..*🙄🙄🙄🙄* what should i think about the ending..guess Bro Mo will take Bo Jiu out from the stinky and "eye polluted" dorm...no matter how suspicious Bro Mo is ...he is the person who want the real evidence in front of him..not just based on assumption.

National School Prince Is A Girl · C982
2 weeks ago
I thought so too. View More

Toybits: I'm guessing Ni Yan she left for a more powerful sect if i remember correctly

Gourmet of Another World · C808
2 weeks ago
R they gonna have a chapter on what happened to Rong's father? It May have been mentioned but I don't remember. View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C976
2 weeks ago
😅 That would be interesting to see...the two of them working together to strip people n throw the troublemakers put... View More

Warzen: Bu Fang: "Chu Changseng, Whitey is still out. Please strip the troublemakers and throw them out."
Chu Changsent: "....OK. Strip them, and throw them out. Got it. (WTF?!? I strip people now?"

Gourmet of Another World · C805
3 weeks ago

FragrantMoonTree: I love this story. The author is very interesting to read, with a very funny style of writing inner dialogue! 😍

The only problem is that there's only 3 chapters, and it seems unlikely to update soon. 😓

[BL] Sleepy Peak Disciple
3 weeks ago
Wah! I hope Flowery doesn't get indigestion from eating that holy saint clone/phantom. View More
Gourmet of Another World · C800
3 weeks ago
His dantian should be destroyed or maybe he sbould be placed in a jade holy lock n struck by lightning just as they did to others. View More
Gourmet of Another World · C795
3 weeks ago
Will the the black spicy strip brick make its appearance? Karma will come to the Yan family. View More

erwinsaacfrancisco: That's right ! Let Chu Chanseng deal with him....

5 strips for Little Ha... hehehehe

Im sure King Er is drooling right now...

Gourmet of Another World · C794
3 weeks ago
We need king Er He's spicey strip brick! View More
Gourmet of Another World · C793
3 weeks ago
None of his apprentices r fully trained. He really should be sent back to check on them n give them mkre pointers. View More

Johnsons: lol, his poor apprentice chefs left behind. Were they sufficiently trained to take over the last restaurant?

Gourmet of Another World · C785
1 month ago
I second that. View More

Angelic_Demon: Yes. It is only right to do so, in fact one may even learn something new.

Gourmet of Another World · C783
1 month ago
I'm curious what our MC's sister is thinking n doing now. I hope she's a genuine angel n wasn't just faking it all these years. View More
Brother-In-Law, Im Pregnant · C38
1 month ago
Ah...will the ML become a changed person for the better? View More
Brother-In-Law, Im Pregnant · C37
1 month ago
Omg. What kind of parents r they?! View More
Brother-In-Law, Im Pregnant · C7
1 month ago
I was thinking the same too. Those elders would definitely love his dragon liver popsicle. View More

Sky_Shard: That vinegar should go great with his dragon liver popsicle recipe. I hope Bu Fang gets to raid Yan Yu's ingredient storage after this.

Gourmet of Another World · C776
1 month ago
Right? I'm not the only one who went "oh no, a harem is beginning to form". View More

LParut: Sigh~~~ I hate this naked beauty in water cliche...🙄

The Favored Son of Heaven · C50
1 month ago
A***...shrimpy is so cute. Missed his swim scenes. Still can't believe he can be so bad ass as well. View More
Gourmet of Another World · C775
1 month ago
Same here. Wonder what Great White will think if Shrimpy's in the wok helping out n pretending to be cooked. View More

Crin: Absolutely miss that cute little shrimp.

Gourmet of Another World · C772
1 month ago
Omg. I think I almost had a nosebleed myself after reading this chapter. View More

Helpful2468: Lin Feng: Let’s have a Pajama party
Yu Hun: Okay (Kidnaps him to his house)
Fujoushi Readers: “nosebleed 😍)

National School Prince Is A Girl · C958
1 month ago
Agreed. Good food n good friends r hard to come by. Even if they're all oddballs. View More

reyou_leo: Of course lord dog need to work for all that food he ate. Without bu fang, no more ribs and spicy strip to eat. The world is bleak.

Gourmet of Another World · C766
1 month ago
Yep. Definitely. View More

Daoist_Pinkerton: Could be that he'll add dishes using deep sea ingredients.

Gourmet of Another World · C763
1 month ago
Yep. It Will become owner Bu's ingredient. View More

phantomsailor: The scheme was too use the winner's life source to regenerat. All the steps was too make the subject strong enough to see the process through. Unfortunately he got the wrong subject

Gourmet of Another World · C762
1 month ago
Seriously?! A cliffhanger? Now?! 😫 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C955
1 month ago
Yep. Second that. View More

LaylaSwak: do you think you can escape? you wont have a chance... Mojiu couple wont let you ...so just keep on feel so high on your fu*king ability..then Mo Jiu will make sure you'll drop dead painfully

National School Prince Is A Girl · C953
1 month ago
Reading Status: C751
Love this story n the food descriptions. Although some plots r repeated over n over I must say the main characters r truly a bunch of oddballs. When together its a definitely a good read. A very light hearted novel n easy to follow. I hope the plot holes will fill in nicely as the novel progresses n that updates r consistent. Can't wait to see if owner Bu becomes the god of cooking n read about the real origins of Blacky n how he came to be with the system. View More
Gourmet of Another World
1 month ago
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