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so the RL deadline is 1 month? good thing Hackzord bowed before the queen and Anna commanded the army to continue the advance as a retreat once Roland was found unconscious woulda doomed him. View More
Release That Witch · C1477
4 months ago
first half literally felt like reading a final battle prep chapter, the next parts just uh, couldnt really get the picture of the location, so Roland meeting with Epsilon just feels like she(?)'ll give Roland a backdoor to enter "God's" domain with little restrictions as if he were an Oracle himself to avoid his own strength decreasing. View More
Release That Witch · C1476
5 months ago
now time for Roland to finally take full control of the dreamworld's order?
i cant help but think this has something to do with the Oracle that sent Roland the vision core thing he got his 3rd vision from. the same Oracle if i remember had killed another and taken its place within "God's" domain undercover. View More
Release That Witch · C1475
5 months ago
"God" has made his move it seems. which means that even if Roland cant leave the dreamworld at the moment, he may or may not be able to send Ling or Dawnen back to inform the other GPW Witches he needs reinforcements. View More
Release That Witch · C1473
5 months ago
so basically, one soldier was/is gonna be lost to be able to drop the final nuke, another name for the wall of fallen heroes "Eagle Face".

and Manfeld, Good and Finkin are either gonna be risking a very very very very tight brush with death of are gonna be unable to escape the blast radius and therefore the Aerial Knights are gonna lose the 3 best pilots while they protect the bomb's drop trajectory. View More
Release That Witch · C1467
5 months ago
Undeserved, truly undeserving of his position, the idiot cant understand Mask's wariness nor the King's decision xD whoever named him (whether himself or the king) was truly on point.

now though, due to Mask's quick action, the "Ark of Peace" is gonna need to either re-do calculations to determine the new drop point or make a semi hasty drop to not miss the chance the broken barrier is giving. mainly since as far as they know, the barrier could be fixed within minutes (debatable whether Sylvie is gonna be able to see that its gonna take an hour due to how it works) View More
Release That Witch · C1465
5 months ago
im hoping this damage was from the initial penetrating shot and not the actual nuke, or at the very least that it contacting into the Deity of God's pyramid managed to let a large amount of concentrated force into the magic force field and caused substantial damage to the interior. View More
Release That Witch · C1464
5 months ago
\ (•◡•) / "Sun" be praised! View More

Hiddenfire: Praise the sun!

Release That Witch · C1463
5 months ago
Explosion Imminent
Explosion in

Demon:hey, you hear something?
Demon #2: you're hearing things.
Demon: no seriously, i can hear a whistling sound
Demon #2: huh, now that you say it, i think i can hear somet-


Maggie: that looks like a mushroom, cooo!
Lightning: you're right, that kinda makes me hungry
Maggie: we can ask if theres anything to eat once we get back! Coo!

[Demons]bnouiwflkrfnouwgerhfouwgbjpsul;IMBURNING!!sljufopiwerh View More
Release That Witch · C1463
5 months ago
strangely enough, i dont find the image of demon otakus that strange at all, not the lower demons nor the senior demons.
now if we could get Valkaries and Serakkas Idols, then the demons would know true culture! View More

k3pa: i wonder if the demons will develop anime

Release That Witch · C1462
5 months ago
"Even if you do not believe in God, the only thing you can do now is pray…" Nightingale whispered emotionally.

"Dear God, Stay the hell out of our way!!!! Amen." View More
Release That Witch · C1462
5 months ago
Hackzord's reason for defection was for his own safety, Serakkas doesnt care about anyone except Valkaries, and Valkaries well, she's the only one of the 3 that might be pissed at Roland but in the end so long as the remnants that stayed with Hackzord stay alive im sure she'd eventually side with Roland again as her race still has a future.
so its not a 100% end to the human+demon alliance. View More

Digicidal: Yeah, that pretty much puts a permanent end to the "maybe we can work together..." concept which was a compelling reason for their defection.

Release That Witch · C1461
5 months ago
finally time, using the Sun to hide and yet highlighting the destructiveness of the "Glory of the Sun" aka Nuke!

though hopefully whatever Mask is doing on the Demon King's Deity of Gods wont have an adverse effect on the explosion as i cant think of anything good happening with nuke+magic (unless the magic simply counteracts the resulting radioactivity of the aftermath) View More
Release That Witch · C1461
5 months ago
if only Eleanor still had a human body, im sure she'd be wet after 4 centuries of revenge was finally coming into view xD
and for the Aerial Knights deploying, im guessing its to give the demons a "return present" in having their own aerial units assault the Demon's base as what the demons tried to do. or at the very least have the planes scout out more closely the damage of Eleanor's barrage incase she needs slight corrections or to see just how far the Demon King's Deity of Gods is from the battle site. View More
Release That Witch · C1458
5 months ago
Eleanor is a great painter, dyeing the plains in the blood of demons, the next day, the many people on the Floating Mountain are going to witness the sight of many a blood flowers on the large expanse in front.
the demons on the other hand, are gonna be sh.itting themselves after seeing that they cant even get close to the Human's fortress. View More
Release That Witch · C1457
5 months ago
and now i cant get the image of Nightingale puling Roland into the Mist World to "engage" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) View More

J1N: The Queen has officially granted Nightingale designation Concubine #1. You may now proceed, Roland.

Release That Witch · C1456
5 months ago
is it really gonna happen? this just blatantly screams of a death flag or at the very least a very heavy injury for the parties involved.
but more importantly, has the author managed to get permission(from wife or whoever prevented it before) to let Nightringale get her chance??? View More
Release That Witch · C1456
5 months ago
damn, only 2 months to reach college level? damn thats enviable.
and Eleanor can use hundreds of weapons? i can only imagine the mountain that was turned into the floating Island, being outfitted with hundreds of guns all along its sides to allow for both long range and close range firing. View More
Release That Witch · C1455
5 months ago
nuclear torpedo through the space warped area Joan once got lost in? that seems like the nearest and possibly easiest method to attack the Sky-Sea Realm's rear as it seems they themselves either dont know about it or dont use it. View More

Feliprins1: I mean, sure a good tatical nuke can win agains the demons, since they relly so heavily on red mist, but what of the sky-sea realm? There are alot of hives and they live in unreacheable terrain inside water

Release That Witch · C1454
5 months ago
is the "Heaven Plan" the nuke plan? if so then hopefully by now its useable as to be able to destroy the new demon's Deity of Gods/King's City, they need way more firepower than they did when attacking Mask's Deity of Gods.
and guess this is the biggest chance for Hackzord to fully work alongside Roland to be able to attack the Demon King, and also sorta fulfill Valkaries' goal to give Demons some survival(even if only a small portion of them). View More
Release That Witch · C1454
5 months ago
so the Sky-Sea Realm's Nest Mothers are basically like the fast evolving worms from the Tremors movies, only, instead of subterranean movement, they began from seafaring movement to land to aerial movement.

given that all this new evolvement began from the same beast that Nightingale attacked and hurt, i gotta imagine that it managed to hijack or upload corrupted info on its own Nest Mother which spread to the other Nest Mothers and became the cause of this new movement. View More
Release That Witch · C1452
5 months ago
distances/speeds somewhat confused me but more than anything i couldnt help but just imagine this as a standard mecha(tank) vs giant monster battle over the course of an area the size of maybe 4-6 football fields.
also, a Tank supposedly running over a supposedly semi-fast moving blade beast. View More
Release That Witch · C1451
5 months ago
that "Crack" sound that Nightingale heard, does this mean that Nightingale is subconsciously exerting the "Lines" from the mist world onto the real world into a sort of space severing ability? or at the very least, that the magic stone is somehow reacting with her ability to show a similar effect? View More
Release That Witch · C1449
5 months ago
the old man took it far better than one normally would, guess that being a rational man, he subconsciously realized that a human truly couldn't ever reach immortality like the Central Carriers that Pasha uses. View More
Release That Witch · C1447
5 months ago
Its a much better name than what most readers would’ve expected from Roland’s naming sense. That said it’s in line with naming a ship with a female name. In this case the “Captain’s” name as Eleanor is in charge of the actual operator/person-in-charge for the movement. View More

taz2: Like that Roland named his Deity of Gods after Eleanor.

Release That Witch · C1446
5 months ago
I honestly expected a more detailed and slightly boring chapter about the processes needed to allow the flying mountain to lift off with a mix of the logistical side and the magic needed for the island to decide its size and power needed.

That said, i much rather like this method better as it also gives us the much liked mindbreak PoV.

Also, i totally thought the old man that was mentioned was Kajen viewing the flight for his next playwright/screenplay View More
Release That Witch · C1446
5 months ago
very likely that atleast 20-50% of the production facilities are probably already on the mountain itself due to not having build area before Neverwinter was officially founded. like the Steel production plant. if anything they'd need to secure those plants off the mountain as well.
as for the Runways, they might already have some on the mountain from when the 1st wind powered planes were used so it'd be more outfitting them for longer use than needing to build ones from scratch.

housing is gonna be the biggest problem id think. View More

Dante_The_Immortal: Yep but we can clearly see the rush, even with Witches help I bet Shaping Northern Slope will take more than a Week and also saying they will build Runways and Warehouses are not enough they need housing, Sanitation, A working massive kitchen and others. Looks like a rushed ending 😣😗

Release That Witch · C1445
6 months ago
so now that the Human vs Demons war is on a standstill (due to the fact that there's the Demon King's faction still on the way) we're gonna get some recruitment , various PoV (Witches and normal people) and some construction chapters?
not that i really mind, though i suppose this is gonna also provide time/possibly some chances for Hackzord and Serakkas to continue working with Roland in the build process over what they understood on it as it will (atleast for Hackzord) give them a better chance of survival against the Sky-Sea Realm. View More
Release That Witch · C1445
6 months ago
Demon Queen Eleanor? now if only she had a humanoid body.
though, im surprised that Eleanor was able to gain so much info, was Mask involved in all of the upgrades or have knowledge to them about demons or was the "Mother of Soul" connected to a sort of info hub that allowed her to research the demon's various infos?

also, i take it Eleanor still doesnt know that Roland's queen is a Witch? any amassing power that he coulda done is from the beginning being shared with his Witch wife and he doesnt need to secretly amass power cause the Witch Union girls all respect him? View More
Release That Witch · C1444
6 months ago
The Internet: "a Tentacle is ok too" View More

Boy_kun: Roland : "Age doesn't matter. Female is female although in different race."

Release That Witch · C1443
6 months ago
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