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"Beetles?" John, Paul, George & Ringo? . . . View More
Fatal Shot · C90
19 hours ago
"Xinya wasted 6 Dreaming Dust Potions because he kept missing as he was running..." Try a slingshot! View More
Haven Online · C70
1 week ago
Shin Jiao's strength...
Is. Just. That. TYRANNICAL!!! View More
The Geared Immortal · C111
2 weeks ago
Sugar Beets. Raise 'em, boil em; extract sugar from the syrup...
Sugar Cane. Raise 'em, boil em; extract sugar from the syrup...
Set up near an ocean, extract salt from Sea water... View More
Farming For Gold · C55
2 weeks ago
With the quantum communication device could he talk to his AI's from Earth? It would speed plot development... View More
I Found A Planet · C252
3 weeks ago
It seems that the price he has to pay for his Temporal Regression is the nightmares of his former life. View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C44
1 month ago
"They never met. Not even briefly. Oh, no not eve just once or twice..." View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C43
1 month ago
Why didn't he name his character 'WildFire'? View More
Fîre God · C3
1 month ago
Melting Snow may be a bit of a brat, but he's a good kid and a true friend. View More
Haven Online · C42
1 month ago
GJ! Class Change AND a Mentor!... View More
Haven Online · C29
1 month ago
I forget... Did he get the Livestream option? View More
Haven Online · C17
1 month ago
"Title:Non-Available" What does THAT mean? View More
Haven Online · C15
1 month ago
Oops ! got my clans wrong! Now I'm REALLY confused by the actions of the Alchemist Elder! View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C22
1 month ago
Quin Mo Must be scheming 'for the Greater Glory of the Mo Clan'... View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C21
1 month ago
"From the memories of Old Rex, he knows his mother is half-Asian. But he still doesn't know why his mother's little sister is blonde." Somebody's . . . Adopted. View More
PUBG Player God (Virtual reality style) · C4
1 month ago
"...None of this is my fault. It really is not my fault." YES IT IS!! View More
The lone dragon · C32
1 month ago
2 with 1 bullet?! Nice. If he gets a skill like [CatenaryCompensation] on top of that, it'll be even better. View More
Fatal Shot · C55
1 month ago
Couldn't they use a VR architectural design interface? View More
Data Dragon Danika · C366
1 month ago
His next Research Project should be Environmental Traps... The swamp's already a great setting for it. View More
Dungeon Core Online · C100
1 month ago
Does each stuffed animal 'Pet' have an endoskeleton? Would put more power to their attacks and make for sharper claws if the do. Howevwer... being boneless/spineless means that many seemingly impossible movements become possible A la Ragdoll & Plastic Man/Elastic Lad/Enlongated Man or Mr. Fantastic (pretentious sounding bunch, aren't they?) View More
Dungeon Core Online · C98
1 month ago
"City Lord Kenzo!" I can see it now... View More
Exodus: Disconnected · C22
1 month ago
Roaring Dragon Invincible? . . . NO! Roaring Dragon Idiot! Not getting all the facts about a Target; not finding out about his background.; not finding out about his friends and allies... Haste has only made him an even bigger idiot! View More
Fatal Shot · C45
1 month ago
Perhaps now he'll finally investigate the wormhole in his bathroom . . . and is it the ONLY ONE?!! View More
I Found A Planet · C213
1 month ago
Just a quick note: Winston can make his own fertilizer. Fertilizer is a major component in several kinds of explosives. Defenses against magic don't generally stop a chemical explosion... View More
Farming For Gold · C51
1 month ago
Badass!... View More
Fatal Shot · C38
1 month ago
Use the stone in a center of a formation for restoration/cleaning. Link it to a barrier formation, and it can be the core of the Guild's Defense system... View More
Data Dragon Danika · C356
1 month ago
See? I told you... View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C19
1 month ago
Oh No! It's Bub-bun from Sluggy Freelance! Runnnnnnnn awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!! View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C17
1 month ago
He Just doesn't get it... Searching for the MC? He's supposed to make the MC out of the life he leads. With a Supervisor from HELL(ena, Montana) to boot... Such a tragedy! View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C17
1 month ago
I LIKE IT! It's like System No. 00290596 is a Djinn!! View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C1
1 month ago
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