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I think it would be more interesting for the story if Ashlin continues to be the only monster he can summon, and that instead of letting the protagonist add more monsters directly, it would be better for Ashlyn to level up so powerfully that others are jealous and decide that one monster like her is worth more than a bunch of ordinary monsters! Or perhaps Ashlyn could gain a power to add subordinate monsters under her control, or a bit more cliche, she could become human and stay with her master... View More
Monster Integration · C480
1 month ago
I agree! Let's see Ashley help more in fights! View More

knight_of_hell: That's the problem with this novel they never fucking use their beast.
Let's die rather than using our beast.
At least Ashley is like cheats to find good stuff and fire rule.
Rest of beast stays in body waiting for there partners to die

Monster Integration · C456
2 months ago
There is nothing that needs to be changed about the way you have been writing your story! Sure, the grammar errors and the many incorrect words inserted by your spell-checker can be frustrating at times. However, the slow character growth and unique story line that you are creating are very enjoyable!
You do not need to make your story be more like others - just keep it however YOU feel like writing it! There are already far too many "cookie-cutter" stories being published. View More
Monster Integration · C229
7 months ago
Reading Status: C4
A very fun story to read, several fresh new ideas added to the reincarnated as a dungeon trope! Fresh new ideas are always welcome! Character's personalities are fun, and relatable to. View More
The Whimsical Dungeon
11 months ago
Reading Status: C488
Just like so many other readers of this truly fascinating story, I am looking forward eagerly to the day that Lin Lang's true identity is revealed! I just wonder if the story will manage to continue to advance after the big reveal, or if it will treat that as the conclusion to the main story? Happily, it seems like many, many more chapters remain?! View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
11 months ago
Reading Status: C25
This is an excellent light read! Since it is set in a "world of bears" it does not have to be serious, and if a few cliche type instances occur revolving around teaching arrogant nobles to treat others considerately a few more times than the author intended, the story is still fun! Do not drop this story! Dragons & Bears surprisingly mix quite well! View More
Dragon in a World of Bears
1 year ago
Went Premium, so now I can no longer read this. Total bummer, because I was enjoying the story. View More
Omnipotent Sage · C393
1 year ago
I will buy a book for $5! I was hoping Netra could trick him into revealing his dark power - at least to her mother! View More
Divine Beast Ascension · C0
1 year ago
Reading Status: C2
Very fun story! I always enjoy reading about "non-humans" trying to understand the ways of "actual humans". The monsters are usually the better "people"! View More
My First Party Member is a Slime
1 year ago
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