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You can't prove to me that the group chat isn't just ****posting cultivation memes as they discuss other cultivation related things at this point. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C998
5 days ago
I mean at this point his inner world will just keep growing as it gets more energy right? So he should definitely be able to eventually fit the entire city and he accepted whatever karma is attached to the heavenly city, so he probably would just keep collecting pieces he finds. View More

ashtonx: Is he planning to rerestore whole fFriggin Heavenly City inside his own realm ?

Cultivation Chat Group · C992
1 week ago

SmilingReader: Shuhang is pushing Little Cai to turn into Skarmory 😂

Cultivation Chat Group · C992
1 week ago
Senior White, feeding your P*kem*n rare candy will make them level up and evolve quicker, take precautions! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C991
1 week ago

Mum0f5: I'm thinking the dragon vine from the mysterious island that she took to get over the last tribulation injuries.

Cultivation Chat Group · C985
2 weeks ago
They won't bleed. Just rupture their eardrums and damage their souls! No big deal. View More

Migole: What sort of Devil’s Bargain has Shuhang entered into?!

All those innocents at Jiangnan University...their blood will be on his hands.

Cultivation Chat Group · C977
3 weeks ago
Another threat soon to be solved by the violence of music! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C976
3 weeks ago

Sahasranama: It's not that shuhang seeks death it's just that death gets bored and comes to visit shuhang

Cultivation Chat Group · C974
4 weeks ago
Also, now he has to eat saber grass to make saber lotus seeds to feed to his saber insect pets. Shuhang's poor throat... View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C972
1 month ago
Pretty funny Senior White pretending like he didn't know what Medicine Master was up to, then side notes to Shuhang to prepare for Medicine Master's kid. Even funnier is imagining Medicine Master stopping to take a call from Senior White like... I can't decline, its Senior White! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C972
1 month ago
Senior White: "NVM Racing system it is." View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C969
1 month ago
Senior White - steals your mental energy to play your video game cheat system View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C968
1 month ago
Now, learn how to create a laser and fulfill your new 7th name. You thought you could get rid of one by granting it to a disciple? Ha seems not. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C967
1 month ago
It probably displays information on stuff so that its helpful on things like how to tame, feed, raise, and care for spirit beasts that the cultivator is finding / raising. So talent and luck means you can progress as fast as those allow, while rich experience aka taming and training lots of different types are needed for understanding and inferring new information to become better and improve upon your own techniques. By following the path of a grandmaster, you can be assured the information is pretty accurate and can bring you close to his level like he said. It would need ones own luck, talent, and skills built along the way to go that final step or any further though. View More

VardorStormDragon: I noticed that this Senior keeps saying "slowly" when referring to the system. I shudder to think what a senior of this level considers slowly. Could be centuries or it could be days. Shuhang may need Senior White to hack the system to make it useful. I am curious about what the problem with this will be.

Cultivation Chat Group · C966
1 month ago

Franconian: Professor Oak, is that you?

Cultivation Chat Group · C966
1 month ago
Whatever he just revived must be pretty good at defrosting, so now he doesn't have to worry about freezing to death for the time being I guess. He just has to hope its someone friendly lol View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C959
1 month ago
Lamia-o'-virtue is here to show you the meaning of jumpscare Mr. Puppet. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C958
1 month ago
I'm just imagining Dragonball Z abridged teleport *pop* sound effect as Senior White disappears, followed by Shuhang making the same noise as he teleports to his inner world lol. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C953
1 month ago
(And live to win the Gold Medal!) View More

RClong: Picture it!
Closing event of the first ever Cultivator Olympics.
Who Can Seek The Greatest Death??!??!?

Cultivation Chat Group · C946
1 month ago
So if Shuhang gets taught the ability to summon holy apes that somehow strneghten consitution by Senior White Rabbit, would it make him jump up even further in consitution? Lol Musclehang, come back to us. Also, would "holy" have anything to do with light of virtue? View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C945
1 month ago
In before Shuhang goes "Do you practice the 33 divine beast cultivation technique" and the fox goes "what? I was never told what I cultivate." View More

SubZeee: Shared cultivation techniques resonating...

Cultivation Chat Group · C939
2 months ago

Vindictious: Eh, I think only Soft Feather can tolerate his singing. Any body else would pass out, leaving them at the mercy of the tribulation 😂🤣😅

Cultivation Chat Group · C933
2 months ago
I think she is the older one of the guest monks that ran away with Gougou recently and was involved in the human transformation feast at the monster hideout View More

CeeJayKilo: It's been a while. Who is Shi again?

Cultivation Chat Group · C928
2 months ago
I give this chapter a perfect 5/7 rating based on Sullivan's Theorem. I laughed a little bit when he unconsciously called all the classmates daoists lol View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C928
2 months ago
It could be the girl that Shuhang helped out SUPER early in the novel when getting back Senior White (statue form), or that Chu Chu that Doudou was dating online who found out where Shuhang goes to school too. I doubt its 16 because she isn't the age of 10 as far as I know View More

RClong: Wait wait wait
2 girls transferring in, most likely soft feather and 16,
And if senior white crane is transferring that means senior white could be to!!!!
I called it Allier but now that there’s hope it’s true I am hyped!!!!

Cultivation Chat Group · C927
2 months ago
He can simply hide his talisman I suppose during the class role call / talk to the teacher before or after? I wouldn't doubt him being counted absent as a joke the author is setting up. View More

Musashimi: If he's invisible, how would people know that he really attended his class?

Cultivation Chat Group · C927
2 months ago
Charisma stat too low, Poor Shuhang. You can't even dump extra stat points from leveling into it at this point, only the natural increases by ranking up. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C923
2 months ago
Crying, inside of him of course. View More

Migole: Virtuous Lamia just became best girl, despite handicaps and not actually being alive or conscious. Where was Ye Si during Shuhang’s life and death crisis?

Cultivation Chat Group · C916
2 months ago
The boat is saved, but at what cost?
RIP eardrums and sanity View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C915
2 months ago
Title made me think the lamia was going to speak to Fairy Lychee View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C913
2 months ago
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