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SkyHuntress: The shop girl is sharp to be able to see through ling lan's true gender in one glance, those high rank commander should quit 😂

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C721
1 week ago
Nah, he can get feedback from the "viewers" it said last chapter, so he should have realized based off that "..." at the very end that they already know. View More

Migole: Feels like this guy may (through ignorance) go on About the modern tribulation, and fail to get much light of virtue...falling to an inner demon.

Actually, far more likely that senior White finishes his ascension midway through Winter Melons speech

Cultivation Chat Group · C1058
1 week ago
"Throw's unsealed nuke" - Thanks Senior White View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1057
1 week ago
"the only two girls" ling lan doesn't even call herself a girl now, she is just Boss View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C710
2 weeks ago
Is True Monarch White Crane actually this forgetful that he does not remember Shuhang has a girlfriend? And that his girlfriend is also his ghost spirit? View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1045
3 weeks ago
At this point, probably not. I would assume the strengthening of the tribulation has an upper limit View More

Fleks: If senior White is continuously using the Tribulation reset button, won't something even scarier than a hydrogen bomb appear?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1044
3 weeks ago
Senior White transcends 7th stage to 8th stage after 100 years? Meanwhile True Monarch Yellow Mountain has been a true monarch since before White has closed up. He must be feeling left behind soon View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1037
1 month ago
Considering the scary thoughts of Dharma King in the previous chapter, I would not put it past someone to troll an enemy in front of all cultivators. If doudou made it to 8th stage would he play the song of the stupid yellow mountain? View More

Khalis: I was legit hoping that after Sister Lamia <died> Shuhang would just say "Sigh, Young Master Hai of the Limitless Demon Sect, why must you trouble me so?"

Then a witch hunt for Young Master Hai could begin.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1033
1 month ago

Khalis: I was legit hoping that after Sister Lamia <died> Shuhang would just say "Sigh, Young Master Hai of the Limitless Demon Sect, why must you trouble me so?"

Then a witch hunt for Young Master Hai could begin.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1033
1 month ago
"Even with the strength of a 3rd stage cultivator, if you manage to be truly absurd and ferry billions of souls worth of souls, or a few 9th stage tribulation transcender souls you too may be able to condense a light of virtue that, with the aid of an item bought for an untold fortune from a man who can barge into the tribulation realm, reach the 4th stage." View More

US_DreamerDon: "Uhhh... I've been cultivating this year and have reached the 4th stage..." Much blood was shed.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1030
1 month ago
Ye Si can cultivate via crying basically, so why not? View More

Migole: Dear lord, if it was possible to cultivate through laughter I’d now be a flipping tribulation transcender. Just imagine the world watching as the camera pans around and the naming seals form.

Still waiting for the camera to finally pan to Lady Onion and acknowledge her too

Cultivation Chat Group · C1029
1 month ago
Wait. This also means that his lamia (as long as that hat is not consumed somehow) can just solo any tribulation for him up to the 8th to 9th stage... which means he has a free pass View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1028
1 month ago
So if he got a sage seal for passing this tribulation, will he get another for passing his 7th to 8th stage tribulation way later? OP OP stacking years of people remembering his name! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1028
1 month ago
Even funnier if it is Shuhang who they all recognize. Seniors in the chat will be crying, and Scholar Sunken Loon will be spitting out blood due to jealousy View More

Biro: The virtuous lamia is going to broadcast her divinity as an Eight Stage expert? that would be hilarious

Cultivation Chat Group · C1027
1 month ago
Don't raise such flags seniors, it will only bait the tribulation further! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1022
1 month ago
7 lives talisman better get a 9 pattern dragon core for these shenanigans. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1019
1 month ago

FlickHero: Is it time for loose canon number 5 to appear? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cultivation Chat Group · C1018
1 month ago
I think he was worried the healing would increase true qi and make him trigger tribulation. So use energy -> no trib was his thought is what i am gathering View More

Mum0f5: He never learns. Never practice when you are so close to tribulation time.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1015
1 month ago

wn0020: Oh no. Will this trigger ssh’s tribulation?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1014
1 month ago
"Shuhang, tell me where you are hiding Venerable White" - True Monarch White Crane, for the 500th time, probably. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1012
1 month ago
Its the falling, not the height that matters the most :P View More

jakeru: Shuhang says he doesnt mind being in the air?? HES A FAKE

Cultivation Chat Group · C1008
1 month ago
Or frenzied strength imparter's long awaited tribulation starts and triggers Shuhang's as he is trying to bail out the girl. It was kinda mentioned how it would raise the difficulty of the tribulation multiple times if two different ones coincided, and that seems like the kind of troll that would happen to Shuhang View More

Zacc: My guess is that when Ye Si breaks through, the more refined energy will pass to Shuhang, making him subsequently break though as well. Thus setting off a catastrophic series of events.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1006
2 months ago
You can't prove to me that the group chat isn't just ****posting cultivation memes as they discuss other cultivation related things at this point. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C998
2 months ago
I mean at this point his inner world will just keep growing as it gets more energy right? So he should definitely be able to eventually fit the entire city and he accepted whatever karma is attached to the heavenly city, so he probably would just keep collecting pieces he finds. View More

ashtonx: Is he planning to rerestore whole fFriggin Heavenly City inside his own realm ?

Cultivation Chat Group · C992
2 months ago

SmilingReader: Shuhang is pushing Little Cai to turn into Skarmory 😂

Cultivation Chat Group · C992
2 months ago
Senior White, feeding your P*kem*n rare candy will make them level up and evolve quicker, take precautions! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C991
2 months ago

Mum0f5: I'm thinking the dragon vine from the mysterious island that she took to get over the last tribulation injuries.

Cultivation Chat Group · C985
2 months ago
They won't bleed. Just rupture their eardrums and damage their souls! No big deal. View More

Migole: What sort of Devil’s Bargain has Shuhang entered into?!

All those innocents at Jiangnan University...their blood will be on his hands.

Cultivation Chat Group · C977
3 months ago
Another threat soon to be solved by the violence of music! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C976
3 months ago

Sahasranama: It's not that shuhang seeks death it's just that death gets bored and comes to visit shuhang

Cultivation Chat Group · C974
3 months ago
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