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Hope writing this story is helping you learn a second language, but you should still get a beta and/or proofread chapters before posting them. View More
Reborn as Naruto's Twin Brother · C2
1 month ago
How easily he's dealing with everything...It's boring. View More
Alexander Maximus (DC Universe) · C26
1 month ago
Use quotation marks. View More

endless: What should I improve on. I am learning as I go.

VR System In Walking Dead. · C7
1 month ago
Nope. Can't stand the dialogue. View More
VR System In Walking Dead. · C7
1 month ago
Happy for the good news, even if I'm puzzled you didn't just add this small paragraph as an author's note at the end of the next chapter that's apparently in 2 days anyway. View More
The Red Storm · C14
1 month ago

DragonkingKyo: thanks for the chapter but the most of the chapter was him getting into an armor

Alexander Maximus (DC Universe) · C21
1 month ago
YOINK View More
Reverend Insanity · C1577
2 months ago

Leekz01: It may seem like it but it's not honestly trust me. This story is actually a personal quest my friend is running for me. The system can only be used when I have skill points to use. It's not like the game system so I don't get easier stat increases I'm just able to see my stats and my natural growth like everyone else.

To earn skill points I have to do challenging events or activities. So skill points are scarce. To wish for anything actually beneficial I'll need 10+ points and I only get 1 each year unless I achieve something or help yue grow stronger which takes time.

Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C3
2 months ago
To be honest, I'm not too keen on a wish-granting fairy. Even if he can only get one wish a year. He's already born as a ninja-wizard with meta-knowledge, and on top of that he's got a system that will promote his growth as time goes on. Adding additional wishes seems a bit much. View More
Along a Fading Path (Naruto) · C3
2 months ago
Most of the rank 9 existences seem to be progenitors of a "path", whether that be the human path, soul path, luck path, thief path, etc. I wonder if we're seeing Fang Yuan develop something like a "self" or "solitary" path. Everything he does is to benefit himself in some way; from when he's just talking to someone or refining or trading favours, etc. Most of the Gu and killer moves he creates himself seem to revolve around aspects of "the self", even if they're influenced by soul path, strength path, enslavement path to create things like myriad self. Even his current body is uniquely suited to taking in things that are "other" (like dao marks, immortal materials, etc) and using them to grow in strength. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1571
2 months ago
Kind of wish they made Goku learn how to control his great ape form himself. I always felt it was a bit short-sighted that they just removed the tail; there was every possibility that any kids he had would also have it and he should be able to teach them control himself. Even if they didn't, it was always going to be a possibility it would show up in a descendant, and if no one in the Son clan ever learned control they'd be **** out of luck. View More
I'm Yamcha EX · C4
2 months ago
While it's always nice to see an SI that's thought their wishes through, I fear that this is going to be one of those "Training" stories wherein mostly we get to see how the MC munchkins their way to ultimate power in relative safety using meta-knowledge, followed by short, effortless fights with their antagonists. View More
Dragon Ball Empire · C1
2 months ago
Was the "Important" title a reference to something in the upcoming chapter itself? Because this...wasn't. View More
Leonard Stark · C0
2 months ago
The move is fine in concept, but it won't work on our boy Fang Yuan though. It wasn't one or two bad days that led him to walking the demonic path; he was originally righteous in temperament. It was literally centuries (multiple lifetimes) of experiences that led to the disillusionment with the hypocrisy in the "righteous" path, and joined in the unapologetic selfishness of the demonic path and only looking out for himself. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1539
2 months ago
Good lord, Han Xiao is going to have his entire army pre-fire two shots and then store them to get the third True Damage later and just annihilate whatever he comes across. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C679
2 months ago
Not at all! I just don't care for fanfiction authors giving me updates about their personal lives. If you feel open enough to tell me about how your day is going, I'll be open enough to tell you I don't care what's going on with it. View More

A_Humble_Servant: Damn, that's a sad existence you must be living.

Highschool DxD: A Journey To The Top · C0
2 months ago
That's fine, and I'll post a comment about how your personal life is both none of my business, and none of my concern. View More

A_Humble_Servant: Well, I'm sorry those updates seemed to have launched some kind of personal attack against you, but I'll update my readers when I can't post a chapter. That's just how it is and you not caring doesn't change that one bit.

Highschool DxD: A Journey To The Top · C0
2 months ago
I've read some stories were every 3rd update was some statement about how author is babysitting so can't write, or they're schedule at work is harsh at the moment, or their 3rd cousin's wedding is coming up...and I don't care. At all. Notifications that have nothing to do with the story are just annoyances. View More

A_Humble_Servant: And I'd rather not have people asking where the next chapter is in the comment section. This helps give people an idea why I didn't put out a chapter yesterday.

Don't even get why you're so annoyed about it. Like, calm down.

Highschool DxD: A Journey To The Top · C0
2 months ago
I'd much rather get nothing at all then some kind of announcement chapter. View More
Highschool DxD: A Journey To The Top · C0
2 months ago
Does he have super strength then? If he's casually l lifting up trees. View More
Reincarnated as Naruto’s Brother · C18
3 months ago
Hope you recover, but you got WAY too many "annoucement" non-chapters. You ain't the only story we're following, it doesn't matter if you have a delay of even months between updates. I'd much rather wait longer, and get an update, than to get an update (and my hopes up) and read about apologies and an update on your life. View More
The Most Powerful Quirkless (Completed Story). · C46
3 months ago
I'm not too keen on him being able to get his dungeon reward on a whim from the system. Why even go into the dungeons if he can just be given the rewards at any point? I know he'd get more from eating the monsters and whatnot, but it seems like a cool mechanic of his power is explained...and then voided within a chapter or two for convenience. View More
Highschool DxD: A Journey To The Top · C4
3 months ago

Rotting_Corpse: I honestly expected more from this, it was ridiculous at the beginning but I hoped that it would improve but it actually got worse.
The MC has ****ty personality and wants to kill Danzo but never acts.
Minato is still hokage but bends his ass for Danzo to **** him.
Almost all other characters have degraded to betas who bend over for the MC
I had to drop it when the MC forced a woman to give him a blowjob to preserve her life and this was out of no context.

Anyway if you enjoy reading about a degenerate MC, this is the novel for you.

A Saiyan in the Multiverse
3 months ago
What the **** is wrong with this iteration of Jarvis? Goes from wanting to kill a baby to making statements about child abuse. View More
Leonard Stark · C2
3 months ago
Is it even possible to choke on an ice cube? I feel like the thing would melt in his throat and he'd start breathing again even if he'd lost conciousness. View More
Leonard Stark · C1
3 months ago
From now on, the amount of loot our boy is going to steal will be ridiculous. View More
Reverend Insanity · C1511
3 months ago
The lack of capitalization, and bad (or non-existent) punctuation throughout this story is a huge red flag for me. View More
gundam the great reawakening · C3
3 months ago
Are the pokemon in his pocket-space doing okay? I know that they're each in an environment suited for them, but a fairly large amount seem to be rather social creatures. Is there a particular reason he wants them all in his hammer-space beyond the convenience of having them nearby despite not considering them part of his main team? View More
Pokemon - Adventure · C21
3 months ago

Hatake_Shirou: The idea of the story is alright but it never lifts off. I've had the story listed for several months now and the updates tend to be rewrites of the same chapters with minor changes. As such my rating is quite poor. The author writes well but doesn't go beyond baby years with his updates, and tends to focus on various rewrites of his birth... With minor differences.

Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters
3 months ago
End of the chapter? Not sure if you're viewing a different version of webnovel, but the one I got lets me see all comments at any point of the chapter from the right side of the screen if I click a button. When I start getting red flags in a chapter, I check to see if I'm the only one. As for not knowing what "implausible" means, I meant it in the sense of it stretching the suspension of disbelief too much to be enjoyable. In this case, having to put up with a would-be munchkin trying to powergame but still being able to find means to go out and gather their team and train them when their own setting shows shows it is too dangerous to leave the safety of the cave. It's like when you read those Dragon Ball Z stories where the MC wishes for something like "all knowledge of how to use ki, all fighting techniques, and how to reach SSJ 10+ Super Hyper Ultimate God Mode". Well ****, why even bother reading if all the damn progression is being done passively with no effort? It's fucking boring. View More

ChaosSlimeGod: Yeah, so I really don't think you understand what the word "implausible" means. If you did you'd be completely embarrassed by the nonsense that you just spewed.

Oh, are you giving others a heads up for what they're getting themselves into? Wrong! You're putting useless and vague comments that offer up no useful or enlightening information at at THE END OF THE CHAPTER! You know, that place that everyone gets to after they've already read the chapter and know everything that you do at that point in the story.

You're response to my comment is just as clueless and illogical as the last schmuck who was crying about the Childhood Chapters. But it seems that there's a community of retards out there who imagine that complaining endlessly about the author including relevant and important events from the MC's childhood is some kind of taboo that has to be responded to with senseless jibber jabber and vague "criticisms," if they can even be called that. As such, I'm going to attempt to nip this problem in the bud by revising my synopsis and adding another update chapter. Hopefully, you looney toons will have taken a hint by then.

Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters · C5
3 months ago
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