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Did you just reply to a 5 month old comment? Bruh i dont remember novels i read last week much less one from 5 months ago 🤣 View More

OverlordXanth: Didn't you say you were dropping this novel like, 3-4 chapters ago? If you don't want to read it just leave.

The Law God - Artic · C41
1 week ago

The_Dark_Sapphire: If you get rid of that completely pointless romance bit this story is great!

Is that a Wisp? · C6
2 weeks ago
Did he just write them down? With the halfelf possible invisible next to him? And what the hell is up with mcs always writing **** down as if they will forget them View More
Sword of Dawnbreaker · C48
2 weeks ago
Lmao you been mad for like 6 days already View More

reb1: well go **** yourself i'm just reasonable HA!!

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer
4 weeks ago
Holy you are so mad View More

reb1: yeah **** you mate

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer
4 weeks ago
It is obvious the father is the assassin, but he is too stupid to notice, but then he should notice how noone gives a **** after repeated assassination attempts, i would of left that family already. View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C49
1 month ago
This novel has lasted too long its getting boring lol View More
King of Gods · C1532
1 month ago

Morggyb: Kill sima Ying too!😈

The Black Market · C51
1 month ago
Who. View More

catch1: The eyeball villians were probably part of the heavens legacy crew too gotta go back and finish the job🤣🤣🤣

King of Gods · C1496
2 months ago
Author this is one of the comments you should simply ignore View More

airambach26: Author can you make sure mc get many goddesses in his harem plese I do like mc who goes awesome in battle but there have been cases where idiot mc who live very long time think in only one way also can you do incest like where when Odin died he take gaia, hell, and other more

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C28
2 months ago
Can someone tell me if it became harem or incest? Am tired of harem novels and wouldnt mind incest View More
One Piece System In One Piece · C13
2 months ago
It is also for free here tho? View More

Rebeca_Villasmil: If you want to read the next chapter you can do it for free in the account of the REAL author DrWriter21 on Fanfiction.net

Killua in My Hero Academia · C1
2 months ago
Omg i read an unfinished novel again, please kill me View More
One Piece: World Traveler · C27
2 months ago
Is it dropped? Its been 3 months would be good to know thx View More
Gamer Naruto · C44
3 months ago
Is this novel dropped? View More

sweet_and_sour143: tnx. XD although it's not technically 100 because of my previous announcements but I will still take it XD

The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C100
3 months ago
I feel like the spirit race they are fighting may be just a small branch of the spirit race View More

MevtheChef: Is just me or is this war to ... easy? I mean the spirit race is one of three major enemys of humanity and there are going to be beaten by 1 of the 10 great universitys? I mean even if the great wall university has the strongest Army, shouldend the war be more ... ********? I mean the endboss is a white hole that is accompanied by 4 black holes, that were beaten befor. Didn't the university kill like 10 holes at the beginning of the war with the crimson gunpowder?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C432
3 months ago

kohln: What the! We pay for the number of words!!! I paid double!!! I was cheated!!!!!!! I want my stones back!!!!'nnn

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C427
3 months ago
You all want romance?sex? Go read a harem noble then ffs View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C361
3 months ago
Pretty much yeah, and all those fucking rules View More

SorcererCat: You mean before he turned it into a magical chess board of crap?

The Law God - Artic · C41
4 months ago
This ***** needs to die, this is becoming unreadable View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C757
4 months ago

Jack_N_Mikhail: Jack hates useless baggage tied to the MC...
The MC keeps picking random females up and it is annoying.
The novel is not bad actually, it's just the author wants to be a harem for the MC that's dragging this novel down

Epoch of Twilight
5 months ago
He should kill her View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C751
5 months ago
Burn View More

Lonelytree: Don't worry, this was from when I still care but after many comments like yours, I've stopped caring so much. It should stop sounding like 'Literature' later on. So thank you :)

Age of Cosmic Exploration · C2
5 months ago
Yea am dropping this, was a great novel at the start before he crossed over to this new continent View More
The Law God - Artic · C41
5 months ago
Yeah dropping this soon, its like a whole different novel View More
The Law God - Artic · C34
5 months ago
Does what you said have anything to do with my comment View More

Shadow_123: You mean by staying in a weak spot instead of getting stronger just because one person needs to be protected? That’s soooo not stupid, let’s keep the useless person who isn’t allowing the mc to get strong and you know, not die quickly, alive so he can live a miserably life for a few months before he dies!

The Ruined World (HIATUS) · C3
5 months ago

Elder_Dog_Nicholas: Is an expert at fighting, incredible strength, while brash he isn’t a weak willed bich. Just adding some positive to your biased comment.

Crazy Detective · C5
5 months ago
Well this is dissapointing View More
Swallowed Star · C1486
5 months ago

bemen: 3rd IET novel I finished reading.
Stellar transformation, coiling dragon and swallowed star.
Still Coiling dragon is the best though

Swallowed Star · C1486
5 months ago
Ever heard of evil people? View More

Weirdo: What?? Why would he go doing killing spree???? Is he an idiot???!!! Rob a bank, get ransom from rich family, infiltrate secret organization, create his own villain goons, etc... There is a lot of easy money making and he goes killing every hero? Why? Killing hero doesn't even give out money?..

Speed Force in BNHA · C3
6 months ago
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