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It's been a long time reading since a simple line like yea we are the bad guys made me laugh so hard View More
Abyss Domination · C9
2 weeks ago
He is a history teacher of course all his speaches will be stolen, I'm waiting for " ask not what your country can do for you..." View More
The supreme sovereign system · C15
3 weeks ago
Darhma is cracking me up , really starting to like this book View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C63
1 month ago
Nope part of his big speach was " go to chu you" View More

N0xiety: So... I guess old yellow will be in house arrest for a very long time? Since people know it as Song Hong's pet right? I bet there will be alot of people wanting to kill the rodent and make soup out of it lol... Hope author won't forget about that one...

Limitless · C88
3 months ago
They better hope non of them have a hairy ass View More

Speros: I know now, But thanks anyway, Have Faith in Lord Fifth, Gain Eternal Life, When Lord Fifth arrives, Who dares to cause strife?

Limitless · C10
3 months ago
I'm hoping he gets warlock powers unlocked and that's the " talent" the old antiques guy keeps mumbling about , a whole new branch of powers View More
Mystical Journey · C60
3 months ago
Naaa kill the top man , seduce the women and spread your own bard spies far and wide, and teach them awsome bate songs like queen or wagner View More

AdolfHipster1945: Burn the bard college.
Butcher all the spies
Leave non alive
Except svidi and jon battle born

Dragonborn Saga · C248
4 months ago
Yes I hate to agree with negative comments but this story really jumped the shark and the quality nosedived, just go back Jon getting buffer fighting and kingdom building all this isoteric llre is just heaping up and getting old View More
Dragonborn Saga · C185
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Mutagen · C137
4 months ago
I can hear the A team music cuing up for a retrofit montage!! View More
Mutagen · C68
4 months ago
I smell herasy!!! View More

CesarAKG: -- What is the plan?


Paragon of Destruction · C162
4 months ago
He didn't bull**** him about the source of his riches , just that he joined the cause) View More

Chaoticmike: Wow he bull****ted the most powerful guy around. Is the guy and adept or master in society standards?

Paragon of Destruction · C124
4 months ago
There is a reason why solitary is a punishment in prison , humans are social creatures and that **** can drive a person mad, he no ( yet) a Chinese cultivator that happily sits in a cave for decade long stretches View More

Benno: The real question is, why does he wanna go out so urgently. There is nothing for him, except being hunted. Wasn't he looking for a "save" place????

Paragon of Destruction · C57
4 months ago
They already told you order and chaos are fighting in the world and according to the adacamy
mages order is getting it's ass kicked View More

EricRasputin: Oh! Finally some world background. I hope there is someone in the higer ranks of the academy that believes in arran to side with order instead of chaos.

Paragon of Destruction · C51
4 months ago
Don't worry about the peeps about the slow release rate, u working hard, this is the best new novel in a long time. I wish I could support you on patron but I'm broke, so write when u can and the fans will be waiy View More

Avan: Glad you like it, sorry to say again fulltime jobs made me unable to write more, so please be patient with the story. The webnovel contract states a minimum of 20.000 words per month so at least I would still need to write 5000 words a week, instead of doing 5 short chapters currently I prefer 3 long chapters per week. I can write a better story this way. I know it will be harder to follow and it will affect the spirit stone vote aswell. But for me, the story is what most important at the moment. As about being slow, I believe later on when the story reach 400-500 chapters I think 100+ chapter for preparation should fit just right., thanks again your support is much appreciated

Doomsday Pillars · C119
5 months ago
It's not confusing he worked in a real blacksmith shop, the blacksmith turned him into online gaming as well as this " underground" game View More
The Devil's Cage · C35
5 months ago
The mc definitely needs some comic relief op tail shaking pets ;) View More

lordnightwalker: Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!

Legend of Ling Tian · C121
6 months ago
Different branches of Islam , 4 wives is in qutar . Saudi follows the wasabi strain of Sunni thought, no limit as long as you can “ provide” for them View More

Benjymen: Nine wife ? I thought muslims were limited to four.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C608
7 months ago
Normally in doomsday novels I want people dying left and right , and last minute plot armor saves annoy me. But I’m finding myself rooting for Barry, I kinda want his girl to awake a healing “ gift” and save his ass View More
Doomsday Pillars · C83
7 months ago
Yea not paying premium when u repeatedly replete the same info chapter to chapter especially since you said you are making them SHORTER I’m dropping View More
World Development System · C58
8 months ago
The mc is reminiscent of Deadpool to me, yea here name is lucky.... must make 6 puns..... but it might piss her off..... **** if it must be said ;) View More
Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C50
9 months ago
I disagree the mc has always been “ mouthy” but good, when starving he still gave some food to the younger kids, he saved the girl in distress, any 15 yr old with a heart would be broken that his actions realeased a demon army that slaughters and rapes everything around View More

ErozothDraeor: 1. It feels the emotions are being forced on MC, his past intelligence and personality does not seem to be one that will be affected so much, at least he should know everything or worse would have happened anyway. 2. It seems the enemies are far to strong to soon in the story.

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C21
9 months ago
I like how the 14 ur old girl s not instantly a fearless killer, she cry’s want her teddy and is scared of giant monsters,,, as she should be makes it more real View More
Epoch of Twilight · C88
9 months ago
It’s like a video game skill tree knife really should be “ bladed “ wepons, there’s prob also a blunt , firearm , and bow setting View More

xryuutohengex: why does it say knife when he previously said he had a 1.4 m some sword

Epoch of Twilight · C16
9 months ago
Don’t make me sick bosun on you! View More

Kuukyo: No comments about the "Higgs force field"? No? Ok 😔

Advent of the Archmage · C70
9 months ago
He’s not as cold as you think, honestly if he gets caught both the sisters will die in horrific ways. Being cold is protecting himself , he could just kill the sisters offer up them to the birdie and dominate or kill Timothy. That, in fact, would be safer but he is keeping them alive View More
Warlock of the Magus World · C748
10 months ago
They have given him all kinds off outs with the quicksand bloodline recherch , ai chip, lamia bone scan and possible location of purgatory, he will be gtg View More
Warlock of the Magus World · C503
10 months ago
Well in a world without any democratic controlled countries war is inevitable as soon as the benefits outweigh the cost, not to mention in south shore and twilight zone there’s a huge divide between light and dark that would always fight , the whole area is like the freaking Israel effect View More

Hiro: Why is there always war where ever he is. The South coast, the Twilight zone, and now the Central continent?

Warlock of the Magus World · C464
10 months ago
I can’t believe how much I like this novel, it needs a better summery I passed it over a few times and now am kicking myself View More
Omniscient Reader · C21
11 months ago
Hey you cannot have a SMACDOWN!! Without Mac;) View More

Tastytomes: I always see the clan name as some unfinished Scottish clan.

The First Hunter · C26
11 months ago
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