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VillAnthem: Sometime later, in the game:
Player 1: Have you heard? Someone cut down all the trees in the Green Forest.
Player 2: I heard. Frost Forest too. And the Fire Forest. Gloom as well.
Player 1: Why bother? They just respawn.
Player 2: I don't know, maybe someone has a grudge.

The King's Avatar · C1404
10 months ago
MF...being pulled into the pro scene by YX.
Or rather...
...being bullied into the pro scene by YX :😂 View More
The King's Avatar · C1399
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
My Beautiful Commander · C1
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Beautiful Commander · C1
10 months ago

Lefteer: Wind Howl's defeat was already decided just by YX word's. If WJX lost to that team, he needs to retire. HahH

The King's Avatar · C1382
11 months ago

KurokonoTasuke: Wei Chen will teach Blue Rain a new level of shamelessness

The King's Avatar · C1382
11 months ago

listenedpromise: Happy vs Blue Rain
HST: PKPKPKPK...what?!!! Cheaters cheaters! Level 80 equipments?!!! That umbrella level 80?!!! Fvck! I'll report you to game company. You cheat!!! YX, PKPKPK!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Dear HST, an Umbrella is enough as a cover from Troubling Rain. Oh wait, Happy also has enough Soft Mist and Dancing Rain.

The King's Avatar · C1382
11 months ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu literally BEGS for his position in this team lineup. He fought hard for this position so he won't give 301 a chance to win this team competition. He is starving for victory. It's been a month. Feed him with BOOsters!

I can imagine the presscon:
Reporters: God YX, you finally in the lineup again for this team match.
YX: I fought hard for my position here.
Reporters: ?
YX: I begged to Happy members to be in the lineup. I am starving for more team victories. It's been a month, they finally let me in.
Reporters: *can't believe it*
Mumu: We actually don't want him in the team lineup but his puppy face begging, I can't help it.
YX: The queen has spoken.
FR: Puppy face?! Pathetic. I wanna throw up.
WC : Disgusting! Puppy face?! YX is a beggar in this team.
*Trash talks begin*
Reporters: Uhm...we're still here.....

The King's Avatar · C1377
11 months ago

Laplace20: Luo Ji: I summon ........... Ye Xiu!!!!!!!!
*Ye Xiu has entered the game*
Ye Xiu: Hey, you missed me?
\( ゚▽゚)/
Jia Xing: #!?$*#
Luo Ji: I have a high IQ after all (˘ω˘ )
Everyone: Shameless!!!!!!!
Xe Xiu: Truly a member of Happy

The King's Avatar · C1336
11 months ago

Whimsical_Feather: so basically... Luo Ji is summoning...
>> Devil World Flower : God YX with his 360 degree vision
>> Frost Wolf : Yifan
>> black Spirit Cat : Mo Fan
( ´∀`)・ω・) ゜Д゜)・∀・)

The King's Avatar · C1336
11 months ago

Khalis: Ye Xiu: "Oh Group Arena, how I missed you..."
Wei Chen: "As much as you'd miss cigarettes if you had to quit?"
Ye Xiu: "Woah now, let's not get hasty here"

The King's Avatar · C1377
11 months ago

Laplace20: "That guy has no limit to his shamelessness!" - if i have learned anything from this novel, it`s that Ye Xiu can match the entirety of Glorys Alliance eith his shamelessness alone

The King's Avatar · C1372
11 months ago

Icaimas: "I see you!"
Worst thing you could read, when fighting YX playing strategically! XD

The King's Avatar · C1351
1 year ago

VillAnthem: It's the gentlemanly thing to do!

The King's Avatar · C1351
1 year ago
Yeah but with improvement he will probably become a terrifying healer View More

WuxiaAddict: Poor little cold hand, all the loses are on him

The King's Avatar · C1310
1 year ago

Jouissance: Hello, everyone!

I'm one of the translators working under NomYummi on TKA, Jouissance! Just here to say that we hope you're enjoying our translations (and our bonus chapters) and we'll do our best to carry this through and give you the best translations! TKA will be going through a bit of refining in the near future and remember to check the Wikia, where additional information can be found (but beware of spoilers!)

I myself am on chapter 1449 right now, and I can assure you that this novel just gets better and better, and even has an awesome prequel called Top Glory, so keep reading!

Also, some very shameless advertising:
There are two rather active discord channels that we know of (after I notified Nom of the existence of the comments section XD)
The following link goes to the less spoiler-filled, more chat-based, slightly more tame (???) and very, very active discord with bots aplenty.
The following link goes to the more art/fanwork-based and nearly equally as active discord that has a NSFW section and shippers aplenty.
They have both been previously advertised, but we decided to make it official. I think there might be more - I know there's apparently a dead one derived from the reddit - but me and Nom know of and are on these two, haha.
The next link takes you to the wikia!
And last but not least is our Patreon, where you can come to support us, read ahead and push us into releasing more often, haha!

Anyways, that's about all I have to say! Look forward to seeing you on the discord servers!

All the best,

The King's Avatar
1 year ago

Charlatan: If you are REALLY curious about the meanings of character names, read below. Might be a little LONG. No spoiler.

First of all, we should know that Chinese is a tonal language, while English assigns stress to one syllable of every word. Tone is one of the distinctive features of standard Chinese(Mandarin). If we neglect the four tones in the transcription of Chinese names, we may lose/misunderstand informations, sometimes are quite important. Just look at these names: Chén Guǒ(Boss), Wèi Chēn(God of shamelessness), and Wǔ Chén(Captain of Team Everlasting). We’ve got three “Chen”s here but they don’t share the same tone. Yep, there are still two of them alike, but if we write them down in ideogram, you’ll see that they are completely different(of course their meaning varies). Now we’re at around Chapter 800, as a Chinese fan who has run through the whole novel four times, if you already find it hard remembering Chinese names, well, keep working, cuz still loads of new names ahead.
I mentioned this point just because I saw a comment saying their names are similar. In fact, not at all😂.

Second, Chinese is a high-density language, it means it carries more information per syllable than English, besides, Chinese has an enormous amount of so called set phrases(Chinese idioms) which are in general consist of only 4 ideograms each, but can tell a whole story!(that’s an insane information density). For the fluency of reading, it’s not possible to translate their names accurately. The translator has had to trim.

Butterfly Blu is a vey talented writer, his works are written with much literary skill, as well as naming. We know that names can convey something, and almost every author would use this technic. For instance, in the Beggar’s Opera of John Gay, we have Lockit, Macheath, Peachum, etc. Without knowing the meaning of the names, it will definitely be a great loss.

So, enough talk, let’s get started.

[1] 叶修[Yè Xiū], MC
叶秋[Yè Qiū], the younger brother
In Asian culture, if we are brothers, our names are usually some how similar, as if to demonstrate that we are brothers. It’s kinda like the rhetorical figure anaphora😄

another example will be more obvious:
苏沐橙[Sū Mù Chéng]
苏沐秋[Sū Mù Qiū]
(Sū is their family name, not Sū Mù.)

They doesn’t need to rhyme, but “anaphora”.

Here we can see 叶秋 and 苏沐秋 have a character in common—the last character [Qiū], means autumn. This is merely a coincidence.But in the case of “One Autumn Leaf” is not.

*I’ll write word-for-word translation between【】

一叶之秋[yí yè zhī qiū]【One Leaf ’s Autumn】
The second and the last character are exactly the name of Yè Qiū. Or, it might be a combination of Yè Xiū and Sū Mù Qiū.
We know that it’s Sū Mù Chéng who picked this name for YX. She knows YX’s real name from the very beginning, so maybe she wished that they could fight together in the Glory.

And, “One Autumn Leaf” is a mistranslation, cuz the literal translation should be “The autumn of one leaf”, “one leaf” is actually an attribute of the word “autumn”. We shift the order, and the artistic conception changes.
P.S.Chinese is an isolating(analytic) language, means it plays with word order, and lacks inflections in morphology. That’s one of the reasons why it has such a high information density.

BUT! When Sū Mù Chéng picked this name, she made a typing error. She wanted to type “一叶知秋”[yí yè zhī qiū],the pronunciation is exactly the same as “一叶之秋”[yí yè zhī qiū], but you already found that the third character has changed. The third character “知” here means “know, foresee”, so the whole meaning changed completely, because “One Leaf ’s Autumn” is a noun phrase whilst the one with “know” is a sentence which means “From a falling leave we can tell this year/my life(here’s a pun) is coming to an end.” 【One leaf heralds autumn】This is precisely the set-phrase I mentioned above.

Sū Mù Chéng preferred a poetic name, but her fingers slipped. So here we have 【One Leaf ’s Autumn】instead of 【One leaf heralds autumn】. Sad story.

What about “Lord Grim”? Another mistranslation!
君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】
“Lord” in this context is the second person imperative when you address sb in a very respect way, kinda like “my lord” in English, but a little different. The sentence means “please don’t laugh”. It comes from a verse of a poetry of Tang Dynasty. The whole poetry is:
(There are two translating versions)
Version One:
Grapewine I would like to taste,
have to go yet I would crave.
Thou dost not tease drunk soldiers of all,
Long ago few come back from war.

Version Two:
Exquisite wine in cups that glitter at night,
The pipa(a Chinese instrument) playing on horseback urges us to drink.
Laugh not if we lie drunk on the battlefield.
Since ancient times how many have ever returned from campaigns afar?

So “君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】”are the last three words of the third verse. What the hell is “Lord Grim”?😂

When we see this name, we can perceive the solemn and stirring shadings, when YX just got kicked out of EE then bring out a Card with this name. And thinking about the pro league is just like a battle field, only very few of the players could enter the pro circle and those who win the cup are even fewer.

Nevertheless, we can not ask more, cuz as the translator of the Anime of TKA said, it’s a pity that we cannot make subtitles very much “faithful”, the cross-culture translation is so hard. I bet some of you has already blamed that the English subtitles just flying through the screen and you can not catch up with them.

If anyone is interested in the true meaning of their names(not only for characters but also the names of guilds are so beautiful), please give me a thumb or reply in the comment, to let me know if it’s worthy to continue.

btw, My major is foreign languages and literature. I major in German and live in Italy currently. So please forgive my low Englisch level.😂

The King's Avatar
1 year ago

Whimsical_Feather: Pan Lin : so today weather forecast is... (*〇□〇)……!
Li Yibo : ... it looks like its raining bricks. щ(゜ロ゜щ)

The King's Avatar · C1292
1 year ago

lauchisreads: “Except for his love for Bricks, he didn’t seem to follow any other rules.”

This is a literal description of Steamed Bun. Don’t think anyone in Happy can dispute that...

The King's Avatar · C1292
1 year ago
But it fits perfectly the most shameless team of the Alliance 😂 View More

SunnyFAE: Next big headline: happy first team to reach lvl 80 weapon. Despite developers having cap on lvl 75... EVERY TEAM: f*uckin Cheaters.

The King's Avatar · C1283
1 year ago

SunnyFAE: Next big headline: happy first team to reach lvl 80 weapon. Despite developers having cap on lvl 75... EVERY TEAM: f*uckin Cheaters.

The King's Avatar · C1283
1 year ago
Maybe Rongfei is working on the upgrade of the MMU?
That would be quite interesting 😁 View More
The King's Avatar · C1283
1 year ago
I wonder what change of tactics YX made to have it end up like this... View More
The King's Avatar · C1280
1 year ago

Santana1919: What the heck! Where's the Unlock Chapter button!!!! Now I know how Kirito and Klein felt in SAO when they discovered the logout was missing.

The King's Avatar · C1271
1 year ago

Khalis: Ye Qiu broke the unlock button! Why is he so OP!?

The King's Avatar · C1271
1 year ago

Whimsical_Feather: "To do so… Judging from their current speed, wouldn't that require… forty more minutes?"
YX : hehe, i've been neglected in Individual so taste this! i can't go back early? might as well drag you all to dull hell~ enjoy :)
ZXJ : blame him, not me.
Organizer : *crying a river* let.s just draw it.

The King's Avatar · C1260
1 year ago

Whimsical_Feather: Endless Night remembering a memorable phrase by God YX endlessly~
"don't need a Cleric, don't need a Cleric, don't need a Cleric, don't need a Cleric…"

The King's Avatar · C1260
1 year ago

listenedpromise: I knew it!
YX: lets play fair!
WJX: you? Play fair?!!!
YX: yes, the other side has no healer.
ZXJ: So? (Somehow feels no good)
YX: Full DPS strategy We don't need healer.
ZXJ: ....
YX: I can heal.
Team B: ......

Shameless strategy indeed

The King's Avatar · C1260
1 year ago

markch: YX, killing reporters & interviewers since S1.

The King's Avatar · C1256
1 year ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu, the spokesperson of Zhou Zekai 😂😂😂

The King's Avatar · C1256
1 year ago
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