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Instead of admitting to be gay, he should just have said that he likes Jiu no matter the gender <3 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C695
2 hours ago
For someone being so observant, he never noticed the missing Adam's Apple? View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C580
1 month ago
That perfect body temperature was caused by Fu Jiu two chapters ago. Her gaze making his temperature rise rapidly View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C572
1 month ago
Couldn't SM just use aerial Cannon to avoid the sand flow? View More
The King's Avatar · C1531
1 month ago
Is Nightingale visible or in the mist? View More

FightReady2: Be glad Roland that mystery moon is too excited to think about reporting you cheating to Anna lol

Release That Witch · C405
2 months ago
Just how small is this map?! 2 seconds and already close enough for body contact?! View More
The King's Avatar · C1523
2 months ago
Oy oy, clash at "pure color" entertainment building. Supreme alliance, or rather Qin Mo appearing at the scene! Put Yang Min+co behind bars together. View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C552
2 months ago
FJ: "is he your ultimate rival? (SSS)" QM: "No." Readers: "Yes! Ultimate love rival! (Hoshino is vice captain of SSS, no?)" View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C546
2 months ago
How far ahead did the almighty plan since last night after the kiss and meeting with the other guy?
Already prepared gay conversion material just in case... BL movies View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C543
2 months ago

Tidy_nerd: The map choice really isn't good for Happy. Sure, Ye Xiu used maps this bare for his individual rounds but that was when it didn't matter how much HP or MP he had left. When Ye Xiu joined the group matches for the playoffs, he immediately switched to a more hunter-like style to conserve MP and HP.

Also, the rest of Happy's players don't have the same level of explosive power and melee fighting that Tyranny's players do (except for Tang Rou). Mo Fan, Fang Rui, Qiao Yifan, Luo Ji, Wei Chen, and Su Mucheng all heavily rely on map advantages like cover and altitude. Brawlers don't really have explosive power but Steamed Bun...is Steamed Bun.

This is truly the most advantageous map Tyranny could have picked. Good luck Happy \(>_<;)/

The King's Avatar · C1518
2 months ago
It's time for Huang Shaotian to laugh. Crushed by a tree vs crushed by a forest. HS: "welcome to the club" View More
The King's Avatar · C1515
2 months ago
I'd like to think that Qin Mo took the videos and made a clip out of his dance and kiss with Fu Jiu <3
And wanting it to be his only~
Though it's more likely that Fu Jiu hacked into the system to erase her female traces... View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C520
2 months ago
Which country is Roland from? Depending on their standards being great might be only average... If you only place mediocre in a super difficult test made for geniuses, what are you compared to average scores in an easy test? View More

BluebellBerry: And yet when talking to Anna, he said his grades were mediocre throughout adolescence.... name another 'normal' person with such know-all! Calling bs!

Release That Witch · C301
3 months ago
Aside from being a new rival... Is the case about Z? View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C491
3 months ago
Qin Mo should remember his words when he sees female Fu Jiu and tries to hide her away from everyone else's view. View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C481
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C408
4 months ago
He's loved that other girl who betrayed him before, he gave her the benefit of a doubt, finding out the truth. But he's not even asking SY for the truth, about her point of view?! It's fine if that's his decision, but it doesn't give him the right to treat her that way, totally prejudiced and not letting her explain herself. Well he can act that way, but it doesn't put him completely in the right, is all I'm saying. View More

crtgn17: I believe he did the right thing. Hes not being petty and trying to prove a point to the other man. He simply doesnt want any drama and hes letting her do what she wants as long as it doesnt involve him. He has a bottom amd when he found out she liked some one else he backed off even if she doesnt like the other man any more. Be cause he believes if youve loved someone for that long its hard to get over them

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C523
4 months ago
How about for starters he actually says the words "I like you"?! I know he said "I felt like you liked me too" but that's not making it absolutely clear. Instead his explanation sounded like "you took my virginity, that meant something to me. Either take responsibility or leave" ._. saying "I like you"directly to face would make it sound more sincere View More

DearBeloved: I totally side with him on this one. Even though he was rough, he explained everything to her and put everything on the table.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C520
4 months ago
Kali even became Carly View More

Arisan: Did....did someone else translate this chapter? Or edit, because the quality suddenly changed ;-;

National School Prince Is A Girl · C371
5 months ago
OMG, she's publicly confessing her love and protecting him <3
Go girl! Get your man, Grandpa has already acknowledged you and is rooting for you like all of us readers~ View More

tinxin31: Song Yanshu is such a great manager ❤

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C492
5 months ago
Nightingale is the best assassin here ^^ View More

Its_RAW: Indeed. Plus, Nightingale can see magic users so Faceless won’t be able to hide.

Release That Witch · C228
5 months ago
Time to mobilize Lily's micro army View More
Release That Witch · C216
5 months ago
They described how the mob followed after, probably arriving late at night. As for the witches, they might have only patrolled the route between stronghold and border town, having an overview, not actually flying as far as stronghold itself and therefore not looking beyond stronghold on the other side... View More

MondSemmel: I didn't quite understand this chapter: Timothy's delegation opened the castle / city gates of Stronghold, sure, but... where did the 1500 man militia army come from? Why were they not noticed by e.g. Petrov, Lightning or Maggie?
We're talking about 1500 men here, you can't exactly hide them under your coat...

Release That Witch · C196
5 months ago
400 years ago as in his original world timeline? ^^° View More
Release That Witch · C161
5 months ago
It felt like Shinichi Kudo, high school detective, arrived View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C318
5 months ago
So Qin Mo saved Z before and that's how he injured his hand back then? View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C317
5 months ago
As I said, they only had one of each! View More

darkoneko: proper testing is having some take one pill, some the other, some both, to see exactly what each does.

Release That Witch · C128
5 months ago
Why not? If the pills are supposed to be taken together in actual combat, that's the prime he has to test. After all he only had one pill of each type, he had to prioritize a condition. Ofc course it would be better to test them separately and together though... View More

darkoneko: ...it's not a proper test if you feed him both pills at the same time, you know.

Release That Witch · C128
5 months ago
Indeed... Please change it to "interaction" ^^° View More

gmon: Petrov's personal intercourse with Prince Roland sounds so wrong... 😂

Release That Witch · C103
5 months ago
Secretary is busted XD
Hmmm I wonder if the in-laws will realize before QM that FJ is a girl? View More

Pakat01: FINALLY WE MEET THE MADAM! And ooh, online girlfriend, huh *wiggles eyebrows* what kind of false information Madam gets? Fu Jiu isn't Almighty Qin's girlfriend but wife *cough* I meant lil bro 😂

National School Prince Is A Girl · C298
6 months ago
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