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PZ must have been a member even before imprisoning XL or he couldn't take her there for examination... View More

Listless_Panda: OMG
So that bas#*@& Pei is a member of S&M club??!!

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C751
1 month ago
I knew it! I said so the last chapter. XL seriously has to keep up her guard with that despicable guy...
I hope he won't try to kill Shaohui. However plot armor: try to kill him and get busted! View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C697
2 months ago
I'm still hating the fact XL did not tell him that the baby was his. That was the worst mistake. She's thinking she's sparing him pain of having lost a son, but the pain she's inflicting instead is much worse and a constant misunderstanding. At least LL is explaining himself. The 4 years she's been in pain due to the misunderstanding, he's been in pain for longer due to the same thing.
I'm pretty sure he'd ignored ST circumstances if he'd known the truth: she bore his child and stabbed herself in the stomach so that PZ would not rape her! View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C661
3 months ago
I thought teleportation distance is rather short, especially a level 1 skill put on a weapon. Shouldn't be able teleport right in front of Mu Mu like that, at least not that close that it's too dangerous. View More
The King's Avatar · C1721
3 months ago
Rather shamelessly saying: if you want to have a kid yourself, I'll be more than happy to provide support and help you in the making. View More

sugaagustd: Lemme guess it

Almighty will come and see Bo Jiu with this adorable kid and he will say "Why are you flirting with a boy with such age?There's a huge age gap between you. You won't even spare little kids now huh??"

something like that.....just guessing😅

National School Prince Is A Girl · C850
3 months ago
How did she drop all her money? She should have left the money in the Pagoda. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C554
3 months ago
If it is, then the translation in the previous chapters is wrong. The translation stated that the vermilion bird was a "she". But judging from overall translation quality and frequency of mistakes, it's highly probable. View More

Pillows: Maybe the vermillion bird? :O

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C318
4 months ago
I'd think it's her father Gu Tian. As the fourth Prince of vermilion explained that Her brother could not leave the spirit sect else the scheming people would use his absence to gain power and bring trouble. View More

Kries: Hu dis man. His brother? Or Gu Tian? Who-

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C253
4 months ago
I don't think he means Her Brother Lingyu (15?) Instead the previous generation. Probably the second young master that is trying to kill the current head through "sickness" View More

LuluoO: How stupid of him to flaunt his connection with Xia Yu in front of Xia Yu's own sister =)

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C243
4 months ago
He needed more blood to draw more circles View More

PureSea: He finished drawing circles 🤣

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C179
4 months ago
It's because the Ling family chickened out and Yun'er didn't care enough about it. Ling family made a pact with the jealous Shi girl from weapon refining sect and started to practice that secret technique to become 8* Qi collector fast.
Now they shamelessly spread false information and that bet?! View More

saidahgilbert: Ah! I was beginning to wonder about the duel between Young Master Ling and Gu Ruoyun. Wasn't it supposed to take place in a month from the challenge? So it should've happened directly after they came out of the Heavenly Formation thing, right? What made them delay the match so long?

Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C64
4 months ago
I don't think they can see that? MC had to mediate and look into herself to see it (while looking for the Pagoda). But they should pay attention to the fact that upon arrival of the expert cultivator into a young body, that Ruoyun finally had a breakthrough after being stuck for so many years. View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C23
4 months ago
Oy, when our tsundere Phoenix awakens and sees the other 4-year old toddler, will he be super duper jealous? View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C282
4 months ago
I first read "snow cloak something" without seeing the , and thought "how can it be special if you don't know the proper name?!" View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C267
4 months ago
With her face restored and no goo on it. Hope he still recognizes her soon after they meet again. View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C208
4 months ago
Stick back that beard on your face and go back to school as the Uncle Ling teacher and you shall meet again! (I think) View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C208
4 months ago

faimherb: Gramps must be all heartbroken, constantly saying he doesn't remember what family he comes from. Most likely because he's sorely disappointed in his son and knows something is not right with his 'granddaughter'

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C121
4 months ago
From the previous chapter when he admired her calligraphy and spirit of freedom it is clear he also likes the present owner of the body View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C85
4 months ago
And maybe not that old. He twitched/cringed when she first called him Uncle. That disguise! He probably regretted it that moment he heard "Uncle" View More

6781_1876: Definitely the uncle, I have a feeling the beard is fake

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C54
4 months ago
I just wonder how she knows so much about the poison when she reincarnated from another world and the previous body's owner doesn't seem that skilled? View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C51
4 months ago
It's like an epidemic. Now everyone encountering a sacred beast would like to imagine them as a cute toddler to keep for themselves. The beasts would be outraged if they knew XD View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C49
4 months ago
Well now she can store him in the ring and escape View More

lazysorcerer: She forgot the Amnesiac man on the tree

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C46
4 months ago
Seriously it must have been on purpose to name the title like that, making everyone misread it! View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C43
4 months ago
Did the wounds on her face heal too without leaving a scar? View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C41
4 months ago
With that logic he will also notice that Feng Jiu is not his beloved either.
The symbol of reincarnation belongs to our reincarnated heroine View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C36
4 months ago
And now he's back to chasing/suspecting Jiu of being Z I guess View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C779
4 months ago
I wonder if Feng Jiu had the same body look as in her former life. Does SRY as well? Recognizing the face and therefore acting this hateful instead of grateful? Maybe they are enemies in the modern Life? View More
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C24
5 months ago
Uh... How did they get from imprisonment and torture to the 10-year anniversary concert where she died? Did he succeed in taming her with Stockholm syndrome, enough to dare and let her go outside to the public? Or very confident she couldn't escape under his watch? View More
A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C36
5 months ago

Anjiii: No matter what, Ziheng is just ugh. Yeah, couldn't find an adjective, so he's just ugh. Lol

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return · C30
5 months ago
A new way to torture/interrogate prisoners. Disease threat View More
Release That Witch · C784
5 months ago
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