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gonker: hi novel lover please help the author to get Powerstones.

Journey Towards Greatness · C60
8 months ago
Reading Status: C47
I like the story👌
I hope you will keep updating, even with the problems.
My only hope is that the mc will stay in the Pokémon world and has many adventures around the world,
maybe even new countries and Pokémon?
Good luck and have fun 😂 View More
Journey Towards Greatness
9 months ago

LaCrizzz: Let Ino and hinata reveal their power sooner than Naruto.

Naruto should save the third and reveal himself.

Make kurama and Naruto work together that would be nice.

Naruto The Shadow (temp hiatus) · C0
9 months ago

King_J: 1. During invasion when hokage fight Orochimaru
2. During the invasion to save civilians
3. Add Karen as family
4. Take his chakra and give him to Ino, cause she needs something special about her, Karen has Uzumaki bloodline and Hinata has byakugan, also the ability to sense emotions and yin chakra of Kurama might really help her in her family’s secret arts.
5. No frog summon
6. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, even though it a long it feels right.

Naruto The Shadow (temp hiatus) · C0
9 months ago

AdilNation: I hope you all enjoy this story as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now and am really excited to be writing this. The release rate is usually 1 per day

Fairy Tail's Strongest
1 year ago

Navblood: I was suprised that the ratinga dropped dramatically.
People hating the author for the erza problem (Mirajaine is much better)

The story is great But I have not seen killing yet.... (maybe i just missed it)
He's a bit too op in the fairy tail world but he's not gonna stay there forever I hope for 7 deadly sins world.
Updates are good if the chapters are long.

I agree with the author about him not feeling it would go right with a harem because it would not really feel right if mirajaine was ok with that.

Overall it's a great story.
One of my favorite originals actually

I feel bad for the author because such a low ratimg will seriously affect tge number of new readers.

Keep up the good work author.
Pls don't drop it.

Fairy Tail's Strongest
1 year ago

Shark_chan: The author did what he did (the erza thing)because it's what the author feels that right and I support author-san so continue with what your doing because I like the chapters more now hehe and if possible please let adrian and mira's next world be one piece and go on a pirate adventure hahahaha that would be interesting to read

Fairy Tail's Strongest
1 year ago

D_Jormungand: I like this story very much. There is nor many dragonball fanfiction in the first place. Make sure to make this one as good as or better than "the strongest legend of dragonball"
That story is all good from the start with only a bad part at the end when there are another multiverse story included. Thus, make sure you do better than them. I will be cheering. And please don't be like some fanfiction that you just dropped it halfway and give the reason like wanting to train the writing. Anyway, thank you for the good story.

The Strongest System in Dragon Ball World
1 year ago

Darkend: Don't bother yourself with useless critics. Just keep on writing your story. It is interesting and fun to read it.I don't care about the mc gender as long as the novel is fun in itself then that's all i need. I hope you keep up your good work and don't drop the novel

Overlord Empress · C45
1 year ago

Fordermann: Sad story, he deleted everything so there is no contant anymore :/
It was a really good story, but the author was a bit greedy. I wish him good luck, but I think he failed on this website for his decision.

System of gods and devils
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
Sad story, he deleted everything so there is no contant anymore :/
It was a really good story, but the author was a bit greedy. I wish him good luck, but I think he failed on this website for his decision. View More
System of gods and devils
1 year ago
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