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dongaro: Personally I do not blame you as the translator. Nor do I think you did anything wrong.

I'm just disgusted at the site for this set up.

Paying money to pay money has always been a loathsome thing. Why not pay money to pay money to pay money to pay money? Does it wnd? CN they set up a third tier?

The moved from free to adds to adds/stones then just stones now to gating off 20 chapters.

If the subscription unlocked the chapters without stones I'd be cool with it. But this is just disgusting since I suspect at this will just get worse .

I will likely be posting about this in the forum to complain about the site.

But you did nothing wrong and I cant blame you. This is a job that pays you during schooling and likely not a great paying one for the amount of work that goes into it.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 month ago

gordee: I wonder who is this Heng sao tian ya that the author is referring to as being very popular and dashing. Hmm

Library of Heaven's Path · C1922
1 month ago

Jinhong_Yo: This guy is now super lazy he could no longer be bothered to slap the other person himself. Damn his face slapping art has leveled up the azure way!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1920
1 month ago

SirNyan: ZX: *appears*
Diety: Who's that fellow and why do I hear boss music?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1892
2 months ago

chapong: One is treasure hunter, another is a gold digger. How fitting of a couple😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1860
2 months ago

AzureWater: Yuan Tao's Stand is the rhinoceros guy from the 'me and the boys' meme

So this chapter is basically

ZX: Me and the boys abt to steal the phantasm

Library of Heaven's Path · C1755
2 months ago

Khalis: Tang Rou: It's time for my 1v4!
Tang Rou: lol, just kidding.

The King's Avatar · C1679
2 months ago

Executrix: Rat poop? What kind of rat can break the Jiang clan's treasure vault? Ancient Sage rat?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1640
2 months ago

Buaban: The founder of Calculus should leave the jade stone like this for younger generation. It is very difficult to comprehend Calculus quintessence. Some people from my clan repeated it for 3 years.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1640
2 months ago

HoneydewSovereign: In another novel, this would have been considered a pointless filler chapter. But not TKA. In TKA, it's one of the more refreshing chapters.

The King's Avatar · C1638
3 months ago

SpMile: FR: What are we even here for?
YX: To get rid of that healer.

The King's Avatar · C1618
3 months ago

Kurosawa00: TR: If you're fine, press 1
If you want us to harass the healer, press 2
If you want to harass the whole team, press 3
If you want to harass the audience, press 4
If you wanna give the announcers a faceslap, press 5
If you want the map to be destroyed, press 6

The King's Avatar · C1618
3 months ago

TheBananaMan: Samsara chat: ? ? ?
Happy chat: 11111111111

The King's Avatar · C1618
3 months ago

Jofrie: That's a little harsh for someone with a huge growth.


The King's Avatar · C1615
3 months ago

Khalis: Ye Xiu should watch out in case a reporter decides to use a Life-Risking Strike on him in real life.

The King's Avatar · C1576
3 months ago

tlst: Do you guys know which team won with an entire lineup of rookies? Season 1 Excellent Era.

- YX, probably

The King's Avatar · C1576
3 months ago

iamvectorious: ZX just can't help it. His life is to teach the young ones.. about being low profile

Library of Heaven's Path · C1585
7 months ago

SmilingReader: Zhang Xuan: The space here is really stable

*5 minutes later*

Everyone else: Run the whole place is collapsing

Zhang Xuan: 😙😊😋

Library of Heaven's Path · C1585
7 months ago

Khalis: Two kids playing The Floor is Lava and one of em wrecks the only sofa remaining...

The King's Avatar · C1552
7 months ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu : okay team, the map has lava. Mission for you!
Mission : lava bath for opponents
Happy : Got it! 😎
Ye Xiu : ✔️ success
Mumu : ✔️ success
Mo Fan : late but still success ✔️
Tang Rou : success ✔️
Meanwhile Fang Rui : ❌ too dirty, purifying himself into lava bath instead
Happy : you suck, disgusting, useless dim sum!!!

"Team Happy demonstrated that true gold fears no fire (Chapter 783)" Go, Happy!

The King's Avatar · C1552
7 months ago

Jangmijang: The tenacity of rookies deserves all the praise. This drive will hopefully not waver in the years to come.

Idk. But I kinda want for a SQY vs TR match. The new gen striker vs battle mage to spice this climax of Happy vs Tyranny last round. I have nothing against FR but I won't place my bets on him this time!

Thanks for the chap~

The King's Avatar · C1550
7 months ago

listenedpromise: Godslayer MO FAN and his revenge :
1st round (Happy's home game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF lost

2nd round (Tyranny's home game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF won
vs Qin Muyun = MF lost

3rd round (Neutral game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF won
vs Qin Muyun = MF won
vs Song Qiying = MF lost

Ofc, situations are different each rounds but still, he improves himself the more he fights. MF is diligent in studying his opponents. Beware, Song Qiying, MF is studying you now...although it'll be for next season.

The King's Avatar · C1550
7 months ago

Positive_Lullaby: The content has been blocked

Library of Heaven's Path · C1580
7 months ago

ExtremelyEvil: Looking back, it took a large amount of hard work just to get some small amount of resources when all he had to do was marry.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1575
7 months ago

iamvectorious: LX : "Zhang Xuan, are you here to ask for my younger sister's hand in marriage or to tear our Luo Clan down?"
ZX : It was an accident!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1570
7 months ago

SmilingReader: No wonder Mama Zhang rampages every now and then. I’m surprised that she hasn’t made the clans life more miserable with her precious baby lost and alone 😢

Library of Heaven's Path · C1563
7 months ago

FlyingCatEmperor: As a father, i can understands how hard the decisions that his father made. Damn. 🥺

Library of Heaven's Path · C1563
7 months ago

DuexMachina: We have reached the point of explanation! Such a hard choice for a father to make...

Library of Heaven's Path · C1563
7 months ago

styxero: ZX: Did you do it?
ZZX: Yes...
ZX: What did it cost?
ZZX: Everything...

Library of Heaven's Path · C1563
7 months ago

AzureWater: I see their parents like the name Xuan

how would they like the Xuan Xuan faction though

Library of Heaven's Path · C1561
7 months ago
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