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Eleven11: and he will be at he same level until author needs him to fight ninth level

King of Gods · C98
5 months ago

gary24tang: When ZF goes up 5th, he’s going to challenge the rest of them all at once to maximize the contribution points. Almost guaranteed. And he’ll also duplicate the vein.

King of Gods · C1280
6 months ago

WintersEnd: So we all just forgetting the pure yang palace. Guys are still wating for him to comeback and claim the guys legacy.
Just saying.
Take care.

True Martial World · C1710
9 months ago

Ishkariot: these grand-imperial-hall kings area already living way too long, they should die already. Why are such strong 'characters' always so damn petty in cultivation novels? They lose because they too weak and incompetent and they still keep lying about the mc and get away with it... nobody uses brains.

King of Gods · C1089
11 months ago
That's a refreshing change of pace, he got rid of them in one solid blow, I like that, bet they didn't know that offending him meant death View More
King of Gods · C1062
12 months ago

RaggedyMan: It's been so long since the last eye of heaven strike

King of Gods · C1062
12 months ago
Looool View More

Ludieu: And then Zhao Feng said: “Amaterasu!”

King of Gods · C1051
12 months ago

Ludieu: And then Zhao Feng said: “Amaterasu!”

King of Gods · C1051
12 months ago

Ishkariot: older but not necessarily smarter. I bet that the next big arc will have young sacred lord running around like random people. Emperors were also supposed to be just below sacred lords and the wind-lightning emperor even snatched something out of the imperial palace (that was what made him so famous besides his speed). But now? The eight families have emperor kids en mass and throw sacred lord at the mc like they don't really matter. The duanmu family was supposed to be declined without any sacred lord (because sacred lord violet light said that she was actually the last one) and what now? they have a couple of elders and the old master of mc doesn't really matter - even as a (beginner) sacred lord! The 'worldbuilding' in this novel is like a girl that can't make up her mind what to wear the next day...

King of Gods · C1048
12 months ago
Exactly how much more if a foundation does he need? He can fight freaking sacred lords already actually he's tougher than a lot of the sacred lords who have been sacred lords for thousands of years, I really think the author should stop dragging out him leveling up, it's getting to the point where he basically can't keep up anymore because all his enemies are overly strong. Guessing it's gonna be another 20 chapters or more before he breaks through and some random scheme will happen that he has to rush to go fight in View More
King of Gods · C1048
12 months ago
Loooool +1 legit View More

Apex_Cultivator: "If he had sold them in the Sinkhole, the price would have been greater." The cultivators of the Sinkhole have never even seen a Chaos Crystal in their lives so how could the price be greater?

True Martial World · C1653
1 year ago
I said it in an earlier chapter, his eyes tremble with every Tom Dick and Harry's eyes that he comes across and his bloodline doesn't seem to do much for him, so far he's really the weakest mc I've seen, because he can barely fight someone half a level above his, and all his enemies seem to be two levels above him View More

Akem: ZF eyes r the weakest it seems...what's so unique abt his eyes being an original?

King of Gods · C1031
1 year ago

Akem: ZF eyes r the weakest it seems...what's so unique abt his eyes being an original?

King of Gods · C1031
1 year ago
Really didn't expect half the chapter to be describing a damn flower though I mean come on man it's a flower and it's rare View More
True Martial World · C1648
1 year ago
It once said it would take him 20 minutes to get to level four, now it's days View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C200
1 year ago

Aduku1: The author should please stop putting us in continuous suspense! An action about d serpent beast that started in d previous chapter should have come to a conclusive end in this chapter after all the days of waiting. And the author should also try to give us at least a chapter per day.

True Martial World · C1642
1 year ago
As usual author playing fast and loose with the figures View More

Geodon: I’m guessing the 10 thousand earlier was mistranslated and was suppose to be 10 million instead

Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C191
1 year ago
Smh at least I'm first View More
Strongest Abandoned Son · C1128
1 year ago
Again drawn out, it's been three chapters and the fight still hasn't arrived View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C190
1 year ago
Anyone else realized it took about 10 freaking chapters to progress through one damn day and even now the development is overly slow View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C189
1 year ago
According to this book's logic it will be a whole debacle that makes no sense to anyone, I mean he knows they know about him and he has loved ones outside but instead of telling everyone about this it was conveniently left out, not only that but he's now off on another "adventure" without even going to get his people.

This is not how sensible people act, you don't leave people out to freaking be used against you when you can pick them up. And this sect is investing waaaay too much to offend someone they cannot publicly offend and putting way too much emphasis of this one person. They act as if no one knows about the issues they have with the MC so if they kill the mc they won't offend pill city, makes no sense at all. View More

artking: They are using his wives against him

Strongest Abandoned Son · C1126
1 year ago
No cultivating, no real progress just fuzz smh View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C184
1 year ago
Clearly stupid View More
Gourmet of Another World · C74
1 year ago

Lilmon: wow YY show off his power at the start of a new place. Author broke his old routine GOOD JOB

True Martial World · C1636
1 year ago
Here here to that, too much side drama and not enough of anything else View More

Celengxxxx: No, try to read the strongest system from xin feng, not too slow, but not too fast too...

Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C152
1 year ago
Very, takes ages for anything to happen and author forcing too much to happen at once View More

MysterVII: somewhat slow plotline?

Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C149
1 year ago
Mighty level 6 person, had the same thought, can't understand how he just leaves his family alone after messing with gangsters, rich despots and all sort of messed up people View More

Joker777: Its funny that Ling Yun does not worry about his sister's safety even though he rattled up some unpredictable people. I guess he overestimated himself as an adequate deterent even though it means almost nothing to psychocitc rich bastards out to get him.

Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C148
1 year ago

NoticeMe: Whattttttt !!!!!???? Eight prince finally see Mt. Tai????? Is this the smartest character in Chinese novel of all time!!!!

King of Gods · C998
1 year ago
You shameless bastard, we need more you can't leave us hanging here!!! View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C130
1 year ago
No progress to the story just useless descriptions View More
Dragon Emperor, Martial God · C115
1 year ago
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