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It's better to kill her so no unexpected outcome will be in the future. Usually mental type will became more abusive when they get used to their skill and she may control his people and make life much hard, not to mention human greed knew no bond. View More
I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C34
2 months ago
Actually using the treasure disk have it's pro and cons, it's suck losing some godly artifact which can help him increase his understanding of law but on the other hand he can toss all the thing he do on the artifact and get lose from the world book problem. View More

MysticMan: Fuck! Selling information to get away and the worst is about fucking treasure and he call that saving his life? What a ridiculous idea.

Ninth In the World · C195
2 months ago
Nah, jumpa bakal isteri aja. View More

LowShort: Santuy ntar pas lagi di jalan ke chu royal city bakal ada face slapping lagi. Yakin gua, kalo ga ada disananya bakal ada

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C71
2 months ago
Guess he's like a police, checking if any disturb have been made by demon on mortal. View More

SageDrunkKitty: Why is the old man working in an ordinary job?

So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C12
2 months ago
Glutton don't need to kill he just need to devour his body. View More

Apocalypse_GOD: How can gluttony kill respawn if respawn can’t die?

I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C18
2 months ago
It's 3 as for me, why u have to pay 8-10? View More

FangMing: This outrage must end, one chapter per week with a cost of 10 SS to 8 SS is too much

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C62
2 months ago
Cannot be help, this soldier group not a well train soldier and they live in shelter so kinda make sense they panic and start to shooting without checking 1st. View More

SmilingReader: These people should've at least checked on what was eating their food. Maybe throwing a rock if they didn't want to get too close. Not only did they damage the truck but now they've also alerted more dangerous predators.

The First Order · C50
2 months ago
Nice reply from the mc. View More
The First Order · C45
2 months ago
Nah he won't let her in his pants, his kinda carefully type so instead he's gonna ditch her in wolf pack. View More

darkoneko: "don't worry, even if they all die, I'll be fine" :D He says that but there's a master gunwoman in the group. In chinese novel she'll want in his pants after he save her or something.

The First Order · C37
3 months ago
True people like a mass release, but from my opinion from reading lots of novel when there's to much release the novel became bored and be forgotten. And the novel that you will keep reading will be the one that been released in small number. View More

FangMing: Fuck, pussy, hell, damn, translator please **** a massive release of at least 3 chapters !!

Curse one chapter per day is disgusting, this will fall before even reaching chapter 100

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C52
3 months ago
Guess he need to go out to find out what make the beast strong and clever. View More
The First Order · C30
3 months ago
Can't be help, as you can see he's not live more then 30 years and most skill he knew are about alchemy and medicine, his fighting skill have been mention still stuck as his past life as 2nd fist and he pass his time either learning alchemy or chasing some girl. Not only that all the problem he have been solve by his overprotective father and he doesn't have any enemy either cause even their enemy not bothering them for their medicine skill. His downfall with his father are cause by his father disciple who want the divine medicine book. View More

Skepparn: Please please please have our mc start learning properly, right now he’s useless without his high lvl technique and even then he gets **** on

Prime Originator · C102
3 months ago
Nope, he pass her a knockoff of divine skill so she can use the ice element instead. View More

Kain4less: I think we forgot the girl who lost 12 years of life he promised to help

Prime Originator · C100
3 months ago
There is a alchemy that make a exploding cauldron, try read a will eternal the mc name is Bai Xiaochun.
He's more alchemist then a cultivator. View More

nuke_killr: Have to agree in no other alchemist always tried to fail pill concoction willingly to just enjoy pill cauldron explosion in any novel that I have read. Damn good creative craziness

Prime Originator · C99
3 months ago
It's not a volcanoes nor it's a meteorite or even a nuclear radiation, It's just a fart from the author when he have a stomach ache and when to do business in the toilet. View More

SmilingReader: Or a super volcano 🌋

The First Order · C26
3 months ago
Not all novel like that, try read coiling dragon or talisman emperor/master, you can see the mc have child and 1 wife only. View More

nitpick: I kinda sad.. every novel i read that have snusnu, author seems hate the mc having children. Why? It is difficult? If talk about love what is more bonding than have a child. I know author didn't mc to have children because he doesn't want mc to be responsible, he just want mc fooling around and screw another women.

Prime Originator · C54
3 months ago
Being pampered by alchemist father doubt he's in the trouble. And his father being kill by the close one also show that they are good with alchemist but bad at battle. View More

SmileyFace: I think he's.. Immature? Innocent? Or naive I don't know.
I thought he came from the Divine world where the strong eat the weak.

Prime Originator · C4
3 months ago
Why it's always a fatty, go put some skinny monkey or old man much better. View More

crazymountain: No fatty no mc

Prime Originator · C1
3 months ago
So Bradley knew about mountain tai View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C37
3 months ago
He should taking a dump on the place he burried the gun. View More
The First Order · C23
3 months ago
Translating are not easy, and to much chapter will make the novel being boring to read so around 1-2 chapter will make it more interesting. View More

verityinvision: This novel is not bad, just need mass release and faster update.

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C45
3 months ago
Get to brag View More

RTNorman: Does being first get anything?

Ninth In the World · C136
3 months ago
I think the lu head kinda smart cause not only the mc strong when he is young, but just like the head said if he defeat the enemy he became more dangerouse to them and he can also try to escape and train for a couple of years to get a payback. So try to have a good relation with him even a small one can bring their clan much better growth. View More

Meowhead: I am amused that the minor families betraying mc's resources to more powerful families subplot was cut short.... by somebody who was accurately able to point out that if he is this suddenly powerful at 17 then he is likely to become the best around and kill any traitors.

Good job patriarch, you deserve your position.

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C42
3 months ago
Some Rich kid who try to hit the girls on his team. View More

SubtomicLine80: ok who's going to die first

Ninth In the World · C125
3 months ago
And he will wake up 3 days after training View More

gilson2412: Well now there is a second person who managed to cultivate, but he is a cultivation freak and forgot that he had to attend the class

Ninth In the World · C100
3 months ago
Guess the elder butt on fire every time he see the mc keep going to other place first. View More
Ninth In the World · C98
3 months ago
He can bring the kids and caretakers to the game and get some help on production or marketing like opening a shop. View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C98
3 months ago
Can the mc skill get some update cause his potion pitcher skill only works on monster and not teammate it's kinda seems weirds cause his skill are throwing potion so he can toss some potion on his teammate for healing. View More
Haven Online · C87
3 months ago
I think his iq are quite high while his eq are low View More

You3: this Moxinke so smart and so stupid

Warlord of Chaos · C8
3 months ago
Tru, but you have to take a possibility that this poor student like mc can have a chance to fail and they won't be able to pay up the bill. View More

Hnn17: Doctors are a nation's treasures. Why isnt this university giving mc a scholarship or loan that he can pay back after becoming a doc, making a medical student work at construction sites and selling noodles is ludicrous.

Path of Medicine With a System · C1
4 months ago
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