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senereemi11: I know that the translators are busy and that it is not easy to translate a novel but I am truly missing this novel. The story is really unique and I hesitated to read at first but when I did, I was hooked. I hope that there will be new chapters and that this novel will not go on hiatus as I have read 3 novels and I ended up frustrated as their translators stopped updating and has confirmed that they will no longer translate new chapters and one in which the website has been removed. I hope that this will never happen to this novel.

Jun Jiuling
1 year ago

Meiskeiyuem: The story is very good! I love it! This is one of the best cnovels i've read so far. And i keep on wantimg more of this. If possible, more updates please~

Jun Jiuling
1 year ago

Tenshin: I love it! It's very different compared to the other rebirth/reincarnation stories. It's much more subtle and a bit of a slow burn. You'll have to rely on the clues given throughout the chapters to know who the MC might be. The MC is not that overbearing or arrogant (unlike the ones who has their egos scattered everywhere, jesus christ), and she's very diligent about the decisions she make.

I really liked it. My only problem is that it doesn't have that much chapters yet. I looked it up and it has 500+ chapters, I think? But then again, the translated works have only come out fairly recently so I can forgive that.

I recommend reading this novel and good luck to the translators!

Jun Jiuling
1 year ago

LazyFujoshi: At first it was 10 chapter a week after 7 and now if there's a chapter a week we're lucky. I can understand that the translator has a life too, I just want to know why the release are so unstable

Thanks for the translate

Jun Jiuling
1 year ago

Duchess: I started reading this thinking that I would get bored as every page goes on just like other cliche romance novels – I was dead wrong.

The novel Jun Jiuling is about an emotionally strong, intelligent, and mysterious woman. Mysterious because I (we) still have a lot to learn about the MC. The MC knows what she's doing and the possible consequences of her actions. She is amazingly terrifying with her decisions because everything almost seems to fall within her plans.

This is quite a slow developing story but each drama that unfolds is really amazing. It is different from the "usual" rebirth stories. The translation is good and every chapter keeps the reader wanting more.

Jun Jiuling
1 year ago
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