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yeah, I thought he would've
the way the other guy was all "my body's younger now" View More

Silverleaf7: If he gave Water sooner Go Gun might still be alive but no gotta stay stingy

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C201
4 months ago

Silverleaf7: If he gave Water sooner Go Gun might still be alive but no gotta stay stingy

Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) · C201
4 months ago
well, you can
get privilege View More

Ponty: I got so much stones to spend but can't continue to read more chapters

I forgot I'm just an external reader 😭😭

Library of Heaven's Path · C1948
5 months ago
4th View More

BROitsme: Someone tell me the date that everyone else completed this chapter, I completed it on the 1st of December after spending around 320SS😢😢

Library of Heaven's Path · C1933
6 months ago

anuzul: Dear Translator,

There will always be people who don't understand how you are working and those who just dont care. Don't worry. There are those who understand as well. Keep up the good work and ignore the insensitive comments. They are just ignorant or mean.

Dear those who are upset about the priviledge chapters,

Most of us read the book pretty much free with daily SS and watching videos. We get so much entertainment from the book. He is still posting 2 chapters a day anyway. We are always asking for mass releases and we got one. We have a choice whether we want to spend SS on it. The translator probably worked extra 40 hours for them through day and night on top of his exams and other things he has to do. Lets learn to appreciate people's work. I know I wouldnt work that many hours for nothing. Plus i am sure his pay is not much compared to the work he puts in. PEOPLE, IT TAKE 2 WHOLE HOURS TO TRANSLATE EACH CHAPTER AND WE PAY FOR IT BY WATCHING 2 30SEC VIDEOS.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1931
6 months ago
a shiba inu lol View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C676
6 months ago
wow, a moron View More

DKweb: You claim that translating is how you make a living but you're also going to University at the same time? How stupid do you think we are? You're obviously trying to milk this for as long as you can while you earn you degree and bounce. You want people to support you to the point where we'll pay extra? You need to show that your giving it your all, not just translating on your off time.

This is your side hustle and nothing else. I felt some sympathy before I read your response but now I'm definitely not supporting you. Webnovel gave you the tools to exploit your readers but you're the one who decided to use it.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
6 months ago

Meowhead: Chinese novels seem oddly dead set against male players playing female characters. So many novels have VR systems where people can only play a character of their own gender.

Did all the web novel authors get catfished or something?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C641
6 months ago

Zhilbar: Russian stealth, if there's no witnesses it didn't happen.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C617
6 months ago

Adilt: Next thing u know people will be jumping on rooftop all over.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C608
6 months ago
you know you get free spirit stones, right ? View More

outofsight: You remember their subscriptions service that was fair and made you want to read more? Now we have things that is forcing ne to go elsewhere i can no longer afford to spend 100 dollars a month for things i was only willing to spend 20 on

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
6 months ago
free stones don't generate anything for the translator, so... View More

Ponty: actually I didn't mind spending more stones because at this moment this is the only premium novel I've read here

I also agree if all the stones goes to the translators, I can even give more to them if I can, it's just this "privileged" thing that I can't accept.

now I can only read few days or even few months old of comments in every chapter because I will not buy the privileged chapters

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
6 months ago
3. Privilege is not necessary. All readers will still continue to enjoy the usual release speeds at prevailing prices, barring any unforeseen circumstances. View More

Ponty: *this novel become premium*
me : okay, I can spend some stones

*this novel suddenly got slower release*
me : well, I can wait

*this novel got some privileged*

nah.....I'll keep reading this, even though I clearly can't accept this, but I can't do anything about it.

Just few days ago the translators saying he's busy with real life, so busy sometime we only got 1 chapter/day. I can accept that.

But then suddenly the novel become privileged and bunch of chapters released. Man, it's one thing if ZX being shameless, but even people at qidian also shameless, it makes me so sad 😣

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
6 months ago

AzureWater: Gourd: Selling Gamer Gourd Bathwater

Library of Heaven's Path · C1926
6 months ago

Broke_Games: I don't agree on that, tka is about the same level of waifu material than that, which is globally pretty low. However, my explication would be the timing: tka was translated from the start of the website so benefited from the original community and its long period being top 1 then top 2-4 of the power ranking when it was added while this novel came at a moment where not many were reading newly released novels

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C567
6 months ago
a deer is fine too View More

Rukkileib: Desperate Soldier: A... a deer... W-well, her voice is cute... is she a cute deer?! That might be fine too!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C525
6 months ago
VRchat View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1921
6 months ago

Broke_Games: THIS comment section is a pure example of how a superiority complex applied to an entire population for most of their life can end up... You're all getting triggered when there are 5 americans characters, but you forgot HUNDREDS of chinese characters were arrogant, death seeking and everything you want for the entire novel and you were all laughing at the "dog-like" characters. So now I'll tell you, I laughed at both, wanna fight me?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C488
6 months ago

styxero: I think I know what the next chapter will be called... But then again, I do want a chapter tomorrow (and the next few days), so i'll keep my thoughts to myself.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1907
6 months ago
how do you call two people that love each other ? View More

SmilingReader: Can Zhang Xuan really be considered as the lover of the Spirit God? I don’t think they’ve done more than hold hands let alone kiss. Guess they’re saving themselves until they’re married 👰 🤵

Library of Heaven's Path · C1796
8 months ago

SobbingGhost: Convincing him is no problem, Just get ZX to point out a few flaws and he will forever be your loyal servant XD

Library of Heaven's Path · C1792
8 months ago

iamvectorious: Again another Ad. And Exactly 18 likes... it looks like one person with 18 accounts... Bring them Down!!!! Attack!!!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1728
9 months ago

MonarchImmortal: Why did he have to kill him at least he was reasonable with only three slots.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1725
9 months ago

DaoistDarkStar: MOO! And the serpent🐍 goes down😝

Library of Heaven's Path · C1708
9 months ago

Immortal_Buya: That 0.1 originally zx talent

Library of Heaven's Path · C1693
9 months ago

Lilim: When you intentionally reference onichichi

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C265
10 months ago

Skeithking: God forbid that he not abuse save&load ability.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C178
10 months ago

Leylin_Farlier: 1st: I want to marry oniichan 2nd: I don't need a boyfriend/friends, I have oniichan 3rd: I love oniichan the most, more than mama and papa.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C127
10 months ago

Kampretzz: “I wanna sleep with big brother” - says little sister
“Calm down little sister” - says mouth
‘Calm down little brother!!’ - says mind to D

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C127
10 months ago

Roy13st: When the maid says she's getting paid so she takes her job seriously but I'm here at work reading this.😅

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C124
10 months ago
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