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I agree wholeheartedly View More

tizian_krahl: I'd rather have you take a break from time to time instead if burning out and not posting for weeks 👍

thx for the chapter ant take care of yourself 👌

The Hitting Zone · C511
2 days ago
It was in a box, so powdered milk. Just needed to add water. View More

PythonN18: Didn't know milk can last 120 days in a bottle 😅

My Exclusive Dream World Adventures · C10
3 days ago

timeywimey1: Tgats fine but he still gave it to a stranger who could get it looked at if she noticed something wrong rather than giving it too his parents

Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman · C23
3 days ago

WaTDFuq: If that is true then it would make more sense to give it to his parents who are mage forgets themselves! Considering how much his parents have helped him

Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman · C23
3 days ago
*she didn't View More

CrispyMouse: What an (insert good insult here), she did fool you, you fooled yourself. She never once claimed anything.

A Chaotic World · C297
4 days ago
What an (insert good insult here), she did fool you, you fooled yourself. She never once claimed anything. View More
A Chaotic World · C297
4 days ago
Why do you say her intelligence is low? Because she is happy about getting marbles? Because she doesn't know numbers? She seems naive to me but naive doesn't equal low intelligence. View More

Worldwolf67: Frankly speaking other than the fact that she looks like a human she is not one at all. Other than the fact that she can talk, her intelligence is low for an intelligent species. And aren't there people who have chimps as pets? Simple as that.

The Other world is a dog eat dog world. She is also really weak. If she had been found by the barbarians or other intelligent species she definitely would have been killed or if found by the humans she would be dissected. So you can say that it is fortunate that she found our MC.

She is more of a pet. You can only call it slavery if the being is intelligent enough to be deserved to call such. We don't really say that we have a chimp or orangutang slave right?

Dawn of a New Era · C25
4 days ago
She is not us and therefore can forcibly holding her captive for your profit and exploitation is alright...oh that is the type of thinking that allowed for the slave trade. View More

Cador: Lol slavery remember this tiny seashell girl is not an earthling the MC should utilise each opportunity to become powerful and he's using stick and carrot to make this tiny seashell girl collect golds

Dawn of a New Era · C25
5 days ago
Since when does the slave master not harming the slave make slavery ok? View More

Worldwolf67: He is not harming her at all though? He is not physically abusing her, nor is he letting her starve without care. He is only threatening her.

Dawn of a New Era · C25
5 days ago
He knew he had the Book of Knowledge, he still didn't understand how it was going to affect him so why would it change his attitude? After if I get a cheat code for a game but what it gives me why would I be excited? View More

Mute: He knew he had a cheat when he was envious of his sister in this chapter.

Dawn of a New Era · C4
5 days ago

hilnik_r: NO! Ramayana literally means Rama the god from Ramayana and Yana means path -the path of Rama that’s all

The Eternal Supreme · C95
5 days ago
But he just now in toward the end of this chapter started to understand the benefits he has received. Prior he didn't know he had gotten a cheat so why would it change his outlook. View More

Mute: People change with circumstances, he's just gotten a cheat so there's no need to envy his sister.

Dawn of a New Era · C4
5 days ago
I love that it was Jeremy's bat. Poor Noah...having an outsider compete with him for his brother (not that it a competition but Noah certainly is behaving that way). View More
The Hitting Zone · C507
1 week ago
Oh I love the fact he is getting both, bit I find is amusing (not quite the right word) that he isn't just getting a demons and a humans inheritance but the inheritance of a demon and a human who were personal enemies during their lifetimes View More

Saladin0127: Well he has both human and demon heritage and genetics. So why shouldn’t he get both 😎

A Chaotic World · C295
1 week ago
Talk about having some strange combination of inheritances View More
A Chaotic World · C295
1 week ago
Welcome back. View More
Kalar´s Continent · C51
1 week ago

Wan1one: kill the spider please...

World Seed · C79
1 week ago
Yes, because they realize they are character in the novel and the person they want to kill is the MC. View More

nathandtomlin45: Another idiot why is it that everyone believes they can kill the main character whenever they want it's like every chapter he makes a new enemy so tedious

Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art · C19
1 week ago
Well having the cauldron inside him and performing the alchemy inside him is new. View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C8
1 week ago
Is the population 10 billion (from the chapter) or 10 million from the author's note? View More
Supreme Celestial Devil · C5
1 week ago
MC is reacting out of emotion of his families graves being desecrated. View More

BobStudio: The mc is stupid. Should have went into hiding and train until Saitama level and then seek revenge. Alas he is too young and rash.

The Dangerous Cultivator · C7
1 week ago
Since most high school students use metal bats they don't really think about breaking them or needing a back up. With a good bat running upwards of $250, bats often get purchased when they out grow their old one, and then the old bat often isn't legal for play anyways. View More

Ralse: what no backup bat for your second best player on the team

The Hitting Zone · C502
1 week ago

Sometimes: Not necessarily, it is gotten after being in a state of constant continuous danger for a long period of time so technically if immortal cultivators are put in such a state they should be able to acquire it too. Just like gaining battle experience after being in countless battles certain things would be instinctual to you

Eternal Sacred King · C103
1 week ago

docmoya: At his point its pretty clear that spirit perception is some sort of super powerful mega skill that makes you good at everything that can only be cultivated with this very powerful ancient demon technique that the MC was given and that's just how im going to justify everything he does from now on.

Eternal Sacred King · C103
1 week ago

Senelcar: i was thinking the exact same thing ... Especially in a world like this one, that is FULLY based on results, not on how you achieve them ...

Let Me Game in Peace · C93
2 weeks ago

Konkey_Dong: She thinks Zhou Wen is one of those extremely lazy geniuses. But as he showed multiple times already, he's a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Though it really looks like he is just lazing away on his game, no one is as diligent as him in grinding.

Let Me Game in Peace · C93
2 weeks ago

LostSoldier1: It astounds me that someone who is supposedly a talented teacher can so easily ignore the implications of "how" her own student deals with things. MC's actions against the Blade General were so obvious that even some students realized that there was something fishy, how can the frea*ing teacher who is paying special attention to him suddenly devolve into a simple troublemaker and utterly ignore the job she is being paid for!?
The worst part is that there wasn't even a problem there to begin with, MC's capabilities and potential are clearly above the average of the school (which is comprised of geniuses), something that should not be possible unless he was some sort of abomination (*cough* wish fulfillment *cough*) or he was not actually just gaming.
Man, there are just so many problems with this THOT, I'll reach the word limit before letting it all out.

Let Me Game in Peace · C93
2 weeks ago
Same. View More

Mannymangos: Seriously, I always look forward to the chapters.

The Hitting Zone · C495
2 weeks ago
Sometimes you always round up. View More

Lonmar: it's mathematically impossible!
how can you reach an average of 9.2 with 8 examiners?
73/8 = 9.125 => 9.1 OK
74/8 = 9.25 => 9.3 KO

The Boss Behind The Game · C12
3 weeks ago
Because the ring was Sauron's and what the MC is messing with is their ex-boss's. View More

Hnn17: If Frodo puts on the ring in the shire and Sauron can sense him from way across middle earth all the way to Mordor, why can't these 12 magical overlords demons king's not sense the disturbance in the dark force hey ?

The Boss Behind The Game · C10
3 weeks ago
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