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Keep it up!, looking forward to know where they really are and what are those morphlings. View More
The Time Mage · C46
2 weeks ago
Naive, there are still 100 chapters waiting before the competition start otherwise it wouldn't be Legend of the Mythological Fillers. At least 10 chapters will be needed just to describe the arena and he may at some point get angry remembering the egg people for no reason too... View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C139
1 month ago
Excellent chapter, strong antagonist made a good entrance, Voldemort and Darth Vader should be envious, xD. Looking forward to the next release. View More
The Time Mage · C45
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter, fairly good action i think, more over, writing an action chapter with inexperienced child as characters may be an advantage as they would naturally make mistakes and you don't need to make it look too pro or sophisticated. Was a good chapter we've been waiting for it and so we will for the next one, keep it up! View More
The Time Mage · C44
2 months ago
This is a light novel and many people is worried about it being scientific im like.... Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C22
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter, it was a nice progress and we will see the duel soon. Keep it up! View More
The Time Mage · C43
4 months ago
While the concept is not bad the MC seems too stupid to follow around i hope it improves, as for the numeric data well we already know... View More
I Found A Planet · C19
4 months ago
Good chapter, keep it up, real life hits everyone at a time and its OK to place it first. View More
The Time Mage · C42
4 months ago
Lets see it can talk but is not an intelligent beast?... Please read the chapter before posting and don't use your preconceptions from other novels, again please read... View More

Dechet: First he don’t know it’s intelligent or, it’s friendly ,neither if she can give him information,second he need their core to progress. And don’t apparently want anything from the beast he see no gain in helping just because no reason

The Geared Immortal · C0
4 months ago
An intelligent beast alive can be more valuable than a death one. View More

Dechet: Realy didn’t like the chap. Beast don’t have an instinc to kill it would only be to eat or play and never against specialy human. Maybe a instinc to be alert and wary. Second just after the trap for the 4th level beast he should have killed the white tiger at least tell he is afraid and not sure he can kill it beccause somthing. And he again have no reason to help at least tell he fell pitty or somthing. And finaly his race attaked, him beast is not a race it’s have species and then races but it’s like wolf and dog so be more specific of what he think is it in general or for the 4 th beast. Too much nonsense to not kill this white tiger the story was pretty logic till now which is why i tell you this.

The Geared Immortal · C0
4 months ago
Wealthy ones are never useless, specially if they are founding you endlessly cause they are dumb. View More

CocoaButter: Knowing he is a useless wealthy leader yet he joins. His IQ decreases.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C15
5 months ago
Reading Status: C29
Warning if you think its about farming you will be disappointed its anything but that, is more like a system cheat story more focused in
assassination that farming, the MC even improves and get stronger without ever touching a single seed... View More
Super Farmer
5 months ago
Aqualovers for the win! View More
MMORPG: The Elementalist · C233
5 months ago
Reading Status: C157
Good story, its one of the few mecha light novels and its good enough to be enjoyed by people that isn't fan of the genre. The development is
good and has a moderate speed what is nice, its not a get op instantly
neither be weak forever MC. Its a well written and balanced interesting story. View More
The Mech Touch
5 months ago
All MC needs some muscle ache as part of their growth and at least one unkind but actually caring instructor. View More
The Time Mage · C41
5 months ago
Kevin almost a 1 man guild himself, he deserves a power up. View More
Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C37
5 months ago
Another MC that goes demon path boring, drops novel for good. View More
The Almighty Ring · C64
5 months ago
SHS ===> SHH
Summoning the Holy Sword ===> Summoning the Holy Harem, Lol View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C84
6 months ago
Something like foresight would indeed be an interesting addition to the MC arsenal. View More
Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C66
6 months ago
They have different affinities and skills except may be the father and son earth element duo, its still early for them to get a main denomination with such few members in the main family. They need to find a trait that its not just good but really innate and prominent among their people. View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C129
6 months ago
Reading Status: C22
Slow peace excellent novel, characters are being build in a steady way, the MC skills are interesting and grow at a decent speed, there is a bit of romance too and not much non sense to it. And above all its fun to read highly recommended. View More
Farming For Gold
6 months ago
Excellent chapter, keep it up! View More
Farming For Gold · C22
6 months ago
Its getting good we are now about to see their first duel, they are finally doing practical magic and magic combat nice. View More
The Time Mage · C39
6 months ago
The wifu is a skilled aquamancer too, nice they will make a great ML FL duo. View More
MMORPG: The Elementalist · C144
6 months ago
now its exercise for demons, drops the novel, there are too many demon MC's to get another one. View More
Monster Integration · C37
6 months ago
Whatever the woman is doesn't matter he will just boil her with some herbs and will evolve her into something of his liking. View More

ResidentialPsycho: ...Maybe he really is a feminine man, the perfect match for the masculine woman!

Monster Pet Evolution · C101
6 months ago

crunchingnoises: Did I read that correctly? or are my eyes deceiving me?! The MC's sibling for once gets revenge for the MC after getting beaten down?!?! This blatant subversion of my expectations is beyond reasonable! Its... its beautiful... heavenly... god-like...

Who is this author and where is he? Take my money/powerstones!

Farming For Gold · C7
6 months ago
25 sq feet is not enough to fit a thing, seriously it'll be hard to fit a small bed in it and you want to have it full with stuff to wash things and even a place to put clothes and a place to cook?... Seriously you need to get a better idea of what 25 sq feet are and probably increase the room surface like few times... View More
Monster Integration · C21
6 months ago
There are systems and is a world with magic it actually do make sense. It'd be weird if they have magic and system but need to do it all manually. View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C43
6 months ago
What a pity that snake was rare and strong would have made a nice pet, plus it ate the stinky husky, really a sad lose we will remember you amazing snake RIP. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C97
6 months ago
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