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Isn’t she of royal blood from her mother? View More
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C578
2 months ago
She said they will TRY to kill him again. Not that he was almost dead and she saved him. Emphasis on the try.

Lily already believes it was the Mu’s or another related family in China that killed her child. While she is definitely torn up about the loss of their child, I think her larger concern is whether she can have another child. If they made her unable to have a child, she will go ballistic. Not that they can’t do a surrogate mother. If they tried to destroy her uterus, it likely isn’t the Zhuo’s since they wouldn’t care about her having children in the future and only care about the child itself. View More

XiaoReiChan: Did Renren's mom really just watched him from afar while growing up? Or she also helped him behind the scenes? I wonder why she's afraid of the Zhous. And she said they killed him before. 😨 It means she saved him and brought him to the orphanage.

It also seems that her husband now is not Renren's father. She already knows what happened to Lily and Renren's child 7 years ago and it's just a matter of time before they find out.

Oh God, it feels like the murder of their child was not because of simple reasons. 🤯

The Villain's Wife · C230
3 months ago
This can be so confusing at times. Things skip around and I can’t figure out if it is the raw or the translation. View More
Legend of Fuyao · C41
3 months ago
Is Bec still alive!?! Is that what he is hiding?
Hehe View More
The Villain's Wife · C228
3 months ago
The internets would almost certainly have information about Lily’s name changes. If he did a lookup, there should be a Wikipedia page about her with her history and such since she would be a fairly famous businesswoman in the world of the story. From that, he should easily know she is Qin Jinghua. View More
The Villain's Wife · C216
3 months ago
I never took it as a death threat. I took it as Lily telling her that she can’t protect him forever. That when she is gone, he will not know what to do and will flounder. Lily’s wording was intentionally ambiguous, which was a psychological attack but Lily has never killed (that we know of and based on her question to hubby, that seems to be the case). Her method is psychological “death”, not physical death. The business her grandmother gave her was and is legitimate. She is ruthless, but doesn’t break the law in what she does.
Hubby on the other hand has connections to Yakuza and Triad. She is the brains and he is the brawn (in as much as he is more physical.). View More
The Villain's Wife · C206
3 months ago
As people have said, she died first (that we know of right now) as Ximen You Yue. The “friend” who killed her (who is now the holy daughter to Wu Lingyu’s Holy Son) used something that damaged her soul.
She reincarnated as assassin Sima You Yue then died and reincarnated as the current Sima You Yue. Because of the damage to her soul the first time she died, she lost her memories of her first life but retained her memories from her second life. When her soul recovered enough, she regained her Ximen You Yue memories. View More

IgnisCrozzo: There something borthering me for a while hmm
Since You Yue(present) Slowly regain the memory of Ximen You Yue
Does than mean Ximen You Yue die Twice
1st as herself
2nd as Sima You Yue ( reincarnation)

what suprice me is Ximen You Yue also has talent in cooking LOL 😂😂😂

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C522
3 months ago

beaux88: well they are focussing on lily...they dont know zhou zingren is d father of that child...they might be prepared of lily's wrath..but how about zingren's method...how are they going to stop him from avenging his wife and child...

The Villain's Wife · C142
4 months ago
What is odd about Yang Lina to me (and a bunch of other people) is that Lily’s mother’s name was Facci. “She was a Facci?” Seems pretty obvious since it is in her name. Maybe you should look into this Facci name and see what might be up before you go kill crazy. And Yang Lina was supposed to research Lily before so how come it didn’t show up then. 😜 View More
The Villain's Wife · C142
4 months ago
So many old friends and relatives showing up. About time for You Yue to have a chance. View More
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C508
4 months ago

XiaoReiChan: Another man whose gonna burn to ashes? Bring it on Tang Wei Dong. If you still love your life, you should change your name to Tang Wei Don't. 😂 Seriously, don't try to mess with THE Lily Facci Qin. Oh correction! It's Lily Facci ZHUO. The Queen has found her King and he's another person you shouldn't dare to offend. 💪

I'm so nervous for tomorrow's release because of the "warning" dear Blips. Should we be worried? 🤯

The Villain's Wife · C126
4 months ago
Yeah, why didn’t he have Zhu girl do it? Her Dao is orders of magnitude better and she is 100% devoted to him. Why risk it? View More

House: 500 Chapter to make a pill? Why does he not make it hemself? Is he not like the Alchemy god? Can't he do 2 things ... He should have just done it back in the alchemy sect then we did not need to w8 10 Chapters for a ****ty pill.

Dual Cultivation · C201
5 months ago
*sigh* Somebody is going to have a bad night. View More
The Villain's Wife · C84
5 months ago
Wahhhhh!!!!! View More
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C492
5 months ago
Kick her out... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
They are so funny. First of all, she is already married so even if they COULD kick her out, it wouldn’t help because the marriage is official and documented in the proper places. Second, Liam doesn’t seem to know about who she really is and what she has done in Europe and the US. He thinks he could control her. This is so funny.
Last and most important is her husband. Nothing good will come of their attempts. View More
The Villain's Wife · C74
5 months ago
I think that she should save him sometimes. They need to be a powerful couple together. She can’t go around in his shadow. He has his strengths and she has hers. While the relationship is somewhat about business for Lily, I think she should grow to slowly move beyond that and not really realize it.
If he lets her help him and save him without feeling weak and offended, it would show her his trust in her and her abilities. He doesn’t love her out of pity. He loves who she is under the thick armor she has built to protect herself emotionally. She should eventually have no armor around him and the same with him.
Regarding the smut aspect, I like it when it contributes to the story. In this case, I don’t believe you are writing a smut focused novel. Using it isn’t bad, just use it in the right places for the right reasons.
I thought you did that pretty well in TCW but if you want to be a bit more explicit in the scenes in this novel, I wouldn’t personally have an issue with it. This is a novel about adults and adults do those types of things. It is an important part of us as humans and it can’t be ignored. View More
The Villain's Wife · C67
5 months ago
Akane, oh Akane. Even if you didn’t run, you shouldn’t have shown up and cried like that. *sigh* What are we going to do with you? Hehe, time for the popcorn... View More
The Villain's Wife · C54
5 months ago
I like Su Yang but I also don't like him. I don't like that he uses women and their emotions to get what he wants/needs. Granted, he never forces anyone and actually only does it if they ask for it when he doesn't yet know them. But I still don't like it very much. What I do like is that he is very up front about it. That while there is emotion involved, it is just a physical thing to him for the most part and that it will be short lived for most of the girls.
Zhu Mengyi actually got a LOT of time with him compared to her friend, who only had an hour or so. Zhu got a week or some such and was busy doing it pretty much the entire time. View More
Dual Cultivation · C180
5 months ago
This is actually complicated to me (maybe more complicated than it needs to be). The "accident" is actually what has allowed Lily to open up her heart to Zhuo. While Zhuo is going to be out of control, I am not so sure about Lily. Sure, she will be very angry, but she might also thank Akane internally for giving her the opportunity and reason to open up to Zhuo and talk about his and her past. View More
The Villain's Wife · C53
5 months ago
👍 View More
The Villain's Wife · C48
5 months ago
I said six months because it would be hard to be away from family and friends for longer. I could live there indefinitely though. View More

Raii014: just a place for visit ehh ?? not for living ??

The Villain's Wife · C44
5 months ago
Japan is a great place to visit. I personally wouldn’t mind living there for a while (6 months or so) View More
The Villain's Wife · C44
5 months ago
Ah Lily. Be careful... View More
The Villain's Wife · C42
5 months ago
Her friend is more right (in my opinion). She despises “men” because they are selfish and only do things to get what they want. So she is going to do the same thing to him? View More

Blissful: Thank you for the update! Also, though I agree with what her friend is saying, I also understand Lily’s point of view. It can be difficult to trust people you don’t really know when you’ve been disappointed by people who’ve been with you your entire life. I like that’s she’s not just constantly “thinking on the bright side” or “giving him the benefit of the doubt.” She’s gone through a lot of pain that can’t just be simply overlooked. I like this progression, but I am looking forward to her healing (whether by herself or with the help of others).

Fr fr, I just want our Lily to be happy! ❤️

The Villain's Wife · C42
5 months ago
Well, I think he needs to figure out her secrets and weaknesses and then fill in those gaps quietly. For example:
• He can already fill in the gap for food
• He can be her driver and security
• He can get her in to see the right people in Hong Kong and give her quiet, useful pointers about how things work.
• He can learn about the hidden parts of her past like their baby and forgive her to her face. Maybe in a more romantic, but private setting. Like a nice restaurant with private rooms.
• He can learn she can’t have children (or it is unlikely) and be totally ok with that because he always wanted to adopt or be involved in the orphanage since that is where he grew up. He already does stuff but he can make it more involved and with her. Maybe they open or run orphanages and do a great job. Have a foundation or something like that.
• He can dig up all the stuff the Qin’s did to her, find out about the accident, get all the dirt he can and give it to her to use against them. He should know that she will need to carry out any acts against them but getting the information and preparing it is good.
• He can learn about her love of working on cars, figure out what she likes to do and set up a place in Hong Kong for her to do that. A place for her to go by herself and just do something for her. He should start by not even trying to be there and let her approach him later if she wants him there. View More
The Villain's Wife · C38
5 months ago

TheBlips: Someone scarred and guarded won't just tell her past to anyone. But don't worry, it won't take long before Our Renren will know the truth.

The Villain's Wife · C35
5 months ago
I am not sure why the princess doesn’t want her friend to spill the beans. Isn’t that actually demeaning and losing face for her? Also, he is her legal husband. It doesn’t matter if the concubine acted as her, legally, the two are married. She should at least act like they are husband and wife. View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C71
6 months ago
I read so many stories, I must have forgotten it! Hehe. This story is so good Blips, just pulls you right in. View More

TheBlips: This was already mentioned before... She did not know that she was pregnant during the wedding (which did not happen.) The check up was a week after the sex. There is no way to know if you are pregnant after a week... hehehe.. anyway, I will reveal the rest slowly.

The Villain's Wife · C30
6 months ago
She was pregnant with his child?!? You can't throw that bomb out there right at the end as almost an afterthought!!! Earlier you said that she went and got checked for diseases but didn't say anything about being pregnant. Did I forget something in the past? View More
The Villain's Wife · C30
6 months ago
It was him then but she was pretty drunk or she wouldn’t have done it. I was surprised she recognized him from that time and not from when they were friends in school seeing as he was likely her best and one of her only friends. View More
The Villain's Wife · C29
6 months ago
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