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somebuddy: Another interesting thought. Clown, as used here, is clearly the traditional rather than modern clown, and is thus closely linked to the jester, especially in a Tarot-derived context.

I'm not sure how much of this is relevant to the story, but I found it interesting. The author is telling a unique story yet often adapts other material to fit his purpose, so I skimmed some related sources...

A ruler's jester was often his hidden advisor, spy, strategist, not least because the jester must not be taken seriously, thus could get away with saying the unsayable and do the unthinkable, and thus could challenge and satirize a foolish decision, allowing it to be reconsidered without loss of face.

The best of them were sometimes viewed as having "the unusual power to say the stupidist things, that somehow provoked great enlightenments in a wise listener."

A court jester was often referred as a 'licensed fool', and was often viewed in a light that would confuse a modern person.

In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Feste the jester is described as "wise enough to play the fool".

Another one was referred to as "The King's fool and jester, with the power to mock and revile even the most prominent without penalty"

The Fool, the Jester, and the Clown are overlapping archetypes.

Of possibly good news to our protagonist, in some traditions, the Fool(and his variants) stands outside the rules of the normal trumps, and often has the highest effect and value, but is constrained from directly controlling things...

Red and Black, or Yellow and Black are traditional colors for the Jester/Fool, (which might imply a different meaning than the more direct Lovecraftian linkages, but fit a protagonist better)

Lord of the Mysteries · C101
3 weeks ago

DeadmanWhisperer: Sequence Pathway (Updated)

Sleepless > Midnight Poet > Nightmare
Seer > Clown > ?
Sailor > Folk of Rage > Seafarer
Spectator > Telepathic > Psychiatrist
Savant > Archeologist > Appraiser
Corpse Collector > Gravedigger > Spirit Medium
Mystery Pryer > ? > Warlock
Apprentice > Trickmaster
Marauder > Swindler
Instigator > Assassin > Witch
Monster > ?

Lord of the Mysteries · C76
1 month ago

CarefreeReader_Zen: when i read the 7 admirals and 4 kings the first thing to pop into my mind was One Piece (the Shichibukai and the Yonko) lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C8
2 months ago

ResidentialPsycho: The Fool--Upright: Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit. Reversed: Holding back, recklessness, risk-taking.

The Hanged Man--Upright: Pause, surrender, letting go, new perspectives. Reversed: Delays, resistance, stalling, indecision.

Justice--Upright: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law. Reversed: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty.

Lord of the Mysteries · C7
2 months ago

knowingdestiny19: Poor guy... he is afraid and lost... trying his best to put the brave front ...

Nightfall · C888
7 months ago

hestia529: Oh my goddddd.. I love this chapter a lot, entire 888 chapter. I smiled and laughed a lot, my check muscles a little bit hurt 😂😂😂. Thanks to the author, I will remember this chapter, 888. I'll go back to read one day.
I love how NingQue put away his weapons, tided his clothes and fixed his hair 😆. It's like someone will meet his crush 😂😂.

Nightfall · C888
7 months ago

RegulatorMo: Batman: it because im b.... /slash Jun Mo: im Jun MO

Nightfall · C884
7 months ago

FcN: But can it resist the Vulture Storm ? Find out in the next Episode of Ravyaoli Ball Z !

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1104
7 months ago

Sen1orBrotherRo: *xiaoyu approaches*
Chen pipi: "i have a girlfriend."

Nightfall · C869
8 months ago
It was none of that, my prediction went awry xD However, the following chapters won't disappoint. View More

ct_newreader: Any tag tam action or will it only be individual battles?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C751
8 months ago

PhantaPhoenix: Imagine if ichigo's inner Hollow dd8n't give him a berserker mode but in increase in political skill xD

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1042
8 months ago

Ekc: Although the battle action is fun and attracts many younger readers it is pleasing to see the author introducing some real world political ideas. Thanks for the chapter.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1042
8 months ago
I feel like the switch between LY and the Mental Devil is similar to Ichigo and his inner Hollow in Bleach. This seems to be the first time LY has intentionally gave control of his body to the Mental Devil. I wonder if this indicates the beginning of MD's slow and cunning attempt in taking over LY's body. View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1042
8 months ago

crackedcacti: That’s cool. Don’t come whine in the forums again then.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1041
8 months ago

Sage_Twoqilin: I couldn't agree more, this novel is up there amongst the very best that Webnovel / Qidian has to offer

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1041
8 months ago

PhantaPhoenix: First off, in my opinion this is probably one of the top 10 novels on this website in terms of quality.

Secondly, why would a novel being ongoing make it any better or worse, everything is ongoing at some point.

Thirdly, why are you liking your own comments, you think people can't see it?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1041
8 months ago
Pantheon of Demons playing out a Game of Thrones roleplay View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1036
8 months ago
Best scene of finding a problem and taking advantage of it xDD

Arigato, @millman97, @flycrane01 for the promise of bonus chapters! View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1032
9 months ago
I wonder if Jin Tuyi is just trying to bring the vigilance of his son (and by extension Elder Nether Spring) down with his lie about the disease. It could end up making Elder NS more confident about his success. While JT's belief that LY being the right heir is his true feeling.

What led to JT's assumption about LY's infiltration/ID swap? Could be the level of refining ability LY showed in the first meeting + the mental derangement of Pervert Jin combined with extreme test result. Maybe LY isn't as great an actor as he thinks he is xD View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1021
9 months ago

Sage_Twoqilin: Absolutely, I fully agree. And then in accordance with your other comment about the world building, that's so accurate as well, yet there's still people that fail to understand that there's meaning to everything really and they just blindly call filler...

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1014
9 months ago

ericksond: WTF Killed by Dogmeat. 🐶

Nightfall · C799
9 months ago
LY's conclusion: Too good is bad for your own good.... View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1018
9 months ago
Yes, in some cultivation novels that I dropped halfway - They don't have good world building/ character development/ logic. View More

uhhuh: You've come across that a lot?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1014
9 months ago
Lil cliffy, meet LY. LY, meet lil cliffy. You will see each other quite often until this arc is over xD View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1015
9 months ago
Excellent chapters, I'm happy that the author is putting his all to the infiltration plan and not saying "2 hrs after, LY reached the first level using his indigenous means and Fire Ant King's help' View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1014
9 months ago

ursus010: The author skillfully describes the power of ****** and insignificant people in their determination, will, to protect, what is dear to them! Respect the author and translator!

Nightfall · C793
9 months ago
Jin Tuyi's knowledge of LY extends as far as Skeleton Dragon event where he was set on Self Sacrificing himself. So, it makes sense that he got fooled. Elder NS might still have him in the equation. View More

Hanlagend: There’s no way both Elder Spring and Jin Tuyi fell for Li Yaos fake death..

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1006
9 months ago

Sukyee: And we go full circle back to the story of the eagle and the ant?

Nightfall · C781
9 months ago

Sukyee: Mao Ni plans his stories amazingly well!

Nightfall · C781
9 months ago

rendezvous: When ning que is confident, he will win

Nightfall · C781
9 months ago
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