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Zxaquis: I love how all the players ACTUALLY listened properly instead of half-listen like the gamers of our world
Gamer : *talks to chat while story is being unfold*
Viewers : *screams 'pay attention to the game'*
GAME : stops talking bout story
Gamer : *stops*
Gamer : uh...guys what do we do?
Viewers : xfksjsnjsbkshfxkck

The Legendary Mechanic · C509
2 days ago

Nirvanic_Sun: They only spread it on planets that have no access to the galaxy so that it only starts really spreading once Godora sends people to research it, and they would only be able to research it after it took effect and started killing people. The only reason it was so dangerous originally is that they only found out once it was too late, she's had a year to research it without the virus trying to hurt her. I doubt they don't have a cure for it, and Ames can't threaten darkstar if she can't find them.

The Legendary Mechanic · C507
1 week ago

urza: I wonder what else works to trigger that. Strong language? Nerf guns? Crushing handshakes?
Han Xiaos's driving? That causes both physical and mental damage.

The Legendary Mechanic · C501
2 weeks ago

urza: Han Xiao *Encounters Ember*
"Well, I'ma wreck this guy's whole career."
By the time version 2.0 arrives, there won't be anything left for the rest of the players to resolve in the Darkstar storyline.

The Legendary Mechanic · C501
2 weeks ago

jiva_4464: Hahah.. Han Xiao has a status panel.. Poor Chen Xing.. he will see your status..

The Legendary Mechanic · C500
2 weeks ago

urza: Soon on the galaxy rumour-mill:
Anon1: "Black-Star can copy the abilities of other supers! Even Beyond Calamity Grade ones! That's so ridiculous!"
Anon2:"He's really pissed off dark-star this time though. He must be relying on Ames to cover for him."
Anon3: "Rather than DarkStar, he should be worried that someone else will try to dissect him for his powers, lol."
Anon1: "At this point that's basically the same as being able to defeat Ames though."
Anon2:"Has anyone noticed that most of his immortal group is gone and everyone who's left is hot?"

The Legendary Mechanic · C499
2 weeks ago

CaTastrophy427: "It was at this moment. He knew. He F*cked up"

The Legendary Mechanic · C498
2 weeks ago

bloodaobear: I gotta say... The author is already setting up a grand battle in the future with the Beyond Grade A Mechanic's undying army vs HX's own player army.

Top quality writing right here!

The Legendary Mechanic · C493
3 weeks ago

JonesSoda: Federation and comrade, sounds like we have a communist party here. Shoot him, ask questions later!

The Legendary Mechanic · C491
3 weeks ago

JonesSoda: And then ember will also go super saiyan, then hx will go super saiyan. 30 chapter later we shall have a conclusion. Maybe they will kiss at the end.

The Legendary Mechanic · C486
4 weeks ago

JonesSoda: Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Ember vs Hx, it's a trap. Okay folks, don't need to read the chapter. The battle saga will continue next time on dbz.

The Legendary Mechanic · C485
1 month ago

GreenArm_Samurai: Ember will survive this aswell. and the next encounter and the next and the next....... he just wont fucking die.

The Legendary Mechanic · C485
1 month ago
Reading Status: C381
City #1 inhabitants seems remarkably similar to city #2. City #3 is very different but I was starting to get the feeling that not that much different from city #4 which is also kinda similar to city #1. That includes the character personality types he's surround by and encounters.

Of all the games and their unique cultures/worlds, I get the constant feeling that the author is keeping everything related to demon strengthening/commanding, magic arraying [instead of technology], and some bland magic spells. Various excuses were used to explain that everything else is inferior to the three things above so no one really tries things like unique summoning [instead of something like Final Fantasy summons, they only call forth demons and skeletons], advance technology [started to learn the periodic table then gave up but somehow made a smart phone with magic arrays] and special weapons/armor [instead of something like Masamune, Keyblade, Frostmourne. Instead you get living swords that, while tied to a wall, cross their spirit arms call themselves daddies while talking down on everyone.]

At least he keeps thing kinda interesting with different fighting styles but the ones learn from games are not really shown to be used in detail but when it comes to some random native cultivator/warrior, we get a full accounting of why their fighting style is rich and strong. In the end, after a few paragaphs or chapters, we see it fail to overcome the MC/Customers fighting styles taken from the games that they've played in a brief description.

I'm just yelling into the void because I got so hopeful for something unique from the games he was opening up only to see them focus Dungeon Fighter Online which honestly didn't feel very different from the world they are in already. They even got some guns and rocket launchers way back in city #1 but the author wrote them in so that they can't kill anyone and only hurt weak people. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
1 month ago

JaketheeJake: I was wondering when the stat sheets would come back. I dont miss them

The Legendary Mechanic · C415
2 months ago

Rends: So everyone else is playing in FPS mode and Han Xiao in Tower Defense mode?

The Legendary Mechanic · C414
2 months ago

dummy122510: GAY!

The Legendary Mechanic · C413
2 months ago

HeKaiwei: I hope bloodline requires him to use the virus on himself to acquire an op esper ability. It would be cool if he got an ability that would enhance his mechanic skills even more

The Legendary Mechanic · C404
2 months ago

Saphira371: "To celebrate my first business, I'll help you all that I can..." Hold up, so he's usually lazy and doesn't try his best for other customers????

The Legendary Mechanic · C404
2 months ago

Israfil: it's not a hydra! it's 4 headed and 4 tailed snake that will evolve into 8 headed and 8 tailed snake called Yamata no Orochi, and i think the plant that taken by dumby for gao peng is the key to the snake evolution to become Yamata no Orochi. that's why it's smashing it's heads into the wall, because of grief.

Monster Pet Evolution · C478
2 months ago
The guy in charge was killed and since no one else has a King tier then no one else can invistigate without getting killed. View More

N1dhogg: ... so he is leaving without taking care of the business he went there for... just going to forget about an organization send people to kill him... gloss over it even

Monster Pet Evolution · C477
2 months ago

CaTastrophy427: Fish in a barrel, maybe, but the barrel has several layers and winding corridors within itself to block visibility. Try ants in a nest or something like that. Birds in a biosphere?

The Legendary Mechanic · C396
2 months ago

formoia: There was only one choice left but to turn the spaceship into a giant gundam using his mech skills and fight the giant death egg in space

The Legendary Mechanic · C396
2 months ago

No deaths so there is no pain and suffering, but everyone will be your toy, this distorted and sickly sense of justice, like Kira in DN or any other manic psychopath.

Monster Pet Evolution · C470
2 months ago

Delta_Angelfire: It's been a while since we got to see Han Ziao's "driving" skills in action again... I'm sure somewhere Hila got a chill down her spine

The Legendary Mechanic · C393
2 months ago

Peaches: Realm of Myths and Legends is a novel of missed opportunities.

It implies a unique perspective of a cultivator of 1000+ years being introduced to a VRMMO. Unfortunately, the mentality of the protagonist devolves into that of the archetypical VRMMO playing MC slowly learning mechanics and gathering epic loot and dealing with the usual virtual bullies present in many VRMMO novels. His 1000 years of cultivation are only accounted for by his ability to determine whether or not people are trying to plot against him, deceive him, or use him.

Even then, there is a case where the MC allows one such "evil" individual to partake in an "S-class" quest, despite not sharing the quest with that person (which seems completely unaffected by the fact, and can follow the MC and his group without restriction anyway).

Aside from this, the only other thing his 1000 years of cultivation afford him is his ability to recreate his various cultivation and combat techniques within the game. Overall, what had appeared to be a new, interesting spin on a old idea turned out to be a big disappointment.

Realm of Myths and Legends
3 months ago

Genard: The content has been deleted

Realm of Myths and Legends
3 months ago

Saphira371: Oof luck really isn't on their side... their silver was one of the 2 unlucky ones that weren't sold rip

The Legendary Mechanic · C378
3 months ago

Chained001: White dragon: floods desert
Desolation: freezes flooded desert

Monster Pet Evolution · C434
3 months ago

Shahre: why do they always try to destroy the reason why we liked it in the first place?
Why do companies always try to test out where our bottom line is?

The Legendary Mechanic · C372
3 months ago

Dys: Spoiler : all the missing chapter are stacking to be batch release BUT HERE'S THE CATCH : you'll need to pay 500ss to read them "in advance"
Go check super Gene to understand the brand new idea of qidian

The Legendary Mechanic · C372
3 months ago
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