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Krufuks: you guys know got swindled but still give them your money and laughing

man, that's scary 😁

Library of Heaven's Path · C1938
2 days ago

Krufuks: Huo Jianghe is not even inner disciple but if I remember correctly he already at Ancient Sage 4-dan, same as ZX. I'm curious how powerful the sect Head and the elders then

hmm..interesting 🤔

Library of Heaven's Path · C1932
5 days ago

Kyousukeeee: Hello underclass, it's I.... your co-underclass hahah

Library of Heaven's Path · C1929
1 week ago
and I hope we didn't get spoilers in the comments because some people already read the "privileged" chapters View More

Krufuks: what's done is done, I can't do anything about it

I will not purchase the privileged chapters, but I really hope that with some chapters ahead, at least the release schedule of regular chapter become more stable

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 week ago

SaltAndPepper: The TL is just stocking chapters when he slow down his release rate for this privilege. You could told us properly we would have understand it.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 week ago
actually I didn't mind spending more stones because at this moment this is the only premium novel I've read here

I also agree if all the stones goes to the translators, I can even give more to them if I can, it's just this "privileged" thing that I can't accept.

now I can only read few days or even few months old of comments in every chapter because I will not buy the privileged chapters View More

Executrix: Well, I know how you feel. I would not regret anything if ALL the spirit stones go to Starve but I guess Kiddyan must take their shares too. Considering that my income has dropped by almost 40% and my spending increases greatly, I will not be able to allocate spirit stones for privilege.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 week ago
*this novel become premium*
me : okay, I can spend some stones

*this novel suddenly got slower release*
me : well, I can wait

*this novel got some privileged*

nah.....I'll keep reading this, even though I clearly can't accept this, but I can't do anything about it.

Just few days ago the translators saying he's busy with real life, so busy sometime we only got 1 chapter/day. I can accept that.

But then suddenly the novel become privileged and bunch of chapters released. Man, it's one thing if ZX being shameless, but even people at qidian also shameless, it makes me so sad 😣 View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1928
1 week ago
and I'm sure people will think World Edge is Dan Xiaotian when he finally use the technique later because I doubt ZX will use the technique again. ZX probably will not make any move and just leave every fight to Xiaotian to let him get more battle experience View More

SobbingGhost: When you're a nobody:
"Worlds Edge, what a dumb name, only fit for a child!"

When you're a god:
"Worlds Edge, what a profound and boundless name, must be a hidden reclusive expert!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1927
1 week ago
selling the bathwater while keep shaking it's bottom View More

AzureWater: Gourd: Selling Gamer Gourd Bathwater

Library of Heaven's Path · C1926
1 week ago
imagine in the bigger server there will be people with big mystical mount, shiny clothes/armor with big wings and shiny weapons running around the town View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1925
1 week ago

Krufuks: well, at least it's not pay to win 😂😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C1925
1 week ago
and he will be famous soon, thankfully he didn't need to use his real name View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1923
1 week ago
and that's why people already make fun of his name before they even see him 😁 View More

Kyousukeeee: World's Edge just sounds so wrong. He should have someone teach him how to make names hahah well, even his parents are bad at it, i guess it's genetic lol

Library of Heaven's Path · C1923
1 week ago
not just slap by words but also physical slap, that's the best combo! View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1920
1 week ago
but it's also longer than previous chapter

if you change the setting to read sideway instead of scrolling down, you can see the the total pages of the chapter, and just based on that, we can roughly see if the chapter is longer or shorter than others View More

Saiy: Was this chapter 18 spirit stone? I didn't look before I press unlock. That's the most expensive chapter to date

Library of Heaven's Path · C1919
1 week ago
his clone only come out on his own when it's time to compete with ZX to absorb energy to raise his cultivation, he never come out to help ZX recover from his injury View More

Krufuks: is his clone also got injured?can't the clone help him by sharing some of his zhenqi to ZX to recover a bit?

even if the clone zhenqi is slightly lower than heavenly zhenqi, at least it can help ZX to get better

Library of Heaven's Path · C1918
1 week ago
yeah..you know he will 😁 View More

QueenDeelah: Why do I get the feeling that this DX will show his ex his face-slapping technique?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1915
2 weeks ago
he was the strongest in the MTC, but considering the Azure is higher realm probably ZX strength is just average in this realm View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1914
2 weeks ago
that would mean he need to destroy their meridians first then rebuild it

if ZX got more gourd vine he might be able to do that, but he only have one and it's already used on Zhao Ya

hmm 🤔 View More

ismiflori: Its because among the disciples he have. Only Zhao Yas Meridians were altered. Wonder if he will.alter the other disciples.meridian.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1910
2 weeks ago
an old crush of previous ZX 😁😁 View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1906
2 weeks ago
lol, I need to read the wiki to remember who she is because it's almost 2000 chapters since her last appearance 😁😁 View More

QueenDeelah: Omfg! She is back! She is alive! Nearly forgot she exist! The first female to be faceslap!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1906
2 weeks ago
a drop of deity's blood is a small price for the golden page, now he can just told her to scram and find new student to get more pages 😁 View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1904
2 weeks ago
yeah, because golden page is more precious than anything after all, ZX can easily get more deity's blood and even their body with the page if he want to 😁😁 View More

nyl_azure09: Haha scam alert. 😁 To them ZX is a humble teacher imparting those knowledge without reservation. But it was only a trick to create the golden page.😁😁
Kong Shiyao has been tricked!😆

Library of Heaven's Path · C1904
2 weeks ago
he already rebuild his meridians, but if the vine can help Zhao Ya rebuild her meridians then maybe the gourd can somehow help ZX to absorb the energy, hmm 🤔🤔 View More

irlsgirl: I think so, too. But I remember that when Zhang Xuan rebuilt Zhao Ya's meridians, he used that vine from the gourd. Maybe he can use some of the gourd to rebuild his own meridians again?

There has to be a way to assimilate the energy and go into the Azure. Kong shi did it, so Zhang Xuan should be able to find a way, too.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1899
3 weeks ago
lol true, with the resources he's got from the deity this time probably enough for him to advance to ancient sage View More

Kyousukeeee: Yo ZX, you really should hurry and advance to Ancient Sage realm. Your clone and your possessions are now even OP than you hahaha

Library of Heaven's Path · C1896
3 weeks ago

Krufuks: or for plot twist, she'll become ZX direct disciple 🤔

Library of Heaven's Path · C1893
3 weeks ago
ZX didn't make a move, so they're not in super dangerous situation yet View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1891
3 weeks ago
need...more... chapters...

😭 View More

Krufuks: even the cliffhanger is getting stronger because we don't know when we'll get another chapter 😭😭

Library of Heaven's Path · C1890
3 weeks ago

Krufuks: even the cliffhanger is getting stronger because we don't know when we'll get another chapter 😭😭

Library of Heaven's Path · C1890
3 weeks ago
so many characters, I can't even remember some names from few chapters back View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1889
3 weeks ago
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