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Sounds like the mc is trying to scam them from a ton of money View More
Elixir Supplier · C31
2 weeks ago

Ssnake: OMG that friendlies tip had me dying

Gamers of the Underworld · C79
2 weeks ago
Im kinda excited to see if he gets buff in the future and all the previous girls he asked out come back. Think itd be funny to see View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C5
4 weeks ago
#longLiveTheEmpire View More
Battle Frenzy · C669
4 weeks ago

Nashi: It talked about him reducing the price to 5k from the original 100k. Lol

“Price is no issue.”
“Okay that price is an issue.”

Gamers of the Underworld · C11
1 month ago
I dont understand why they have to be equal in value. Op gets to have a new skill but they get a new ability that many can learn from. Op is getting the worse value assuming he can not share the knowledge View More
A Wizard's Secret · C260
1 month ago
I believe his original intention was kill a few and leave, he did not see himself in any risk. And now he is just angry and wants to use a op skill as revenge. Not the smartest move but believable i suppose. His intelligence is 18 and he can still increase it to 20 so he can still make spells after the wizard god falls View More

Carefree_shadow: Retarded. Wizard why? The God is going to die and he will have to waste all the points getting to the point he can use magic without the systems that fall apart after the gods death and I don't think he will have enough even after luck 10 wizard. Also he would have 150+ sneak if he didn't put the points into literacy and if he just upgraded his rogue class again instead of wizard. Also why change his whole build to add in wizard which he doesn't main instead of taking his known path? He's moving as if he's still in a game. Also why is he going all last man standing for this village? I understand helping out but this doesn't seem to follow his character of being able to make the tough but cold call.

Abyss Domination · C65
2 months ago
Even assuming you can not put dimensional bags inside another dimensional bag. It still seems better to buy a couple separate small bags instead of a large one unless you are a merchant or something. View More
Abyss Domination · C26
2 months ago
Have you never felt sad from a movie or game before?... if so you are the abnormal one. Its normal to grow attach to characters even if they are not real. That feeling is probably even more true when its a virtual reality game with realistic AI. View More

Baewha_Main: I'm really fucking disgusted with how utterly horrible this fucking novel is. If webnovel is gonna steal a novel from somewhere, can they at least steal something good? Every five seconds this fucking author launches into some weird fucking "blast from the past moment". Like in this chapter he talks about a fucking NPC getting killed and eaten, he throws all this fucking "emotional turmoil" around like it fucking makes a difference to him. IT'S A FUCKING GAME. DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOU'RE LIVING IN IT NOW, IT WAS AND STILL WILL BE A GAME TO YOU. Like what the actual **** is this utter hypocrisy. Which is it you fucking imbecile writer? Is it just a game or did he think of it as real life BEFORE it actually became real life? Is he cold hearted or a fucking psycho that thinks video games are real. PICK ONE YOU NUMB NUTS! FFS!

Abyss Domination · C22
2 months ago
It wouldn’t surprise me if the card takes everything that you own including things you hide somewhere else. View More

faimherb: If he already knew Godly Theft was a possibility, why didn't he set aside most of his possessions?

Abyss Domination · C13
2 months ago
What a satisfying arc View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1548
5 months ago
It was obvious that the story was heading in a way that would allow all his students to stand up for him at a grand stage since early on, but it is still so satisfying to finally read. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1516
5 months ago
It was after he cleared the temple View More

Marcj: What chapter did he get his summoned beast ? I don't remember

Battle Frenzy · C569
6 months ago
Darn I really wish I could I have put my level up points all into strength.
*30 levels later*
What have I done View More
Only I level up · C14
7 months ago

LordFinn: Oi oi oi We were changing underwear, who teleported me to 2 months later?!

The Wizard World · C31
8 months ago

Vichug: Hopefully Count Selin IS in big trouble and you need to be badly hurt to solve this random promise with a random person!

A Wizard's Secret · C73
8 months ago
I always believed you guys are a little to harsh on the story. A lot of the complaints could be explained in some way. But the main character already stated how important mages are for the kingdom and how much they need more. If he doesn’t think of showing magic to get by I’ll prolly get a little upset. View More

JORM: Merlin has a f*cking spatial ring (10 cubic foots I don’t remember well) he can smuggle the weapons and armors not a lot but better that nothing what the f*ck are they talking about and taking into account how respected wizards are in blackmoon he only need to show the some magic to get inside

A Wizard's Secret · C69
8 months ago
Well actually the language serves no purpose other than to understand his teachers notes that he encoded in that language for no explainable reason. I can only assume he needed to learn the language for something that happens in the future.
I believe they said it takes a lot of time to make a spell pattern which is suited for them. To actually learn it seems to take a couple of hours. At least for the mc. This just means the bandit leader has a generic spell that is not made for him which limits how far he can reach with it I guess. They did not explain the benefits of having a spell made for you or not. View More

AvERaGeNP: I thought learning a spell took a lot of time and effort plus dat specific old language. Hmm

A Wizard's Secret · C68
8 months ago
Luckily I haven’t read to many mage novels so it’s still bearable for me. And whenever I catch up I’ll prolly check one of those novels people listed early on. Medieval mage adventures is a nice change of pace compared to game/cultivation/world building that I normally read. View More

ThrustThunder: I'm really losing my patience with this story too.
I've counted no less then *Seven* plot inconsistencies and lazy cliches in this chapter alone that I wanted to point out but I realized that I would run out of room in the comments section.
When a story is so bad even ThrustThunder doesn't care to nitpick anymore... you've got to take a hard look at if it's worth continuing when there's an entire *List* of better stories I have recommended instead back in the beginning.

A Wizard's Secret · C68
8 months ago
What if cultivating those positions caused the molta empire to die or other negatives effects. There’s way more risk than the author is letting on. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C67
8 months ago
I mean to be fair I’m sure most rich people have panic rooms in this era. What’s more surprising is that he remembered it because he clearly still has broken memories and he said no one talked about or uses it. View More

Mutt: so poof, secret Basement pops into existence. No foreshadowing. Just things suddenly start existing when the mc needs something and only when the mc needs something

A Wizard's Secret · C22
8 months ago
I mean I’m sure it’s possible to write a program if you were giving data saying well these are pretty stable and this one is the most stable. Find the pattern which related to stability.
The blood calculator makes less sense but I guess you could assume his body was transported here and took the form of Merlin I guess.
If I was transferred to another world I would probably assume my cell phone did not come with me so I think him not checking makes the most sense out of the three.
With these said the author definitely did not put much effort into having these make any sense and forces you to take a leap of faith with him and just accept it lol. View More

ThrustThunder: So, if Merlin had this amazing matrix injected into his blood stream in his past life you'd assume he'd have been very partial it its presence. Much like someone from our World would be accustomed to having a phone in their pocket at all times, but x10.
Then why was there never a mention of it this entire time? Not even in passing as he grumbled to himself about being stuck in the Medieval era without any Cell service? (Because Plot)
"This advanced quantum calculator was injected into the blood in the form of liquefied metal."
Then why is it in his new body, he never got any Vaxination shots here?
I'm pretty sure when you die and have your soul transfer Planes of existence your blood doesn't go with you!
"The Matrix, use the Spell Models in the database and choose all Spell Models that have stability above Spell Model No.1!"
How would "the Matrix" know what a stability is? It's never casted magic before, it's just a fancy calculator.
It should have replied with "Insufficient Data" like every other Biochip does.
"Merlin had successfully simulated the Spell Model of Fireball in his mind."
Well at least he has to do the hard work manually. The other Wizards just have the chip input the information directly into their brains like lazy Bums!

A Wizard's Secret · C21
8 months ago

rednave01: Please wait they are coming back from vacation, preposted chapters ran out before they came back and they did not noticed the double chapter before they left and are sorry

Battle Frenzy · C484
9 months ago

Maculele: Wait isn't this man supposed to be just a suspect? it would be ok for klein to pursue him but shooting just because the man tried to run its too much!

Lord of the Mysteries · C103
9 months ago
Every day I read and afterwards I say I’ll wait till a bunch piles up. Then I see the new chapter release and I read it anyway View More
The Devil's Cage · C838
9 months ago
I think he meant more so to stop everyone from being killed rather than getting a good item View More

Daoist_Immortal_X: I think HS could absorb life force of Sky Tree, but it is not in his interest. He wants to steal revived Sky Tree.

Also did you forget he usually wants to absord life force from weak geno plants in order to nurture his spirits or to nurture usefull tress (Sky Tree is definitely "good stuff").

Super Gene · C1185
9 months ago
Wooooo it’s finally here : D View More
The Devil's Cage · C820
9 months ago
It’s good to see he’ll see good old Gunther again but won’t be for awhile how sad. View More
The Devil's Cage · C818
9 months ago
Does that mean he could wish for more wishes or something lol View More

varsung: No limitations but only one use left

The Devil's Cage · C816
9 months ago
This one brought the hype. I wonder if there’s any limitations for what he can wish for View More
The Devil's Cage · C816
10 months ago
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