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Einlion: His butthole is shaped like a star.

Babel · C15
2 months ago

Astyr_Wisteria: I am in the Oneesama Faction ^~^

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1200
2 months ago

SickBlad: Next chapter:
Affection: [100]
Hearts desire unlocked
Vahn: no! This wasn’t what I wanted!!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1181
3 months ago

Kaosdao: GodHand.exe Runs....run minor adjustment Epicbutt subroutine: {Buttocks Size N < 80? If yes. Then Add to X + N > 80. Execute}....Vahn be like "odd. it grew as I was adjusting her butt? meh. whatever. is all good..."

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1093
4 months ago

Gamesempie: I don't get it. Exactly why does Vahn want Circe to join him? Sure she is a pretty face, a great cook, and, from the sound of it, a formidable mage. But, she is also a petty, easily jealous girl who will bring no end of troubles and doesn't have a painful past to attract Vahn's attention.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1087
4 months ago
The only thing worse than killing ppl off is bringing them back again 😩😧😬 View More
Supreme Magus · C221
4 months ago

Jylenn: Oneesan types don’t take kindly when you favor loli types. This is heaven’s judgement! She’s going to beat your deviant behavior out of you!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1052
4 months ago
Lol. Ppl actually pay real money to read this? That's either sad or hillarious, not sure🤔 View More
Dual Cultivation · C199
5 months ago

Draconax: “Those family conflicts you read about in the drama novels won’t happen here.” ‘Drama novels’ = literally all of the Female Lead novels and a good majority of the Male Lead novels here on Webnovel. Me: *laughs*

Warlock Apprentice · C1
5 months ago

thisisjustatest: You are not cheated, you are stupid, it take 10 seconds to know that the "priviledge" is a scam with google "webnovel priviledge"...

Dual Cultivation · C192
5 months ago
This is building up to a rly disappointing plot armour bonanza. The system should be so strong that even when the mc is at his father's lvl he would not be able to touch it. His dao demands that he subjugate or destroy the system before that. View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C234
5 months ago
Am I the only one who dislike these emperor chapters? View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C984
5 months ago

Darkdelusion: And thus, Konrad became the disciple of Thrice Reckless Mad Saber

Profane Prince of Domination · C227
5 months ago

Wangshen: Krann's the ultimate Mobster's servant. Forgery? Obtuse bull**** speeches? Extortion? Regicide? He can do it all. I can only imagine Gangsta's Paradise playing every time he shows up.

Profane Prince of Domination · C222
5 months ago

Earthshaker34: excuse me... what? Netori warning? Konrad has been stealing women since he got reborn on this world. why put the warning now... just because someone found out? :D

Profane Prince of Domination · C204
5 months ago

Senelcar: Only the family part seemed rushed for me. And, well, this doesn't matter for me as from the begining both father and mother were pretty useless

Farming For Gold · C45
5 months ago
This and last chapter was really a waste of time.. View More
The Lust System · C62
6 months ago
There is not enough ero for it to be worth slogging through all the non ero parts😧 View More
The Lust System · C61
6 months ago
I really hope we will not see much of the mc as emperor. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C978
6 months ago

TypeFantasyHeart: BeWARE.... this is the slavery devil contract for authors that dare to sign it

1. First 200k words are free

2. When you sign, they have the licensing rights to your novel so they can sell it anywhere.

3. If you earn under $200, they do not have to pay you.

4. If you earn over $200, they can delay any payment for up to 3 months.

5. While under contract, if they ask you to do a book signing in China/Ph etc, then you must attend at your own expense.

6. While contracted, they can tell you "suggestions" on how to make your story better for the readers (They tell you what to write).

7. While contracted, they can hire someone else to write instead of you.

8. If you can not comply with their "suggestions" they have the right to terminate your contract.

9. If terminated, you must pay back ALL the money you've earned while under contract + any damage they foresee to charge you with.

10. If terminated, they will try to get the copyright of your novel so they can sell it anywhere with 100% profit.

11. All sales/ss/ad revenue will be split 50/50 with you and Webnovel.

12. They have other charges too, so you'll really end up with about 30% of the profit, then if you've got editor/artist that you've got to pay, will become much less.

12. All ss revenue will be for paying ss only, any free will not generate any money for you.

The Lust System · C51
6 months ago

agnidawala: He once live his life fully, progressing at a moderate space, despite has a 'secret' inside his body..
One incident change everything.. he lost his dear friend, his trusted captain, because he too catious to become 'special'..
After neverending regret, he make a vow to revenge, to appease his raging heart, he began embracing his 'secret'..
But, one mysterious entity keep annoy him, it appeared here and there, at one case and another, even steal his spoils of war..
Is it a friend? Is it an enemy? Doubt keep arising deep in his heart..
Never cross his mind, that this entity is his dearest friend, one who manage to come back from his death, the only one who might share the same 'secret' as his..

This is an amazing story of mysticims, friendship and revenge, the legendary tale of Leonard!

Lord of the Mysteries · C427
6 months ago

Chibi_Senpai: Konrad really is too prideful and conceited. Diyana may not be right but she does have a point, Konrad seems to have too much of a high opinion of himself. Something that will only lose him allies and gain him enemies. If not for what I’ve seen previously, I’d have thought he lacked finesse and the ability to compromise as well as think long term. He thinks it’s only a matter of time till he surpasses his father which isn’t true. He thinks he doesn’t need his mother or clan which is debatable. Finally he’s needlessly antagonizing his very dangerous mother as though he’s superior to her when she could easily capture him and have his mind controlled.
Honestly I feel Konrad needs a huge lesson in humility lest he jumps into a situation the author has to save him from.

Profane Prince of Domination · C188
6 months ago
I'm not sure I like that he "has" to act arrogantly because emperor. He can act as he wants, who is really gonna complain? View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C973
6 months ago

Jylenn: It will be interesting when he’s facing those Tier 7’s and actually needs to be efficient with his Source Energy. Now he’s just getting by with the bull in the china shop approach.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C968
6 months ago
Should I be happy that there is a chapter, or disappointed in the worthless faceslapping?🤔 View More
Dual Cultivation · C152
6 months ago

Randompasserby: There are already ways to support both the author and translator.
The spirit stones was supposed to be that. Sure ok I can live with that, it's only right to compensate them for their efforts.
Then there are gifts, which is great!

But now this...I just can't help thinking this site is just going to milk more and more out of us. Seriously what's stopping them for locking entire books behind "Ultra Premium Privileged Club" next time if it proved to be popular enough there're still whales willing to pay for the atrocious subs.
Eugh no, I'm getting off THAT ship.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago

Xdivine: I'm just gonna pretend like the 20 other chapters don't exist and carry on like normal.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago

Randompasserby: Ok wtf is going on.
Now there are "privileged" sections above even locked chapters?

Well gee...I guess us less privileged folks will just make do with Evil Gods elsewhere. 😑

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago

TheWiseOldMan: That 21 “released” chapters really gave an Old Man’s heart a start until he found it cost the more than a sequence 6 Beyonder ingredient.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago
Less writing, more attending basic English classes😫 have fun ppl lol View More
God Of Lust · C3
6 months ago
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