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Plethoran: Another thing you might do well to remember is that this novel, unlike most others has been free for 416 episodes, so how about instead of being ungrateful you appreciate what you're getting for free, usually you'd already be down €50,- to get this far in a story. And if you're still not happy about what this amazing author is doing with this story, stop reading, you're not being forced to read this.

Chrysalis · C416
2 days ago

sw_junk: Also remember that new gland Anthony has? The one that grants him power from the belief in him. Without these snippets into how his fellow ants view him, is it really believable when he gets powered up from it?

Chrysalis · C416
2 days ago

DwightG: I believe POVs of other characters are meant for quick world building and to inform the reader of what has and is happening while it also enables the author to connect the mcs actions to it later. A novel with just the mcs POV becomes redundant and filled with plot holes at some point. The POV also enables the readers to connect to the side characters thus bringing life to the side characters

Chrysalis · C416
2 days ago
They didn’t have a queen, but the system gave their species the option to have one. In the chapter it’s said that Anthony found the Option in the Core. View More

Shalom: The Aphids didn't have Queens and Anthony tweaked a core into a queen so it's totally possible to do the same to the Sophos albeit harder...

Chrysalis · C414
6 days ago
Anthony was able to reconstitute the core of the queen and tamper with her reproduction-organs because the option to do so were already in the queens core.
It's always said that he has many options for his evolution and stuff, but who chooses the options he has access to? I think it's the dungeon itself who chooses (or grey-beard himself) and so it should be able to limit the options for the sophos to reproduce or even simply remove them. View More
Chrysalis · C414
1 week ago
1/30 View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1215
1 month ago

dzordzb: Never consistent. And never true to your word wiz. We trust you less and less

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C235
2 months ago

Arking: Well... this is awkward. Monthly releases again? lol

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C235
2 months ago

Anthonyoak6: From daily, in a couple of days, to weekly to mounthly.... Oh but he wants powerstones! What a liar! You show the people who love your work nothing but disrespect! Finish, don't finish, rush it.... I don't care. Cause you clearly don't

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C235
2 months ago

Haywan: It's all fun and games until you stop without a reason. Give me back my spirit stones, you weasel.

Lord Xue Ying · C1095
5 months ago

giii: So do we get a refund for the last two chapters?

Swallowed Star · C1472
5 months ago

tlst: "A bit greedy" he says. That's being really polite.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C923
5 months ago
Fuck, I paid for a chapter I already paid for!! View More
Swallowed Star · C1469
5 months ago

kaushee: "The RainbowNorth Fairies". That's so true. 🤣😂😂

The Desolate Era · C1274
6 months ago

Seyf: It's the story of someone who reached the apex pf cultivation of course he would succeed in his daomerge. It's not plotarmour. You want to read about someone who failed and died.

The Desolate Era · C1173
6 months ago
Here a quote from Ning (chap 1040): "You are fairly impressive for an Elder God… but there is still area for improvement". This coming from the one with virtually "The Apex Sword Dao" ... are you actually reading or just complaining on every single chapter? View More

ThrustThunder: Filler is the nicest way of putting it.
When that prince was first introduced he had two female servants he was molesting, yet the Author says he closed his Dao heart off to female companions forever. The carriage walls had just crude scratches in them which showed his sword arts were pretty trashy, but then the Author claimed his sword style was the best in THE ENTIRE WORLD.
This just proves that the Author is just saying things without thinking more then one chapter ahead and it's what killed this story 500 chapters ago.

The Desolate Era · C1042
6 months ago
The reason was given, it was explained in the chapter he broke through View More

ThrustThunder: The Author decided it was, so it was. No other reason given or needed.

The Desolate Era · C1028
6 months ago
So leaving because the fight will otherwise end with the death of all subordinates (maybe family) & the following fight against all other cultivators is no good reason ... ok 🤔 View More
The Desolate Era · C868
7 months ago
Or SMG is this "Yuan". SMG was hinted multiple times to be a mysterious existence by lots of great powers, can casually create supreme treasures, is not interested in anything shown till date (even the two emperors were tempted at one point but not SMG) and he even fit's the description of the technique spirit. Then it also makes sense that a lot is somehow related & how LF could feel comfortable in the third phase even though most die in agony ... the question is, what does SMG want from LF, to also kill the other three or something even more difficult ... View More
Swallowed Star · C1391
7 months ago

LtBeefy: Have 2 learn 2 selectively read when reading Chinese novels. So many superfluous things. I read whole chapter and didnt even remember the extremely proud thing. It was apparently conoeltly ignored by me for being useless info that didnt provide anything.

Lord Xue Ying · C1042
7 months ago

Ayer28: If I had to guess, the reason for Dorian's bad feeling and anxiety is Arthur fucking Telmon, since he's been hunting down all Anomalies

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C213
7 months ago

Drakzil: I think the way you've handled strong King-Class evolutions is great. This gives Dorian a need to hunt for Bloodlines other than "These beasts are probably strong and have a decent ability, let's absorb them", or reading many books about beasts - with 30.000 worlds, there's thousands upon thousands of those beasts who would make for decent abilities, and therefore harder to work towards than what you've done (though occasional random abilities from beasts should ofc still be present, Godly Turkey is a great example). Nice, and great to see you back on writing Reborn again :)

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C213
7 months ago
That was the whole reason for him to go back, because there is only the Marquis & his treasure Spirit and they can’t spie on him as they are only on/beneath his level View More

Biro: That's right, did IET forget about that? I thought that was why he was waiting for all his breakthroughs previously, shouldn't crossing into Primal Chaos also releases some kind of sign?

Lord Xue Ying · C1034
7 months ago

Wytchlord: Now she bought his loyalty

Lord Xue Ying · C1033
7 months ago
So no protagonist from ST, CD, DE, SS or LXY failed a tribulation besides Ning, but 2 "failed to survive" at one point ... clearly the same as your statement ... The only similarity is with Ning, who had his failure nearly at the end of his path, while QY is not nearly there.
"Mild Spoiler"
For LXY there was no suspense at all, as it was written clearly what would happen & he killed himself.
For SS, it was right at the beginning, he had clearly no chance & only survived because IET wanted him to have this beasts abilities ... he could have run away anytime, taken his time to train & whatever.
"Spoilern End" View More

Novelsjapan: lord xue ying failed to survive, swallowing star mc failed to survive(died to beast)

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C716
7 months ago
Which of iet's mc's failed in a tribulation beside Ning? View More

Novelsjapan: haaah he will definitely fail like every single protagonists in the iet world

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C716
7 months ago
In this realm family & loyalty to it seem to be viewed as the most important. As a reincarnated powerful expert who is not even from the same realm, why should he have any deeper link to them? Why should they trust a former expert to have no bad intentions? View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1010
8 months ago
Which mutations & skills did they choose & did it change their looks?!?!?! View More
Chrysalis · C206
9 months ago
The other anomalies are 90% lunatics and could never behave like dorian or mello ... View More

Andrewv96: How did mello new that the anomaly was Dorian? Even though they have met Dorian was a giant then and now he is in his shadow form... Every anomaly give some kind of feeling? So that even when they transform or change they can still be identified by the others anomalys?

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C177
10 months ago
Leylin’s eyes closed in a contented manner as he enjoyed the scenery zooming past him on both sides ... enjoying the scenery with closed eyes?! View More
Warlock of the Magus World · C157
10 months ago
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