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nah it is too strong View More

Flammenwurfer: Giant arm-monster summon coming?

Nightmare's Call · C151
1 week ago
the beginning sounded like some cheesy horror movie, but its cool View More
Nightmare's Call · C110
2 weeks ago
did someone say "hacks"? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C426
2 months ago
is it just me or the editing is getting worse every chapter? View More
The Man from Hell · C18
2 months ago
welp, i can think of multiple things about the so called "fall".
i guess it is a mechanism that some gods make in order to mark the villians? or perhaps it is related to the reincarnation itself, perhaps her reincarnation is related to "lingering hate" for the light hero. or mybe it is just plain insanity.
like darth vader said "join the dark side, we have cookies :)". View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C180
3 months ago
hahaha lol.
but they have horns so no. i think it would be more like an ice oni or something View More

Isekai_lover: Long hair demons, Megaloman?

Lord of the Magical Beasts · C342
3 months ago
i wonder what would happen if shiro classes up and discovers she didnt change in size, or got more petite. would she murder madison? View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C161
3 months ago
author-san, change red to orange. you made a typo View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C110
5 months ago
fun fact: 2+2=4 is only possible if all the numericals are EXACTLY equevalent to 2 and 2.
meaning that, say, 2 appels the size of 1 each + 2 appels the size of 1/2 each. is it actuelly equel to 4 in all aspects? the answer is no. its not. only the count of appels is, not the amount in kg. since it would be equel to onyl 3.

and that was the brainfuck for the day :) View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's Fact: 2+2=4

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C78
6 months ago
erm.... i gotta comment on the "work for such an innocent beutiful girl" thing. is the author an outoku? but hes a chinese man so i have my doubts now.... View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C144
6 months ago
fun fact, disney is racist.
fun fact right? View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C143
6 months ago
should we NOT expect any more racist stuff? View More

ThePumpkinKing: Should we expect more racist stuff?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C185
6 months ago
thx for chap, also its not "litch" its lich View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C138
6 months ago
jabba is that you? View More
Once Human, Now a Parasite · C40
6 months ago
and thus the mc became stronger than the holy church View More
Once Human, Now a Parasite · C31
6 months ago
thx for chap. and dem a*s plates lol View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C73
6 months ago
is that you tauren chief cairn? View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C129
6 months ago
chaptersssssssssss, i need mah drugs View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C114
7 months ago
yep its crossbows View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C94
7 months ago
oh nvm, I mixed catapult and ballista.
anyways its not a catapult its a crossbow.
catapults throw rocks. View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C94
7 months ago
catapults? it sounds more like crossbows to me.
a catapult is capable of skewering multiple men with full plate armor, much less just pierce them.... View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C94
7 months ago
money lending is a double edged sword, it can be good or bad. View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C64
7 months ago
if I remember right then yes View More

Gamercat: Who is Lu Peien again? I forgot. Lu Family person?

Silver Overlord · C263
7 months ago
dear author, I must comment on this.
I had a vision... where nils was renamed into Nicole at some point.
where she caused Konrad to almost die multiple times, by the church, by heaven, by the hell cult and by hell itself. the reason is her paragon blood, which for some reason I guess will evolve into a frigin deva bloodline and hell will demand him to kill her View More

Devil_Paragon: Sir, I think you need spoilers to calm your ire. Never thought I'd say that before but you really do. Therefore I recommend you the discord server and send me a dm so that I can spoil you enough to calm you.

Profane Prince of Domination · C167
7 months ago
holy crap dude, who is the one growing? I think Konrad is the one growing here.... to be more evil View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C167
7 months ago
yay shadow clones View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C157
7 months ago
lol, he just freshly cuckolded him and now he is also hes adoptive son, whats next? he fucks the dowager and becomes hes father? View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C155
7 months ago
this chen jin is a total psycho, using frigin nukes today is self destructive.
he has a frigin WHOLE PLANET as an example for it..... View More
I Found A Planet · C100
7 months ago
finally YESSSS View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C414
8 months ago
erm…. a throat to his knife? u mean a knife to hes throat right? View More
· C111
8 months ago
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